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Elementary Middle School Expectation and Goal Setting Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Elementary Middle School Expectation and Goal Setting Meeting

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Elementary Middle School Expectation and Goal Setting Meeting

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Elementary Middle School Expectation and Goal Setting Meeting

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  1. Elementary Middle School Expectation and Goal Setting Meeting June 26, 2009

  2. Scott Foresman Comprehension Kindergarten EOY Test Results

  3. Scott Foresman Comprehension First Grade EOY Test Results GOAL

  4. Scott Foresman Comprehension Second Grade EOY Test Results GOAL

  5. Scott Foresman Comprehension Third Grade EOY Test Results

  6. Scott Foresman Comprehension Fourth Grade EOY Test Results GOAL

  7. Scott Foresman Comprehension Fifth Grade EOY Test Results

  8. Scott Foresman Comprehension Sixth Grade EOY Test Results GOAL

  9. Discussion • What can we do to improve instruction in our Middle Schools? • Ider — Discuss the expectations set for your teachers last year and how you reached goals.

  10. Discuss what happened at your EOY data meeting? • Henagar — discuss your expectations • Sylvania — discuss your expectations • Other schools — discuss your expectations

  11. LEA Action Plans • Expectations for 2009-2010 School Year • We will have a mandatory monthly meeting the day after the Reading Coaching Community Meetings for Assistant Principals • We will discuss data and determine Reading Coaches schedule for month/ plan for coaching cycle. • Schedule training for teachers lead by Reading Coaches to share Coaching Community information. • Tier II must occur daily in grade K-6 and cannot be scheduled back to back with Tier I. • Tier III must occur daily in grades K-6.

  12. LEA Action Plans Continued • Unit assessments must be taken online and a data meeting must occur the week following a Unit assessment. • Scott Foresman Fresh Reads will be used to monitor student’s fluency at least once every 6 weeks for all students in grades 4-6. • All schools will use the Scott Foresman Pacing guide schedule for grades K-6

  13. LEA Goals 2009-2010 • 80% of students will read on grade level. • Schedules will provide time for: • Tier I — 90 minutes • Tier II — 30 minutes • Tier III — 30 minutes

  14. SF Pacing Guides • Please refer to the handouts of each grade level Pacing Guides to be used next school year.

  15. Scott Foresman Unit Assessment Guidelines • Unit Test must be given online • Passages from the Unit test cannot be read before the examination. • This assessment should be treated like a standardized test (no teaching from test). • This test should determine the effectiveness of the classroom teachers instruction for the past six weeks.

  16. Setting Tentative Dates for Data Meetings 2009-2010 • Refer to Pacing Guides for Unit Assessments • Determine Data meeting dates after Unit Test • Schedule dates on worksheet provided • Hand LEA a copy of tentative dates

  17. Questions and Comments?

  18. LEA Goals for 2009-2010 • Reading coaches will be in classrooms 50 % of their time working with teacher instruction to improve reading. • Coaches will use the ARI coaching cycle with teachers whose data is not projected to target 80 % literacy in their classroom.

  19. LEA Goals for 2009-2010 • Intervention teachers will work daily with struggling readers using My Sidewalks.

  20. LEA Goals for 2009-2010 • Principals will monitor classrooms once a month when classroom data shows little or no improvement. • The Principal and Reading Coach will develop and implement actions plans to help that teacher, (It may be the reading coach working with a teacher in their classroom, or some type of professional development). This plan must be implemented before the next PM data gathering.

  21. LEA Goals for 2009-2010Continued • After the action plan is implemented, the Principal will sit down with the teacher again and discuss how the action plan worked or did not work. If the action plan did not work, another action plan must be developed and implemented until the next PM. • Principal and Reading Coach will document actions taken to improve reading scores.

  22. LEA Goals for 2009-2010 • After the initial Scott Foresman Benchmark Test, goals will be set for each teacher. The goal is to have 80% of their students scoring 80 or higher on the Unit Assessments, and 80% for the DIBELS class average.

  23. LEA Goals for 2009-2010 • A data meeting will be held monthly for all grade levels and goals will be set for each grade level to reach and will include an action plan to help each grade level achieve the 80% goal.