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Can You Really Go Blind from A Radiesse Injection? PowerPoint Presentation
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Can You Really Go Blind from A Radiesse Injection?

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Can You Really Go Blind from A Radiesse Injection?
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Can You Really Go Blind from A Radiesse Injection?

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  1. Can You Really Go Blind from A Radiesse Injection? A new study published in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery recently had pointed out quite problematic side effects possible when you get dermal fillers, like the Radiesse injection. The study involved a look into procedures done from 2014 to 2016 involving different kinds of dermal fillers, not only Radiesse and here’s what they found out: The side effects are very minimal. They have concluded that the fillers themselves, are safe, and pose only a few adverse effects – most of them not permanent. Dermal fillers have been used for several years now for different reasons. Wrinkle reduction. Lip filler. Cheek filler. Nasal shaping. These are but a few of the many things that dermal fillers can do.

  2. Of all the side effects, swelling is the most common. The most common side effects noted in the study were swelling and infection, though post treatment pain and lumps were also found. To add, most of these adverse effects were more commonly experienced by those who had cheek injections (43%), and lip injections (30%). One of the scariest side effects though, was blindness. Getting blind from simply getting a dermal filler is a very rare occurrence. How rare? Only .0001% who had Radiesse injection suffered from vision loss. Only 50 patients reported blindness due to cosmetic fillers all over the world. This adverse effect is slowly gaining attention though with folks worried for their eyes, which leaves us asking, what causes the blindness anyway? Most of the cases happened after getting a nasal injection. The reason is because the blood vessels around the eye and nose area are very sensitive and are directly connected with the blood vessels in the retina. How do you prevent this side effect from happening? Believe it or not, the main villain in this story is not blindness. The main culprits are those who provide dermal filler injections without the needed training and certification. As it turns out, all one needs is an MD in order to buy dermal fillers. However, not all doctors, dermatologists, and cosmetic specialists had undergone the special training needed in order to perform dermal filler injections safely. In

  3. fact, in Instagram alone, only less than 20% of plastic-surgery related posts come from board-certified practitioners. This is indeed a very problematic situation since the lives of people are at stake. Blindness is not the only risk you are exposed to when getting this treatment from a non-board-certified practitioner. Some of the more serious side effects include deformity and even death. But this is not the greatest risk. Despite how it may sound, this is still not the biggest risk that the world of dermatology is facing when it comes to dealing with dermal fillers. So what is the biggest risk, you ask? The proliferation of do-it- yourself filler kits which are slowly gaining some popularity in other countries such as United Kingdom and Canada. Once the United States have caught on with the swelling number of home kit users, doctors also expect an increased number of people experiencing the nasty side effects we have discussed earlier. Dermal filler injections should only be done by board-certified professionals who have undergone special training in order to perform this procedure. Getting treatment otherwise will put one at great health risk. In fact, one should keep this in mind when getting any cosmetic treatment done. Only get procedures done by those who have proper training and ample experience. By remembering this, you are lowering the detrimental risks brought about by malpractice. Stay beautiful!

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