Technology tools to support teaching and learning
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Technology Tools to Support Teaching and Learning. CECS 4100 Chapters 5 and 6 IETT Rhonda Christensen. “...The evidence is accumulating that computers are having a decided impact on the way our schools and society organize, communicate, and make decisions.”

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Technology tools to support teaching and learning
Technology Tools to Support Teaching and Learning

CECS 4100

Chapters 5 and 6 IETT

Rhonda Christensen

“...The evidence is accumulating

that computers are having a decided

impact on the way our schools and

society organize, communicate, and

make decisions.”

From Nathan, Joe (1985). Micro-myths- exploring the limits of learning with computers. Minneapolis: Winston Press.

Technology support tools
Technology Support Tools

  • Improved productivity

  • Aids teacher in performing many tasks

  • Improved appearance

  • Improved accuracy

  • May provide more support for interaction

Types of technology support tools
Types of Technology Support Tools

  • Materials generators

  • Data collection and analysis tools

  • Graphics tools

  • Planning and organizing tools

  • Research and reference tools

  • Tools to support specific content areas

Using materials generators
Using Materials Generators

  • Desktop Publishing Software

    • focuses on communications through a combination of written words and page appearance

    • Includes many design principles

  • Examples of DTP software include:

    • Publish It!, PageMaker, Publisher

Classroom applications of dtp
Classroom Applications of DTP

  • Newsletters and magazines

    • culmination of a large project

  • Brochures

    • travel for places of study

  • Books and booklets

    • Kids love to be published!

  • Flyers and posters

    • “Hide” grammar and spelling in these activities!

More material generators
More Material Generators

  • Test generators and test question banks

  • Worksheet generators

  • Puzzle generators

  • Rubric generators

  • IEP (Individual Educational Plan) generators

  • Certificate Makers

  • Form Makers

  • Groupware Products

Material generators to help the teacher
Material Generators to Help the Teacher

  • Test Makers

    • Professional looking tests with answer keys

    • Variety of test formats in familiar WP style

    • May randomize questions or multiple choice responses

  • Purchased software, free online or purchased online

Utility programs to help the teacher
Utility Programs to Help the Teacher

  • Drill Sheet Generators and Organizers

    • Easily and quickly make flash cards, worksheets, timelines, labels or flow charts

    • Help students review or practice

    • Display information in a variety of formats

  • Examples include: Make-A-Flash, Timeliner software packages and many online sites

Utility programs to help the teacher1
Utility Programs to Help the Teacher

  • Puzzle Makers

    • Easily and quickly produce puzzles

    • Word scrambles, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, gameboards

    • Help students review information in a fun way

    • Can be applied to all levels and subjects

  • Examples include: Crossword Magic, Word Bingo, Crossword Wizard and

Utility programs for teachers
Utility Programs for Teachers

  • Productivity Software

    • Awards, posters, banners, cards, certificates

    • Can be used by teachers and students

    • Easy to produce professional looking products

    • Includes: The Print Shop, BannerMania, Publisher, Online Resources

Using data collection and analysis tools
Using Data Collection and Analysis Tools

  • Gradebooks

  • Statistical Packages

  • Data Management (CMI) and Testing Tools

Utility programs to help the teacher2
Utility Programs to Help the Teacher

  • Grade Book programs

    • Record and average students’ grades

    • Easy to use

    • Easy to change

    • Can manipulate data (sort or scale)

    • Calculate statistics (current and accurate grades)

  • Examples include: Gradebook, Gradebuster, Making the Grade, Excel spreadsheet

Utility programs to help the teacher3
Utility Programs to Help the Teacher

  • Statistical Programs

    • Help teachers complete calculations and analyze statistics

    • May calculate simple averages or more complex analysis of variance

    • Many gradebook programs include statistical abilities

  • Examples include: SPSS, SAS, StatView

Data management and testing tools
Data Management and Testing Tools

  • Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) - a record keeping routine within an instructional system

    • Integrated Learning Systems (ILS)

  • New term is Data Management Software

Types and functions of data management tools
Types and Functions of Data Management Tools

  • Components of computer-based learning systems (ILSs)

    • Can handle large amounts of data on student performance

  • Computerized testing systems (aka CAT)

    • Generate test forms and process performance data (ex. GRE, SAT, etc.)

  • Test scoring and data analysis systems

    • either keyboard entry or bubble sheets)

Using graphics tools
Using Graphics Tools

  • Print graphics packages

    • Print Shop Deluxe

  • Draw/Paint Programs

    • KidPix, Aldus Freehand, CorelDraw

  • Presentation software/multimedia authoring tools

    • Began as electronic slide shows - but now include multimedia and hypermedia

    • Examples: HyperStudio, PowerPoint, KidPix

Graphics programs for teachers
Graphics Programs for Teachers

  • Graphics include two-dimensional representation of images (charts and graphs, pictures and illustrations)

  • Graphics are a powerful mode of presentation

Graphics programs
Graphics Programs

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

    • Designing objects like cars or buildings

    • Saves time, money and potential errors

    • Includes ClarisCAD, Kid CAD, Sim City 2000

Graphics programs1
Graphics Programs

  • Presentation Graphics

    • Produce charts and graphs based on data

    • Common forms include line graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, pictographs

