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Basic Load Cell Applications across Industries PowerPoint Presentation
Basic Load Cell Applications across Industries

Basic Load Cell Applications across Industries

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  1. Blog 1: Basic Load Cell Applications across Industries Load cells as we all know are electronic transducers that convert energy into number, thus weighing loads as small as beads to as big as trucks. But the applications of load cells vary across industries. How these little devices serve different industries is nothing short of interesting. In this blog, we will touchdown on some of the basic uses of load cells in industries like construction, technology and more. In Housing Industry Load cells have a very specific function in the housing industry. Multi-storied houses that are home to hundreds of families are pressure-dependent construction structures that contract and expand in response to the seasonal changes, sway in high winds and react to pressure changes. To make sure that the structural integrity of the building are not compromised even under extreme conditions, load cell strain gauges are installed in places. These load cells monitor the changes in conditions timely informing the builders about what’s going on under the concrete. The transducers relay information to the builders about whether there have been shifts and movements under the brick structure. This can help mitigate risks in time. Load cell suppliers in Bangalore mostly caters to the construction industry considering its size in Bangalore and outside. In Docks and Freight Vehicles Load cells are of many different kinds. Some common varieties are Weighbridge load cell, Shear Beam load cell, S-type load cell, and Double Ended load cell. In docking locations, these devices are used to check the structural status. Docks that sustain movements of heavy loads need to be monitored closely so that all risk factors can be timely taken care of. These devices are also used to monitor weight in cargo vehicles and other fixed-places. In addition to these, load cells are also used in oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical, automotive, aviation and many other industries.