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Performance Based Project

Course Final Project

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Performance Based Project

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  1. Performance Based Project By: Sam Gilarski Models of Teaching Dr. McVey

  2. PA Cyber Clicks & Bricks New Student Information Tutorial

  3. Nonlinguistic Representations Cooperative Learning Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback Assigning Homework and Providing Practice Teaching Strategies

  4. http://myschool.pacyber.org Enter your username and password here.

  5. Start by clicking the book with the globe.

  6. Course Graphic Organizer Virtual Courses Self Paced Courses

  7. Enter your username and password. Click Login.

  8. Community Tab

  9. PA Cyber Email

  10. Class List

  11. Announcements

  12. Course Information

  13. Meet the Teacher

  14. Getting Started

  15. The course calculator, course guide, and online textbook are online items that will help you complete the course.

  16. This calculator will tell you exactly what assignments you need to complete each day. Important!!!

  17. Get Started!!

  18. EdMastery

  19. Most of your assignments will be either multiple choice, matching, or True/False questions.

  20. Uploading Assignments

  21. Grade Book

  22. Daily Goals

  23. Filled Out Daily Goal Sheet

  24. Materials brought to you by: PA Cyber Clicks and Bricks Program Created By: Sam Gilarski We look forward to working with you in our Clicks and Bricks program!! Thank you for joining us today!!

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