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Oklahoma State University OSU JOBS PowerPoint Presentation
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Oklahoma State University OSU JOBS

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Oklahoma State University OSU JOBS
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Oklahoma State University OSU JOBS

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  1. Oklahoma State UniversityOSU JOBS Welcome to the Online Employment Application System. Press the key on your keyboard to advance through the slides

  2. Introduction The Human Resources department has implemented this system in order to automate many of the paper-driven aspects of the employment application process. The HR Department has provided these training materials to assist you with your understanding and use of this system.

  3. Introduction • You will use this system to: • Create and submit Position Descriptions • Create Job Listings from Position Descriptions • View applications • Communicate electronically with HR, Hiring Managers, Applicants and others involved in your hiring process • The system is designed to benefit you by facilitating: • Faster processing of employment information • Up-to-date access to information regarding all of your Job Listings • More detailed screening of Applicants qualifications- before they reach the interview stage.

  4. Security of Applicant Data • To ensure the security of the data provided by applicants, the system will automatically log you out after 60 minutes if it detects no activity. However, anytime you leave your computer we strongly recommend that you save any work in progress.

  5. Home Page • The home page will always default to a complete list of the active postings assigned to your department. • If the page is blank, you have no active postings in the system.

  6. Navigation Bar Position Descriptions • Begin New Action • Establish Position • Reclassify Position • Update Position • Search Actions-Track the progress of a Position Description • Pending Actions-Position Descriptions that have not been Approved • Search Positions-View all Positions that have been Approved

  7. Position Description Actions • To Establish, Reclassify or Update a Position Description, click the “Begin New Action” link in the navigation bar.

  8. Position Description Actions • Position Description options are broken down into different actions in OSU Jobs. These options are: • Establish a new Position Description • Reclassify Position • Update Position-when it is necessary to update a position due to changes in job responsibilities

  9. Establishing A Position Description When Establishing a Position Description it is Important To: • Make sure the position number is included. You can include the position number in the title or the notes section. • Supply funding when establishing a new position • Utilize the notes section for any additional information regarding the position • Include additional responsibilities

  10. Establishing A Position • Select the “Establish Position” tab, this screen will appear with several tabs across the top of the screen. • The first screen will be the “Clone Position” tab shown.

  11. Cloning a Position • IT IS NOT MANADITORY THAT YOU CLONE YOUR POSITION. • In order to clone a position you must have an approved Position Description • In the drop down list titled “Approved Position Title” you can select a specific position description, which you want to “clone” and click “Search”. • Once you have found your match for the position, click on the “Select Title and Continue” link. • You may skip this step and continue by selecting the tab labeled “Do Not Choose Position, Continue to Next Page”

  12. Position Details A few notes : • Fields with an Asterisk (*) are required, an error message will appear if you do not complete these fields and you will be required to complete it. • VERY IMPORTANT: A position Description is Not Saved until after you have completed the final step of the process by clicking “Confirm” on the final summary page. If you log out or click a link on the left side before completing these steps, the information you have edited will be not be saved.

  13. Position Details • If the position is not filled leave “Employee First Name” & “Employee Last Name” blank. • Complete “Proposed Class Code/Title”, “Campus” “Department” “Position Type” by selecting the appropriate information from the drop down box. • List job titles and number of employees that the position will supervise. • If this is a new position description include the funding for the set up of the position.

  14. Position Details • Complete job summary • when the position is an applicant only be able to view the job summary. • It is essential that the job summary is a detailed account of what the job entails.

  15. If the department has prior approval to run a background check for the position check the appropriate type. Background Check

  16. Position Details • At the bottom of the page, you may identify users who have access to this Position Description. • If you someone in your office or department needs to view this PD, select them from this list. This will enable users to view and check the status of the PD. • Complete justification-the reason the position description is being established.

  17. Major Responsibilities • The “Major Responsibilities” of a Position Description are duties the incumbent in this position performs on a routine basis. • Write duties as they currently exist • Use clear and concise language • Avoid gender-based language • Emphasize results of work • To add duties to your position description, click on the “Add New Entry” button

  18. Major Responsibilities • After clicking the “Add New Entry” tab, you should see a similar form. • You will be able to add as many responsibilities as needed for this particular position. The responsibility percentages will total 100%.

