top three seo tips you must follow in 2016 n.
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Top Three SEO Tips You Must Follow in 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Three SEO Tips You Must Follow in 2016

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Top Three SEO Tips You Must Follow in 2016 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top Three SEO Tips You Must Follow in 2016

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    1. Top Three SEO Tips You Must Follow in 2016 SEO-Company-India

    2. 2015 is over and we have entered 2016. Business will keep on working in the SEO field to gain the best ranks with help of right keywords and content marketing. SEO experts think about next Google update most of the time. Google updates are infamous for damaging the rankings of websites including the popular ones. SEO campaigners always prepare to face the ranks shattering updates by Google.

    3. Work smart instead of working hard as it will keep your SEO campaign on track for the year 2016. Try to keep up the momentum you have generated in 2015 into 2016. But, you have to keep the Google updates in mind to avoid any penalties or negative effects on your website rankings. Here are 3 strong SEO techniques you can use in your campaigns. By applying these approaches, you’ll provide search engines just what they’re looking for. These three techniques are update-proof and keep you on track for 2016 and beyond.

    4. Social Sharing and Engagements: • Without doubt you think that all of your social media marketing pursuits are real time consuming tasks. And a lot of you think that the trouble you set forth on social networking isn’t definitely worth the small targeted visitors that it provides towards your business website. • However, you need to keep this mind that sending of social indicators and each of the social sharing play an important part in your complete online marketing strategy. It might not convey the targeted traffic which you’d wished for, but it sends social signals various search engines. They assist to keep on with the top on the search rankings for your preferred keywords and phrases.

    5. Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design: • At one particular place, not that way back, it had been only a favourable idea to get mobile optimisation. But in current search engine optimisation world, search engines have made it mandatory that sites must have mobile optimisation so that they can rank high on the results pages. • In April 2015, Google stated that they’re planning to drop the rankings of sites that were not mobile friendly. Even though the proof of this is yet to be felt on a broad scale, there are many sites remaining that damaged their rankings in the SERPs for not being mobile friendly. Google is focusing greatly on mobile friendliness, so buckle up.

    6. Guest Blogging for Traffic and Backlinks: • Based on your online business and targeted audience, it could be an intelligent decision to go for guest blogging as a means to create back-links towards your website and to make more authority in your specialised field. But it’s important to do it tactically as it should not be overdone by publishing guest logs on every site that’s eager to publish your content. • Don’t take guest blogging as a method of getting plenty of inbound links. Try to acquire premium quality links from the most popular and appropriate websites on the net. Once you get a URL from an effectively-revered Site, it will likely be really worthy and ROI will be high from a search engine optimisation point of view.

    7. Thank You SEO-Company-India