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Renaissance Vocabulary

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Renaissance Vocabulary. UNIT TWO If you see *** , it is optional to copy what is written. 1.) Trend. the general direction in which something tends to move

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renaissance vocabulary

Renaissance Vocabulary


If you see *** , it is optional to copy what is written

1 trend
1.) Trend

the general direction in which something tends to move

***Example: A trend during the Renaissance, people started valuing themselves and moving away from the church being the center of their thought and every day activities (Humanism)

2 trade
2.) Trade
  • The act of buying and selling goods and services
  • ***Trade
  • routes in
  • Europe,
  • Africa
  • and Asia
3 urban and 4 rural
3.) Urban AND 4.) Rural
  • Urban: City or town
  • Rural: country
push and pull factors these are two different definitions
  • 5.)Push Factors: What PUSHES people to move away from a certain area
  • EXAMPLE: Famine (no food), Plague (Black Death)
  • 6.) Pull Factors: What PULLS people to move to a certain area
  • EXAMPLE: Job Opportunities, better education
7 renaissance
7.) Renaissance

A rebirth in thought, education, religion, art, architecture, science, math, and philosophy

8 humanism
8.) Humanism
  • A system of thought that values human thought rather than religious beliefs; stressed the value of reason over superstition
  • ***Black cats are bad luck is an example of a superstition!
spanish armada background do not copy

***The ruler of Spain, Philip II, had a plan to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I of England. Philip II was a devout Roman Catholic so he used Queen Elizabeth’s religion, Protestant, against her calling her a heretic (enemy of the church). He attempted to have his cousin, Mary Queen of Scots become the new queen of England. Elizabeth fixed this problem by have Mary executed. Philip gets angry and threatens to attack using his spanish fleet of ships.

spanish armada do not write
Spanish Armada DO NOT WRITE
  • ***Philip II of Spain wanted to attack England and overthrow Queen Elizabeth in an attempt to stop the spread of protestantism. They were forced out by English firing ships and had to retreat. A bad storm caused them to wreck on the coast of Ireland. Of the 130 ships, 50 never returned.
  • ***Irony: Armada means “Invincible Fleet”
9 spanish armada write this down
9.) Spanish Armada WRITE THIS DOWN

An attempt to overthrow Queen Elizabeth (protestant) of England by Spain’s ruler Philip II (Roman Catholic). Ended badly for the Spanish.

10 divine right of the king
10.) Divine Right of the King

the right to rule sent directly from God, not chosen by the people

11 martin luther
11.) Martin Luther
  • Religious leader and reformer who protested the Catholic churches corrupt activities causing a split in the church and starting the protestant reformation
  • ***Remember: 95 theses…
  • 95 complaints against
  • the church
12 schism
12.) Schism

a split or division in the church due to differences in opinion

13 reform
13.) Reform
  • To make changes to
  • something in order to improve it
  • Example: Protestant Reformation
  • ***The Sale of Indulgences in the Marketplace: Literally paying for your sins with cash $$
14 protestant reformation
14.) Protestant Reformation
  • (Protestant: a division of christianity)
  • Wars between the Roman Catholics and the Protestants over the church’s corruption and greed
15 edict of nantes
15.) Edict of Nantes

An agreement issued by the french King Henry the IV reinstating the rights of protestants and offering them freedom to come back and live/work freely.

marked the end of the religious wars between the protestants and the catholics