    • Show pictorial form for data

    • Includes: Graph Power, Excel, PowerPoint

Graphics programs2
Graphics Programs

  • Paint Programs

    • Let users draw and paint computerized pictures

    • Let a user erase, change colors, size, fonts easily

    • Some programs allow user to draw with a light pen on a graphics tablet

    • Includes: KidPix , EA Art Center

Using planning and organizing tools
Using Planning and Organizing Tools

  • Outlining Tools and other Writing Aids

    • timelines, story starters

  • Brainstorming Tools

    • Inspiration and other concept mapping software

  • Lesson Planning Tools

  • Schedule/Calendar Makers

Using research and reference tools
Using Research and Reference Tools

  • Encyclopedias

  • Atlases

  • Dictionaries

Using tools to support specific content areas
Using Tools to Support Specific Content Areas

  • CAD and 3D Modeling/Animation Systems

  • Music Editors and Synthesizers

  • Reading Tools

  • MBLs or Probeware

    • software with special hardware probes to measure light, temperature, speed, voltage, etc.

Managing text

Managing Text

Word Processing and

Desktop Publishing

CECS 4100

Common wp characteristics
Common WP Characteristics

  • Collecting text

  • Editing and revising text

  • Saving text

  • Printing text

Systems used in education
Systems Used in Education

  • Bank Street Writer

  • Magic Slate

  • FrEdwriter

  • Kid Works 2

  • Storybook Weaver

  • MS Word

Wp in integrated packages
WP in Integrated Packages

  • AppleWorks (integrated)

  • ClarisWorks (integrated)

  • Works (integrated)

  • LOGOWriter (WP and programming)

Desktop publishing combining text and graphics
Desktop Publishing(Combining text and graphics)

  • The Print Shop

  • The Children’s Writing and Publishing Center

  • PageMaker

  • The Writing Center

  • MS Publisher

Four major stages of writing
Four Major Stages of Writing

  • Prewriting

    • brainstorming

    • freewriting

  • Composing

    • prompted writing

    • collaborative writing

  • Revising

    • simple to move text, move paragraphs, etc.

  • Editing

    • spell checkers (be careful)

Managing information

Managing Information

Data Managers

What is a data manager
What is a Data Manager?

  • A database is a collection of data

  • Database management is an organizational structure that allows for retrieval of the data

  • Basic features of a database management system

    • file -collection of information on a topic

    • record -all the information about one entry

    • field -fields organize the information in a file

Database example
Database Example

  • Database file: “Whales”

  • Record: May contain all the information about Beluga Whales

  • Fields:

    • Common Whale Name

    • Scientific Name

    • Average length

    • Life expectancy

Computerized vs non computerized db
Computerized vs. Non-computerized DB

  • Manipulation of data with computerized

  • Ex. Search for all whales longer than 50 ft

    • Much more efficient with computerized system

Database systems in education
Database Systems in Education

  • Filemaker Pro

  • Access (MS)

  • MicroSoft Works

  • Bank Street Filer

  • AppleWorks

Database management
Database Management

  • Searching databases

    • Library

    • CD-ROM

    • ERIC

    • Dialog

  • Organizing information

    • Most effective reports don’t necessarily have the most information

  • As the size of information base grows, so does the need to organize it

Organizing student information
Organizing Student Information

  • Student schedules

  • Attendance

  • Disciplinary actions

  • Hobbies

  • Can search by any of the fields on any student population

Using databases in the curriculum
Using Databases in the Curriculum

  • Social Studies

    • Historical data

    • Geographical data (states)

  • Science

    • Students create a database on a unit they are studying such as birds

  • English

    • On-going book reports to be shared with the class

Managing numbers

Managing Numbers

Spreadsheets and Statistics


  • Information organized by rows and columns

  • When one number is changed, it can recalculate all the numbers affected by the change.

Common spreadsheet packages
Common Spreadsheet Packages

  • VisiCalc (“grandfather of electronic spreadsheets” no longer made)

  • Excel

  • LOTUS 1-2-3

  • AppleWorks

  • ClarisWorks

  • Microsoft Works

Spreadsheet applications
Spreadsheet Applications

  • Encourages Projections, “what if?”

    • Algebra

    • Budgets

    • Grades

  • Gradebooks

  • Financial Records

Spreadsheets in the curriculum
Spreadsheets in the Curriculum

  • Comparison of data

    • estimation

    • comparisons by location

  • Manipulation of numbers

    • economics

    • mathematics

Statistics in the classroom
Statistics in the Classroom

  • Methods for describing and summarizing data

  • Types: Descriptive or Inferential

  • Descriptive

    • Reduce large quantities of data into manageable size to describe precisely

      • Average

      • Standard deviation

      • Range of scores

Statistics in the classroom1
Statistics in the Classroom

  • Inferential Statistics

    • Comparison and identification of relationships (girls vs. boys)

      • Correlations

      • t-tests

      • analysis of variance

  • Types of data

    • Nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio

Statistics in the curriculum
Statistics in the Curriculum

  • Statistic systems use spreadsheet to store data (a sophisticated subset of spreadsheets)

  • Compare pre and post

  • Diagnostic applications (aptitudes, ITBS)

  • Data collection by students

    • Weights of two gerbils can be measured as they grow and compared with how much they eat

Statistics in education
Statistics in Education

  • Statistics can help us answer questions about the characteristics of people, events, or objects.