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Collaboration Prayer

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LORD, bless us in our searching and our questions: The way to wisdom, enlightenment and peace, the way to our hearts. May the Lord bless us in our gifts: These are God’s providence to the world to ennoble it, to enrich it, to bring it to love. Lord, bless us in our vision:

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collaboration prayer

LORD, bless us in our searching and our questions:

The way to wisdom, enlightenment and peace, the way to our hearts.

May the Lord bless us in our gifts:

These are God’s providence to the world

to ennoble it, to enrich it, to bring it to love.

Lord, bless us in our vision:

No matter the climb

it is a mountain peak

calling us to experience God.

Lord, bless us in our leadership:

That we may witness to the Word,

the Word that is searched and contemplated,

professed and proclaimed.

Lord, bless us in our decisions:

No matter the mistakes,

they are our ‘yes’ in life,

our assent to the field

where God is to be found.

LORD, bless us in our reflections and ideas:

No matter the doubts,

they are seeds seeking nourishment,

sunshine, life-giving water.

May the Lord bless us in all our ways,

Father, Son, and Spirit. AMEN.

Collaboration Prayer

literacy coaching agenda

Part 1:

What is Literacy Coaching?

Part 2

Why Literacy Coaching?

Part 3

What does Literacy Coaching look like?

literacy coaching
Literacy Coaching

Find your conversation partners!


Start Timer

3 Minutes





literacy co coaching

the BIG idea

What is a Coach?

A person at the first reporting level (above the working team) in a team based organization where leadership is shared among team members. A coach (unlike traditional supervisors) leads more through collaborating than through 'directing.' Also called coordinator, facilitator, or mentor.

What is a Co-coach?

A Co-Coach holds the exact same definition, but the term co-coach removes the element of hierarchy or the notion of a chain of command, and therefore fits our mission much better!


co coaching

Co-coaching is...

the structured practice of mutual exchange of coaching support among peers. This can take the form of a range of practices. One form involves each individual taking turns to be ‘the coach’.

in conversation partners
In conversation partners…

“Traditionally, teaching has been a very isolated profession. Yet

research indicates that the best learning occurs in collaboration with others (Fullan 1995; Joyce and Showers 1995; Staub, West and Miller 1998).”

literacy co coaching1

A Literacy Co-Coach is…“a specialist who focuses on providing professional development for teachers by providing them with the additional support needed to implement various instructional programs and practices. They provide essential leadership for the school’s entire literacy program by helping create and supervise a long-term staff development process…”

Moran, Literacy Coaching, pg. 4

Literacy Co-Coaching

literacy quick write

What does it mean to be “literate”?

How important is literacy to student success?

minds on literacy
Minds On…Literacy

“Literacy is the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, compute and use printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. Literacy involves a continuum of learning to enable an individual to achieve his or her goals, to develop his or her knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in the wider society.”

(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), taken from Canadian Literacy and Learning Network)


Start Timer

3 Minutes






Start Timer

60 Seconds







Coaching is…

a relationship established between two parties to meet a particular learning goal. Coaching involves teachers in processes in which they collaborate, refine, reflect, conduct research, expand on ideas, build skills and knowledge, and problem solve in order to improve student learning and achievement.

Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat

literacy co coaching2

“Teaching is an intellectually challenging vocation much too important and complex to do in isolation. In teaching, two (or more) heads are better than one. Part of this process of acculturation involves embracing the notion that learning is a social activity that requires community engagement for renewal.”

Moran, Literacy Coaching, pg. 6

Literacy Co-Coaching

good teaching is graffitti
Good teaching is… GRAFFITTI

“Good teaching occurs when educators on teams are involved in a cycle in which they analyze data, determine student and adult learning goals based on that analysis, design joint lessons that use evidence-based strategies, have access to coaches for support in improving their classroom instruction, and then assess how their learning and teamwork affects student achievement. “

Key Action Statements

  • Analyze Data
  • Determine Learning goals
  • Design Joint lessons
  • Use Evidence Based Strategies
  • Access to Support
  • Assessment of their Collaboration

From: A New Definition, JSD, Fall 2009

why co coaching
WHY Co-coaching?

Taken from The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat

Effective professional learning for today’s teachers should include the following features:

• It must be grounded in inquiry and reflection, be participant-driven

• It must be collaborative

• It must be ongoing, intensive and supported by modeling,coaching and the collective solving of specific problems

• It must be connected to and derived from teacher’s work with students – teaching, assessing, observing and reflecting.

in conversation partners1
In Conversation partners…

“Job-embedded professional learning addresses teacher isolation by providing opportunities for shared teacher inquiry, study and classroom-based research.”

literacy co coaching part 3
Literacy Co-Coaching: Part 3

What does Literacy Co-coaching look like?

virtual co coaching
Virtual Co-Coaching

what is prochaska

See Handouts

lesson study
Lesson Study

what is the partnership philosophy1
What is the Partnership Philosophy?

In Conversation partners…


Is there a particular principle you see as being most important?

What principle(s), if any, would you add to this list? What principles, if any, would you remove from this list?

literacy co coaching4
Literacy Co-coaching

Focus: Grade 10 LDC and/or Applied English, History, GLE, Math, Science

 (2 teachers from each above subject area will have a total of 3 release days including)

2full days:In-service on elements of Coaching

Co-planning time

1 full day: In-school release time for each teacher to:

(or ½ days) Co-Plan and/or Visit co-coach’s class

Debrief session

1 full day: In-service for consolidating experiences and sharing resources developed by teachers

literacy co coaching5
Literacy Co-Coaching

Coaching needs to be non-evaluative and build upon a foundation of mutual respect. The co-coaches are partners in supporting student learning.

co planning

removes, what Mary Catherine Moran calls

“the judgment twinge”

co coaches also need to
Co-coaches also need to…
  • Be flexible
  • Be non-evaluative, non-judgmental
  • Have time and support
  • Be intentional and systematic
  • Share deliberate and ongoing discourse
  • And be committed to all students’ learning