  19. Major Responsibilities • Once you are finished entering your responsibilities, you’ll see a similar screen. • You may click the “Continue to Next Page” button to go to any additional tabs. • It is also important to note that you may click the “Save and Stay on this Page” button at any time in order to save your position description for completion at a later date or to send for approval.

  20. Additional Responsibilities TEAMWORK: Promotes a positive work environment by behaving and communicating in a manner that is respectful of others. Encourages cooperation, collaboration, and co-ownership of success. Communicates honestly and openly, listens attentively, and assumes responsibility for resolving difficulties appropriately. Supports diversity in establishing relationships in which all individuals are valued, appreciated and included.

  21. Additional Responsibilities PROFESSIONALISM: Exhibits a courteous, conscientious and businesslike manner in the workplace. Actively endorses and supports OSU's mission and works for fulfillment of vision and goals while acknowledging the contribution of ethical and scholarly questioning in an environment that respects the rights of all to freely pursue knowledge. Seeks excellence in all endeavors and is committed to continuous improvement. Seeks knowledge that will provide skills that enable improved job performance.SERVICE: Contributes to the success of others by responding to others in a courteous, timely and accurate manner, seeking assistance when necessary to create a positive OSU experience that exceeds the expectations of students, and internal and external contacts. Understands performance directly affects the future of OSU and strives to perform to enhance the OSU experience. Remains positive when changes are made to procedures, environment or responsibilities.STEWARDSHIP: Accepts responsibility for the public's trust and is accountable for individual actions. Demonstrates efficient and effective use of time, equipment and other resources. Maintains confidences and protects security of operations by keeping information confidential and equipment/facilities secure. Works in a safe manner using safety equipment and procedures as appropriate and encourages others to do the same.

  22. Education and Experience • Required Education and Experience are the mandated education and experience that an applicant must have to be considered for the position. • This is a requirement for all applicants and there are no waivers or substitutions unless approved by Human Resources prior to position being approved.

  23. Supplemental Documentation • You may attach a particular document by clicking the “Attach” link next to the specific type of document you want to attach to your position. Shown in the example to the right. • Human Resources will supply the Hiring Range • Department must supply the Organizational Chart

  24. Supplemental Documentation • Once you have selected the document type you wish to upload you will have 2 options: • You may browse for the file if you have it stored on your computer in one of the following formats: • Adobe Acrobat • Microsoft Word • Microsoft Excel • You may copy and paste and/or type text into the large text area at the bottom of the screen if you do not have your document in one of the above formats or if you do not have your document saved on your computer.

  25. Notes • Add any pertinent comments can be added to this page. • Click “Continue to Next Page” when finished.

  26. Submitting Position Descriptions • Scroll down through this screen to review the information you entered.

  27. Submitting Position Descriptions • The last step is to select one of your choices under Action Status. • This will save your changes and send the position description to the next approver. • After selecting your choice, click “Continue” to go to the confirmation page. • The details of your position description are NOT SAVED until you complete this step.

  28. Submitting Position Descriptions • Click “Confirm” to complete action. • The details of your position description are NOT SAVED until you complete this step

  29. Updating Position Descriptions • Once a Position Description has been approved by Human Resources all updates will be made by using the Update Position Action. • NOTE: Once a position has been updated you will be able to view the original approved position as well as the updated position.

  30. Updating Position Descriptions Once you have started your action, you must find the existing position description you wish to modify. You will see a similar screen.

  31. Updating Position Descriptions • Filter your selection by specific search criteria, or you may leave the search criteria blank to retrieve all of the approved Position Descriptions you have access to in the system. • Once you have found the position you would like to update, click the “Start Action” link below the position title.

  32. Updating Position Descriptions • An uneditable screen of the Position Description will appear for you to review. • To edit the Position Description and make edits; click “Continue to Next Page” at the bottom of the screen. • NOTE: The information is already filled in from the official position you are updating. It is not necessary to start from scratch each time you want to do an update to an existing position.

  33. Updating Position Descriptions • Continue through each tab making the appropriate updates.

  34. Updating Position Descriptions • When finished submit the action to the next approver.

  35. Reclassifying Position Descriptions • Many Position Description actions will be updates to existing Position Descriptions. • This action will be used to reclassify a position when significant changes are made to a position that warrant reclassification OR it can be used to update a Position Description, such as supervisor changes, incumbent changes, or minor changes to job duties. • The function of Reclassifying/Updating a Position Description follows the same process and steps as a new Position Description and many of the fields will already be populated.

