blind spot detection
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Blind Spot Detection

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Blind Spot Detection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blind Spot Detection. Group #7 UGuen Choi , ChangKi Lee ECE 445 Senior Design December 1 2010. Introduction. Blind Spot Detection warns the driver to prevent the accident due to the object in the blind spot

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blind spot detection

Blind Spot Detection

Group #7

UGuenChoi, ChangKi Lee

ECE 445 Senior Design

December 1 2010

  • Blind Spot Detection warns the driver to prevent the accident due to the object in the blind spot
  • Blind Spot Detection is done by two types: image processing and ultrasonic sensor
  • MCU determines approaching of the object
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Use audio output signal from PC instead of RS232
  • Image processing from Camera to detect the car
system overview
System Overview
  • Hardware
    • Voltage Regulator
    • Sensor and MSP430
    • Voltage Amplifier
    • Warning Indicator
  • Software
    • A/D convertor
    • Calculation for approaching of the object
hardware overview
Hardware Overview
  • Voltage Regulator
    • Regulate 9V battery to 3.3V and 5V for IC chips
  • Sensor
    • Sending analog signal to MCU
  • MSP430
    • Get all input signals and send output signals
  • Voltage Amplifier
    • Amplify the audio signal from PC
  • Warning Indicator
    • Current amplifying for practical output
Voltage Regulator


Using either 3.3V or 5V, but use 5V to get further detection

Have envelop signal and analog signal for testing

  • Regulate 9V voltage to 5V and 3.3V for components
  • Capacitors are crucial otherwise, it will get burn

Voltage Amplifier

Voltage for audio signal is between 100mV and 400mV

Audio signal is AC

Need rectifier and amplifier to get clear signal for MCU

  • Convert analog signal to digital signal using integrated A/D convertor
  • Calculate approaching of the object
  • Get analog signal from sensor and audio signal from PC
  • Get “gear” and “turning signal” from the user
  • Send output signal for warning to the driver
voltage amplifier
Voltage Amplifier

Audio Signal

Filtered Output

voltage amplifier1
Voltage Amplifier

After Voltage Amplified

Down-powered Voltage

3 feet

5 feet

4 feet

6 feet

unable to determine an object in special case
Unable to determine an objectin special case

Standing in front of wall

No object in front of wall

software overview
Software overview
  • MSP430 program
    • A/D convertor
    • Counter
    • Pin recognition
    • Variable
future improvement
Future Improvement
  • Pick a different sensor to be more practical in closed space situation
  • We may change the type of sensor to be more precise on detecting an approaching object
thank you

Thank you

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