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Martel Multifunction Calibrators PowerPoint Presentation
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Martel Multifunction Calibrators

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Martel Multifunction Calibrators
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Martel Multifunction Calibrators

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  1. Multifunction Calibrators For industrial process calibrators, Calibration Technology Starts Here!

  2. Introduction • Martel Electronics, founded in 1987 by David DeVries Sr. and Thomas Fatur, is a major manufacturer of test and measurement equipment, including calibrators. • Their calibration products are used in the installation and maintenance of industrial instrumentation and OEM applications. • With their strategic partnerships with leading OEMs serving the process industry, allows MARTEL to incorporate the latest technology and maintain high quality standards.

  3. Multifunction Calibrators • Work better and get better work with Martel’s BETA 10 series multifunction calibrators. This family of 5 models scale up to do any size job you need when calibrating process instrumentation. • This innovative series features the introduction of a new, high contrast ClearBrite™ graphic display. The display features a vivid white backlight that makes the display easy to read in all light conditions. From a super loop calibrator up to a full documenting calibrator, these cover the gamut of calibration tasks.

  4. DMC-1410 Documenting Multifunction Calibrator • Perform automated calibrations on the fly and upload results with a simple easy-to-use software package that’s included with the calibrator! • The Martel DMC-1410 documenting multifunction calibrator measures and sources electrical and physical parameters. It’s versatile providing access to a complete range of calibration functions. • DMC-1410 Documenting Multi-Function Calibrator >

  5. MC-1210 Dual Display Multifunction Calibrator • A precision dual display multifunction calibrator with unmatched accuracy and feature set • The MC-1210 is a rugged and reliable universal multifunction calibrator. It’s dual display and isolated readback circuit allows it to power a transmitter under test while reading its milliamp output. Truly an all-in-one calibrator. • The MC-1210 Multifunction Calibrator also has a wide range of switch test features for both pressure and temperature switches. • MC-1210 Dual Display Multifunction Calibrator>

  6. MC-1010 Multifunction Calibrator • Multifunction calibrator with great value • The Martel MC-1010 multifunction process calibrator provides a high level of functions and features at easy to swallow price for the less demanding user who does not require the isolated read-back circuit found on the DMC-1410 or MC-1210. • A graphics display. The display can be used to source and measure volts, current, pressure, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, frequency, and resistance, and to source pulse trains. • MC-1010 Multifunction Calibrator >

  7. PSC-4010 Multifunction Loop & Frequency Calibrator • The super loop calibrator • The PSC-4010 is a superior loop calibrator with voltage, current, and frequency functions. With the best display in the business it makes the essentials of instrument calibration easier than ever. • Need to punch in direct value rapidly, not a problem with the PSC-4010. It has a full numeric keypad. And, a bonus feature not found in other loop calibrators is frequency in and out. • PSC-4010 Process Signal Calibrator >

  8. PTC-8010 Multifunction Temperature Calibrator • A speciality temperature calibrator that covers both RTDs and Thermcouples at unbelievable price • For those who need speciality temperature calibration with high accuracy, the PTC-8010 Multifunction Temperature Calibrator is the choice. Special display features show the cold junction compensation and milliVolt equivalents at a glance for thermocouples. Ohms equivalent are shown when using the RTD functions. • PTC-8010 Multifunction Temperature Calibrator>

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