eppr emergency prevention preparedness and response n.
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EPPR Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response PowerPoint Presentation
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EPPR Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response

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EPPR Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EPPR Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response. Progress Report of the Russian Federation Project 2013 “ Development of Safety Systems in Implementation of Economic and Infrastructural Projects in the Arctic”.

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EPPR Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response

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    1. EPPREmergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response Progress Report of the Russian Federation Project 2013 “Development of Safety Systems in Implementation of Economic and Infrastructural Projects in the Arctic”

    2. Within the framework of the International Conference in Naryan-Mar there was opened the Arctic Complex Search and Rescue Center of the Emercom of Russia. It is the first center in the North-West Federal district.

    3. “The issues of ensuring safety during implementation of economic and infrastructural projects are of utmost importance for sustainable development of the Arctic areas, energy preparedness and environmental safety of the countries located in the Arctic region. Economic development of high-latitude territories and involved risk factors of negative impact upon global climatic processes require special security actions “ As it was announced the main objective of the Centers is to accumulate the monitoring results and manage rapid reaction forces in the strategically important spheres, which will make it possible to ensure the implementation of efficient emergency response activities.

    4. A group of conference participants visited the “Prirazlomnaya” Offshore Ice-resistant Oil-Producing Platform - the latest infrastructural project of “Gazprom” JSC The platform is located on the shelf of the Pechora Sea, 60 km from the coast of Russia on offshore oil field with proven reserves - 72 million tons of oil and is designed for drilling of 36 wells.

    5. The Conference participants were demonstrated the fire-extinguishing system: • Evacuation corridors at all levels of the platform with emergency lighting and fire resistant walls with a 120 minute rating • A personnel assembly point (temporary shelter) for 200 people on the mezzanine deck with 120 min fire resistant walls and double redundancy in all the control and safety systems • Evacuation bridges (2) with sleeves for lowering personnel onto the water surface into life rafts, onto the deck of a rescue vessel, or onto ice • Tanker-type lifeboats (3 x 68 pers., 1 x 60 pers.) to be lowered onto open water surface • Evacuation tethers on all sides of the platform for lowering personnel onto ice • Life rafts • Individual life-saving equipment (life vests, flotation rings, immersion suits, signaling devices, etc.) • An emergency rescue vessel on permanent duty by the platform

    6. Company has the oil spills prevention and response plan approved by the Russian Law which includes: • Various risk scenarios, including a scenario for the largest oil spill possible -10,000 tones • (with a spill from 2 adjacent compartments of the shuttle tanker) • A list of response resources available at the local and regional levels, and existing • agreements permitting the transfer of such resources • A description of the command and control structure • A scenario or scenarios that demonstrate how the • available resources can be used to clean up the • worst of the potential oil spills under different • environmental conditions • Procedures for emergency notification • Communications equipment and plans to link up a • single chain of operations on land, sea and in the air • Linking the OSR plan up with other contingency • plans in the region or country

    7. The area close to “Prirazlomnaya” was chosen for this year International large-scale rescue exercise with the liquidation of oil spill “Arctic 2014” that is going to be held in August during the Fourth Arctic Forum. Main goals of the exercise: • coordination of international forces and means • during emergency response operation accompanied • by fire, human casualties and oil spills in the sea and • onshore; • training the procedures of notification at the facility, • local and federal levels; • transmission of the data on the emergency situation • to the participants of emergency response;

    8. testing the preparedness of the management, forces and assets of the Ministries of Transport and Defense of Russia, Emercom of Russia, Coastguard of Russia, Russian oil-producing companies and international assistance (Norway aviation) • search and rescue of suffered in the sea; • practicing the oil spills response and firefighting actions; • training of customs andboundary procedures in case of emergency response with the need for means and forces to cross theborders. Total number of forces and assets to be engaged in the exercise: • Ships – 3 • Small ships – 4 • Aircrafts- 3 • Helicopters – 2 • Motor transport and firefighting equipment • Skimmers and boom • Personnel – about 200 people

    9. Thank you