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Back to School Night PowerPoint Presentation
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Back to School Night

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Back to School Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Back to School Night
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  1. Back to School Night With Miss Ozimok Room 34 717-531-2277 x5034

  2. Tonight’s Agenda 

  3. Hershey Primary Elementary School The purpose of this PowerPoint is to highlight your child’s 2nd grade school year. It contains all the information you will need as a parent at home.

  4. C.O.C.O.A Initiative • School wide initiative • Staff will select student who is displaying one of the COCOA principles • Positive phone call home • COCOA mug on display

  5. Life Savers in Room 34 Students in Room 34 can be added to our life line by demonstrating the C.O.C.O.A principles. They can be identified by a peer or by me. Each month they can earn something different. This month=lunch in the classroom.

  6. The Curriculum in 2nd grade

  7. Reading Street • Students take assessments online • Tests will be located in your child’s BOX account • Scores can be accessed online

  8. Everyday Math There are games you can access on this site. If your child forgets their homework, you can print/write assignment at home. This site is also great to reinforce math skills (especially if your child finishes math homework easily).

  9. Reflex Replacing Rocket math To help students master fact fluency Beginning in November Will be done twice in school during the week and needs to be done once at home. More information will follow once we begin

  10. Kid Blog Password: Initials34 Students can access blog from home. They can comment on other student’s posts. Also can use to blog about Squirt Kept private within our classroom

  11. BOX • Access your child’s scores for Reading Street and Spelling tests • Additional projects will be located on BOX throughout the year.

  12. My Website

  13. Homework • Monday-Thursday • 15 minutes of Reading • Math home link • Should not take more than 20 minutes • No Homework on Friday!  

  14. National Boards • Will be going for my National Board certification • Will require me to video lessons that I am teaching • Only child’s first name will be used • Parent permission giving me the ability to record them while I am teaching and student work (if I need to use it) • If you are not comfortable with this, it’s okay. Will not use your child in video or papers.

  15. Please visit the Fish Table!!!! Sign up for conference (on iPad) Record your Giant Bonuscard (If 100%, every student earns $1 towards Book Fair)

  16. Questions?