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PCR Opera 3 Webinar

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PCR Opera 3 Webinar. Nick Barber Nick.barber@pcr-ltd.co.uk. Agenda. Pegasus Opera 3 Roadmap Real Time Information Credit Management Any Questions?. Pegasus Opera 3 Roadmap. Pegasus Roadmap. Pegasus Opera II and Opera 3 Opera 3 1.70 released including Credit Management

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PCR Opera 3 Webinar

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pcr opera 3 webinar

PCR Opera 3 Webinar

Nick Barber


  • Pegasus Opera 3 Roadmap
  • Real Time Information
  • Credit Management
  • Any Questions?
pegasus roadmap
Pegasus Roadmap
  • Pegasus Opera II and Opera 3
  • Opera 3 1.70 released including Credit Management
    • Many new enhancements, including Historical Stock Reporting, more Excel report outputs
    • Credit Management is free for a limited time for existing Sales Ledger Customers (to Feb 2013)
  • Pegasus Opera Payroll Release – Feb 2013 (Including RTI and statutory changes)
  • Version 1.8 out in April
    • Include support for Windows 8, SQL Server 2012 and Windows Small Business Server Essentials (SBS 2012)
  • Version 2 – June 2013 including Pegasus Web Xchange Payroll Self Service
opera 3 web xchange1
Opera 3 –Web Xchange

What is Pegasus Web Xchange?

A series of web services that connect your browser to Opera data, and provides the functionality to update Opera data from the web pages

Platform independent – Windows, iOS and Android

Likely applications:

Payroll Self Service

Expense Management

Credit Control (allow customers to access copy invoices and statements)

payroll self service
Payroll Self Service

Pegasus Web Xchange – Overview

real time information
Real Time Information

“To ensure you are prepared for the biggest change in the PAYE system for 70 years, the Pegasus Payroll Solutions will be RTI ready and delivered in February 2013. Businesses need to start checking that the employee data they hold is correct for a successful transition to RTI.”

Stuart Anderson ⁞ Director, Sales & Marketing

real time information rti2
Real Time Information (RTI)

The existing PAYE Scheme

  • Been around for 68 Years
  • Collects money on behalf of the HMRC
  • Last Year HMRC collected in excess of £230 Billion via PAYE
  • In recent years, PAYE has been extended to include other deductions such as Student Loans, and attachment orders (e.g. CSA Deductions, Court Fines)
  • System is based on an individuals Tax Code
real time information rti3
Real Time Information (RTI)

So why change?

  • The HMRC only sees the details of payment and deductions for all employees once a year, via the Annual Submissions
  • Doesn’t work well for a number of Employees (those with more than one job or are seasonally employed)
  • The HMRC cannot establish the correct tax code quickly enough
  • It can take weeks or months after the end of year for the HMRC to issue correct Tax Codes
real time information rti4
Real Time Information (RTI)

Ok, so what’s the impact of that?

  • Annually 5 Million incorrect Tax calculations
  • 1.4 Million low paid workers overpay Tax
  • Some workers over pay NIC
real time information rti5
Real Time Information (RTI)

Do the PAYE calculations change?

  • Fundamentals unchanged – still tax code based, employers still deduct tax and NIC
  • How and when employers provide data to the HMRC will change
real time information rti6
Real Time Information (RTI)

Why do we need RTI?

  • To help resolve issuing correct Tax Codes in a timely manner
  • Support the introduction of Universal Credits in 2013
  • RTI will provide accurate up to date information to other Government Agencies enabling them to accurately calculate Universal Credit Payments
  • Improve the cash flow of the HMRC!
real time information rti7
Real Time Information (RTI)

So what is RTI, what does it mean for every employer?

  • Every time you pay your Employees, you will need to send data regarding the payroll run to the HMRC (weekly AND monthly)
  • Pegasus Payroll Software will collect all necessary information and transmit to the Government Gateway
  • This should mean more employees will pay the right amount of tax and payments to the HMRC are more accurate
real time information rti8
Real Time Information (RTI)

What can we do now in order to get ready for RTI?

