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Bay Consortium Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

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Bay Consortium Workforce Investment Board, Inc. Board of Directors Resource Handbook Revised 2005. The Broad View “Who We Are & What We Do” Workforce Investment #13 Area Board Strategic Direction Levels of Responsibility Organizational Structure Major Functions & Board Activities

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bay consortium workforce investment board inc

Bay Consortium Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

Board of Directors Resource Handbook

Revised 2005

topics to be covered
The Broad View

“Who We Are & What We Do”

Workforce Investment #13 Area

Board Strategic Direction

Levels of Responsibility

Organizational Structure

Major Functions & Board Activities

Member Responsibilities

Committee Responsibilities

Executive Director Responsibilities

The Details

Overview of WIA

WIB One Stop Centers

Youth Services

Key Facts of WIA

Topics to be Covered
who we are
“Who We Are”
  • Volunteer board of directors
  • Appointed by local elected officials
  • Representatives of:
    • Business, industry, educational institutions, community-based organizations, ED agencies; public employment services,
  • Policy development
  • Oversight
what we do
“What We Do”
  • Points of contact: Businesses, industry & public sector
  • Forum for regional workforce development
  • Promote life-long learning strategies
  • Assist in development of training initiatives
  • Planning, oversight and evaluation of WIA programs
  • Advise in workforce policy and programs
  • Coordinate economic development efforts & activities
  • Review plans & grant applications for WIA programs
wib 13 area
Accomack County

Northampton County

Spotsylvania County

Stafford County

Caroline County

King George County

City of Fredericksburg

Lancaster County

Northumberland County

Richmond County

Westmoreland County

Essex County

King & Queen County

King William County

Matthews County

Middlesex County

WIB #13 Area
mission statement
Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive customer driven workforce services to connect employers, job seekers, workers and youth.


The Bay Consortium Workforce Investment Board XIII will ensure a viable and qualified workforce, which is capable of sustaining existing businesses and enticing new businesses by fulfilling the needs of a vibrant and expanding employment base.

board strategic direction
Board Strategic Direction

Strategies & Initiatives:

  • Develop system approach
  • Identify employers’ needs
  • Partner with Economic Development initiatives
  • Communicate long-term needs
  • Communicate short-term needs
  • Communicate availabilities & capabilities
  • Provide feedback & continuous improvement
  • Encourage region-wide strategic planning, policy formulation and system implementation
levels of responsibility
Levels of Responsibility
  • Mayors & Chairs of Boards of Supervisors
    • Accountability & Liability
  • Board of Directors
    • Policy & Governance
  • Officers and Executive Committee
    • Direction
  • Committees
    • Planning & Action
  • Staff
    • Management & Operations
major functions board activities
Integrity in governance

Promote Board’s:









Promote Board’s Vision

Provide leadership

Provide Advocacy

Identify Resources & Opportunities

Provide oversight in market matters

Identify trends in the marketplace

Create Board visibility

Foster Independence & Objectivity

Major Functions & Board Activities
board composition
Board Composition
  • Private Sector Business Representatives
  • Economic Development Representatives
  • Educational Representatives
  • Organized Labor Representatives
  • Community Based Organization Representatives
  • One Stop Partner Representatives
board member responsibilities
Board Member Responsibilities

General Responsibilities

  • Effective business and sound fiscal management

Specific Responsibilities

  • Effective use of knowledge, experience, insight, and influence

Member Expectations

  • Attendance
  • Participation
  • Agent of change
chairperson responsibilities
Chairperson Responsibilities
  • Leadership
  • Scope of Board Activities
  • Board Meeting Oversight
  • Executive Committee Oversight
  • Committee Oversight
  • ED Relations & Development
  • Successor Preparation
  • Training & Expertise
standing wib committees
Standing WIB Committees
  • Executive
  • Labor Market
  • One Stop
  • Performance & Accountability
  • Board Development
  • Youth Council
  • Nominating (Ad Hoc)
committee responsibilities
Committee Responsibilities
  • Develop Executive Summary
  • Maintain official records & minutes
  • Distinguish duties apart from full board
committee chair responsibilities
Committee Chair Responsibilities
  • Member of Executive Committee
  • Provide leadership
  • Know scope of committee activities
  • Present committee report at full board meetings
  • Present new ideas
  • Interact with other WIB committees
executive director responsibilities
Executive Director Responsibilities
  • Bay WIB “Chief of Staff”
  • Manage the “Big Picture”
  • Support & facilitate WIB functions
  • Provide leadership for staff, Board and committees
  • Seek counsel from the Chair
  • Provide effective fiscal management
  • Provide reports on a regular basis
  • Coordinate staff training
  • Coordinate publicity, marketing and advertising
  • Develop risk and emergency management procedures
staff responsibilities
Staff Responsibilities
  • Provide channels of communication
  • Act as clearinghouse of information exchange
  • Facilitate strategic partnering
  • Facilitate effective fiscal management
  • Oversight of workforce investment system
  • Support for the Board and committees
board ed relations
Board & ED Relations
  • Board—Governance
  • ED—Management
  • Board & ED—Foster fulfillment of Mission
board staff interaction
Board & Staff Interaction


  • Provide industry expertise & collective wisdom
  • Sanction & knowledge of external publics
  • Spokespersons for the WIB
  • Influence: financial, human and public resources
  • Preserve the democratic process
  • Effect change, novel ideas, broad perspective


  • Provide expertise in WIA operations & knowledge
  • Provide organization knowledge & history
board staff interaction cont
Board & Staff Interaction cont.
  • Bridge organization & board member communication
  • Objectively consider volunteer suggestions
  • Interpret board policy, decisions & actions
  • Disseminate information
tips for new members
Tips for New Members
  • Study the economy
  • Meet our customers and partners
  • Identify education & training for partners
  • Know WIA policies and procedures
  • Acquaint self with staff & service providers
  • Analyze performance reports
  • Promote staff & board training
  • Use networks to promote WIB
  • Practice patience & promote success
  • Practice fiscal responsibility
overview of wia
Overview of WIA
  • Federally mandated
  • Virginia Workforce Council
  • 17 Local Workforce Investment Areas (LWIAs)
beneficiaries of wia
Beneficiaries of WIA
  • Youth, 14 to 21 years old
  • Job seekers
  • Laid off workers
  • Incumbent workers
  • New entrants to the workforce
  • Veterans
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Employers
wia partners
WIA Partners
  • One-Stop Centers provide
    • Core Services
    • Intensive Services
    • Training Services
  • Youth Partners provide
    • Basic skills assessment
    • Resources and guidance to attain educational goals
    • Leadership development opportunities
    • Exposure to work environments via training & adult mentoring
wia partners cont
WIA Partners cont.
  • Employers provide
    • Influence over local area employment policy
    • Affect an improved and trained employee pool
    • Development of on-the-job and customized training opportunities
    • Provide assistance for laid-off workers
  • Community
    • Provide access to local area job market information
    • Affect an improved and quality workforce
    • Develop services designed for local area needs
    • Reduce need for welfare
key wia facts
Key WIA Facts
  • Streamlined Services
  • Empowering Individuals
  • Universal Access
  • Increased Accountability
  • Strong Role for Local Boards & Private Sector
  • State & Local Flexibility
  • Improved Youth Programs
benefits of wia
Benefits of WIA
  • Universal access to job search and labor market information
  • Advice, counseling and support of industry experts
  • Education and skills training
  • Individual choice of services

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