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Early Development . Selected Invertebrates. Cleavage. What characterizes this process?. Cleavage. How does the cell cycle of blastomeres compare with that of somatic cells?. Cleavage. What happens to the embryo during the mid-blastula transition? When does this occur?. Cleavage.

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Early development l.jpg

Early Development

Selected Invertebrates

Cleavage l.jpg

  • What characterizes this process?

Cleavage3 l.jpg

  • How does the cell cycle of blastomeres compare with that of somatic cells?

Cleavage4 l.jpg

  • What happens to the embryo during the mid-blastula transition?

  • When does this occur?

Cleavage5 l.jpg

  • What is karyokinesis and cytokinesis and how do they compare?

Cleavage6 l.jpg

  • What influences the pattern of cleavage in a particular organism?

Cleavage9 l.jpg

  • How are cell fates specified during cleavage?

    • cell-cell interactions

    • asymmetric distribution of morphogenic determinants

Gastrulation l.jpg

  • What characterizes gastrulation in organisms?

  • What kinds of movements occur?

Axis formation l.jpg
Axis Formation

  • What are the three major body axes?

Sea urchin development l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

  • What does the cleavage pattern look like?

Sea urchin development13 l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

  • What characterizes the blastula stage?

Sea urchin development14 l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

  • At what stage are the fates of individual cells determined?

Sea urchin development15 l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

  • What role does β-catenin play in specification?

Sea urchin development17 l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

  • When does axis specification occur?

    • animal-vegetal axis established before fertilization

    • anterior-posterior axis determined by a-v axis

      • vegetal – determinants for posterior development

    • dorsal-ventral and left-right after fertilization

      • d-v by first cleavage plane

Sea urchin development18 l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

  • How does gastrulation begin?

Sea urchin development19 l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

  • What appears to be responsible for the ingression of primary mesenchyme?

Sea urchin development20 l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

  • What appears to be responsible for the initial invagination that occurs during gastrulation?

Sea urchin development21 l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

What is the fate of these vegetal plate cells?

Sea urchin development22 l.jpg
Sea Urchin Development

  • What happens during later stages of invagination?

Snail development l.jpg
Snail Development

  • What kind of cleavage pattern characterizes these animals?

Snail development25 l.jpg
Snail Development

  • Orientation of cleavage plane determines right or left coiling snails

Snail development26 l.jpg
Snail Development

  • What appears to be responsible for the mosaic development seen in molluscs?

Snail development27 l.jpg
Snail Development

  • What is the polar lobe and why is it important?

Snail development28 l.jpg
Snail Development

  • Why does removal of the D blastomere or its first or second derivatives result in incomplete larvae?

  • If D blastomeres don’t directly contribute cells to formation of many structures why are they so important to the formation of the same structures?

Snail development29 l.jpg
Snail Development

  • What other aspect of snail development does the polar lobe influence?

    • How do we know this to be true?

Snail development30 l.jpg
Snail Development

  • How does gastrulation take place in snails?

Tunicate development l.jpg
Tunicate Development

  • What makes these organisms rather unique?

  • What type of cleavage pattern do they have?

Tunicate development32 l.jpg
Tunicate Development

  • In what way does the pigmentation in Styela partita provide developmental information?

Tunicate development33 l.jpg
Tunicate Development

  • What evidence is there of autonomous specification in tunicate blastomeres?

    • transplant experiments

    • RNA hybridization experiments

    • altering β-catenin levels in cells

Tunicate development34 l.jpg
Tunicate Development

  • What evidence is there for conditional specifiction?

    • BMP signal from endoderm induces anterior cell to become notocord

      • works through activation of Brachury gene

    • FGF signal induces posterior cell to become mesenchyme

Tunicate development35 l.jpg
Tunicate Development

  • When are the embryonic axes established?

    • dorsal-ventral – prior to first cleavage

    • anterior-posterior – prior to first cleavage

    • left-right – first cleavage

Tunicate development36 l.jpg
Tunicate Development

  • What is gastrulation like in these organisms?

Caenorhabditis elegans l.jpg
Caenorhabditis elegans

  • What does C. elegans look like?

C elegans l.jpg
C. elegans

  • What pattern of cleavage in seen in this nematode?

C elegans40 l.jpg
C. elegans

  • What determines anterior-posterior axis?

  • What is the importance of the P-granules?

C elegans41 l.jpg
C. elegans

  • When is dorsal-ventral and left-right axes established?

C elegans42 l.jpg
C. elegans

  • In what way is autonomous specification demonstrated in this organism?

    • P1 develops without presence of AB cell

  • In what way is conditional specification demonstrated?

    • AB cell requires cell-cell interactions

    • EMS requires signal from P2

C elegans43 l.jpg
C. elegans

  • cell-cell signaling

C elegans44 l.jpg
C. elegans

  • Where in this organism is autonomous and conditional specification integrated?

C elegans45 l.jpg
C. elegans

  • When does gastrulation begin in this organism?