Test The Accurate Pressure With Multifunction
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Test The Accurate Pressure With Multifunction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multifunction Calibrator available with a range of multi-function capabilities: electrical, frequency, temperature, and pressure.\n\n

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Test The Accurate Pressure With Multifunction

Nowadays small and user-friendly multifunction calibrator for testing and

configuration are needed for all type of process of parameters. It is 35% less

than competitive models, Multifunction Calibrator and its display should be

very simple and very easy to understand the interface. Users are not required

to carry extra tools for using the capability of data logging. It can create big

issues for other problems.

Features and Benefits

1. It does a measurement of source and simulation of many parameters.

2. Digital communicator.

3. It is weather proof

4. It can display up to six types of current readings.

5. It has lots of add module.

6. It is also available with add range modules with pressure measurement

modules and documenting module, Intel Field and 300vac measurement


7. It also has interface with the digital quality for pressure modules and USB

options in future. It also has the salve for linking to PC and many peripherals.

8. It comes in the multi-function type of capabilities like pressure, frequency,

temperature and electrical.

9. Expandable and re-changeable modular concept.

10. Usage of individual components with instruments which are stand alone.

11. It is applicable for CE version of Windows.

Pressure Sensor

It is the latest generation Pressure Sensor which is fully submersible

titanium for measuring the liquid levels of hydrostatic.

Features and Benefits

1. It has ranged from 0.75 to 600 in mH2O.

2. It has good accuracy with a best straight line.

3. It is constructed of titanium which is fully welded up to 17.5

4. It has complete accessories of installation.

5. The cables come in hydrocarbon and Polyurethane.

Pneumatic pressure calibrator

It is an ideal for pressuring transmitters, gauges, many devices and

transducers. It can do many types of jobs like pressure measurement,

transmitters, similar types of devices and sensors.