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Getting Closer to the Shopper

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Getting Closer to the Shopper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steve Elson, VP Search. Getting Closer to the Shopper. We Went From …. purchase decisions made in the aisle. To This…. 62% of consumers use some form of digital media before the majority of their shopping trips. - Booz & Company, Nov. 2010.

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Presentation Transcript
we went from
We Went From …

purchase decisions made in the aisle.

to this
To This…
  • 62% of consumers use some form of digital media before the majority of their shopping trips.
  • - Booz & Company, Nov. 2010
the moment of truth now occurs more frequently on retailer websites
The Moment of Truth Now Occurs More Frequently on Retailer Websites.
  • Even with a wealth of online channels at their disposal, retailer websites are the leading research source for purchase decisions across nearly all product categories.
  • - eMarketer , Aug. 2012

7 in 10 consumers start their shopping on merchant sites.

Retail websites have actually emerged as the first or second source for product information – 41% more often than search engines

- comScore, July 2010

same behavior just closer to the buy button
Same Behavior, Just Closer to the Buy Button

Top of Sort Grabs Shoppers’ Attention!

push toy

push toys

reach the real thing
Reach the real thing

It’s the difference between buying an audience and engaging shoppers.


Brands & Retailers

Meet in the Middle



Your product ad served against relevant searches across multiple retailers.

what are product ads
What Are Product Ads?

Self-Service Advertiser UI

Product Ad On Retail Site

  • Paid search model on retail sites
  • Click-in advertising, facilitates shopping behaviors & drives sales
  • Top-of-sort placement wherever your products are sold within RSX
  • No ad creative or keyword research needed
  • Always-on real-time CPC auction marketplace with budget controls
  • Powerful campaign insights
new performance measures
New Performance Measures
  • Reach and CTR not so relevant
  • This is What is Relevant:
  • Sales and ROAS
  • Share of Shelf
  • Share of Shopper Engagement
  • Change in Share of Sales
share of shopper engagement
Share of Shopper Engagement
  • During campaign, share of related/competitive product pageviewsrose 108% as compared to the preceding week
  • Retailers are now Publishers
  • New way for brands to connect with shoppers at a moment of truth
  • Deserves to be in part of media mix
  • Seamless, facilitates shopping behaviors
  • Emerging ecommerce media models


It doesn’t even look like an ad!