  • Register for PAYE Online
  • Number 1 Priority now is to ensure data integrity – the data the HMRC holds on your employees must match the payroll data
  • Employers may want to check employee information against official documents such as a passport or driving license
  • In this year’s annual submission, the HMRC Received:
    • 500+ name as “A N Other”
    • 800+ surname as “Unknown”
    • 40+ employees over 200 years old
real time information rti9
Real Time Information (RTI)

Employee Data that will be submitted?

  • NI Number – you MUST provide the NI number if you know it, in the correct format
  • Title
  • Surname or Family Name
  • Forename or given name (if not know initials)
  • Date of Birth – must be correct and not fictional!
  • Gender
  • Address including UK Postcode
  • Note: Information regarding the number of hours normally worked in a week will be required for existing and new employees
real time information rti10
Real Time Information (RTI)

What happens if I don’t have the NI Number?

  • Currently complete & post the CA6855 form
  • In the future employers can use the National Insurance Verification Request (NVR) System
real time information rti11
Real Time Information (RTI)

Pay information that will be submitted

  • Employment Start date
  • Pay frequency
  • Payment date
  • Tax week number or tax month number
  • Number of earnings period(s) covered by the payment
  • Number of normal hours worked
  • Tax code operated - the tax code you hold for the employee or, if the employee has left, the tax code you had when they worked for you.
real time information rti12
Real Time Information (RTI)

Payment information that will be submitted

  • Taxable pay to date in this period
  • Total tax to date in this employment
  • Value of tax deducted or refunded from this payment
  • Total of employer National Insurance contributions (NICs) in this period
  • Total of employer NICs year to date
  • Employee's NICs due on all earnings in this pay period and year to date
  • Tax code you will use when you next pay
  • Tax code basis - week 1 or month 1?
real time information rti13
Real Time Information (RTI)

What is involved in processing RTI?

  • Full Payment Submission (FPS)
    • For each Payroll Run (weekly AND monthly)
  • Employer Alignment Submission (EAS)
    • Once for Larger Employers (250 + employees) or Split Schemes
  • Employer Payment Submission (EPS)
    • Adjustments to HMRC Payments
real time information rti14
Real Time Information (RTI)

When does it start?

Employers will be notified by HMRC 4-6 weeks before their start date

Most employers will need to be ready for RTI, and begin to operate their payroll in real time in April 2013

Most cases you will need to submit your employee details for payroll alignment when you make you first payment under RTI, and send in your first Full Payment Submission (FPS)

In some instances (250+ employees) HMRC may ask you to submit a separate Employer Alignment Submission (EAS) before your first FPS

real time information rti15
Real Time Information (RTI)

What about current End of Year Submissions?

Next April will be the last end of year submission

Under RTI there are no End of Year Returns (P35 and P14)

Still continue to provide P60s and P11Ds

Under RTI there are no In-Year submissions (P45/P46) – new starters and leavers will no longer require separate notification

real time information rti16
Real Time Information (RTI)

What information will be submitted

Your first FPS will include extra details that you won't need to include on future submissions.

You must include all employees who:

you have employed since the start of the tax year - including those paid below the Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) - as well as employees you have paid in that pay period.

Have been paid since the start of the tax year

Left since the start of the tax year

Not been paid so far within the tax year, for example people on maternity leave or people on unpaid absences

real time information rti17
Real Time Information (RTI)

In summary….

  • RTI will help HMRC to issue correct Tax Codes in a timely manner
  • More accurate payments & deductions
  • Correct benefit payments
  • All Pegasus payroll solutions will be ready for RTI in 2013
credit management1
Credit Management

Reducing Debtor Days and Bad Debts

  • Research indicates that SMEs write off on average £14,000 in bad debt
  • Equivalent to £280,000 in extra sales based on a 5% net profit margin
  • Improving Debtor Days by 10% could be worth £24,000 improvement in cash flow
credit management2
Credit Management

Make credit control more effective

  • Opera 3 Credit management module is designed to streamline your credit control
    • Reduce Bad Debt
    • Improve Cashflow
    • Reduce Admin Costs
    • Better utilise IT investment
    • Promote fast resolution to disputes
any questions

Any questions?

Nick Barber

020 8603 1570