  36. Search Actions You can track the progress of a Position Description by clicking on Search Actions on the lift hand side of the screen, as shown.

  37. Search Actions • A list of Position Description actions will appear with their status categorized by: • Status • Action Type • Action # • Position Number • Proposed Position Title • Department • Employee Last Name • Date First Submitted to HR • Date Approved • Approved Position Descriptions are for both vacant and occupied positions

  38. Pending Actions You can view all actions in process by clicking on “Pending Actions”. This will only show the actions that are not yet approved by HR.

  39. Searching Positions • You can view all approved position descriptions by clicking on ‘Search Positions” • You may filter your selection by specific search criteria, or you may leave the search criteria blank to retrieve all of the approved position descriptions you have in the system. • Search Criteria: • Position Number • Employee ID Number • Employee First Name • Employee Last Name • Department • Campus

  40. Searching Positions • You can sort Approved Position Descriptions by: • Proposed Position Title • Position Number • Employee Last Name • Last Action • To view an approved Position Description click on “View Summary” • To View the History click on “View History

  41. Creating a Listing • In order for a job to be posted, a listing must be created from an approved job description. • To create a Listing, begin by clicking a link under the header labeled Create Listing. • Depending on your user type, your options include: • Existing Requisition • From Position

  42. Creating a Listing • In the following example, the “From Position” option was selected. • Search the Approved position titles for the appropriate position. The screen on the right will appear. • Once you have searched the appropriate position, click the “Create” tab to begin the job listing.

  43. Creating a Listing • When you first enter this screen, the data fields will automatically fill using the information from the approved position description. • Once finished on this page click “Continue to Next Page”. • Fields with an asterisk (*) are required, if you do not include information in the field, an error message will appear and you will be required to complete it.

  44. Creating A Listing • VERY IMPORTANT!: A requisition is Not Saved until after you have completed the final step of the process, clicking “Confirm” on the final summary page. • If you log out or click a link on the left you will lose all of your work.

  45. Entering Education & Experience • The required education and experience will not be editable; you can only edit the preferred fields.

  46. Attachments • Any advertisements that will be used in the posting of the listing will be attached under Advertising Copy. • To attach an advertisement, click on the “Attach” link adjacent with “Advertising Copy” shown in the screen.

  47. Advertising Departments select the media outlets they will use to advertise the position and will submit ads to those sources. As a federal contractor, OSU is required to abide by affirmative action related laws, regulations, and executive orders, and has the responsibility of making “good-faith” efforts in generating a diverse pool of qualified candidates. Since most administrative/professional positions require degrees, advertising in one of the state-wide papers is always recommended.

  48. Advertising • In addition to any advertising outlets the Department identifies, the Office of Affirmative Action automatically post positions on the following web sites: • higheredjobs.com (www.higheredjobs.com) • Oklahoma Joblink (http://www.oesc.state.ok.us/jobseeker.shtm) • JobCentral.com • AmericasJobExchange.com • Top Higher-Education Jobs aka TedJobs (https://www.tedjob.com) • Vice President for Institutional Diversity’s home page (fp.okstate.edu/vpdiversity) • Oklahoma Educational Employment Board (http://www.oklahomateachingjobs.org/) • American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (http://www.aahhe.org/) • Educause.edu if the position is within the field of information technology • Doctoral Scholars Program, Southern Regional Education Board if the degree required/preferred is Ph.D. or Ed.D.

  49. Advertising • In addition to the above web sites, all jobs are emailed to The National Black Graduate Student Association, Inc. (NBGSA). • Ads placed on these internet sites are usually those attached to the requisition. Occasionally, when the ad contains less information on the duties or required/preferred education and experience than what is found in the requisition, the ad will be “enhanced” through the addition of the missing information. • Announcements placed on these webs are purged based on the date in the ad.

  50. Advertising • All requisitions/ads should contain a closing date or verbiage placed in the justification or notes/history section of the requisition indicating the Department will not make a hiring decision until after the minimum recruiting period as been met. • The job listing shall state whether the position is to be advertised locally, statewide, or nationally. For those positions which are consistently advertised or announced locally or statewide, a minimum period of 2 weeks (10 working days) after appearance of the advertisement in the media is required prior to making an employment selection. For those positions requiring national recruitment, a minimum of 4 weeks (20 working days) after the appearance of the advertisement in the media is required prior to making an employment decision.