the reasonable adjustment project n.
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The Reasonable Adjustment Project

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The Reasonable Adjustment Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Reasonable Adjustment Project. Part of Implementing the Disability Discrimination Act in Schools and Early Years-May 2006.

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The Reasonable Adjustment Project

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the reasonable adjustment project

The Reasonable Adjustment Project

Part of Implementing the Disability Discrimination Act in Schools and Early Years-May 2006


Disability Discrimination Act

Access Planning Duty

SEN Framework

The reasonable adjustments duty


Who counts as disabled?

  • A person is disabled if they have a mental or physical impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.
  • Meaning of:
    • substantial
    • long-term
    • normal day-to-day activities

Admissions, exclusions and ‘education and associated services.’ This includes:

the curriculum

teaching and learning

classroom organisation

breaks and lunchtimes

school policies

school clubs and activities


assessment and exam arrangements


school trips

exclusion procedures

... the whole life of the school

  • Taking reasonable steps to avoid substantial detriment to a disabled pupil such as:-
  • Time and effort expended
  • Inconvenience, indignity or discomfort
  • Loss of opportunity or diminished progress.

Reasonable adjustments,

factors that may be taken into account:

- standards

- resources

- costs

- practicability

- SEN provision

- health and safety

- interests of other pupils


The reasonable adjustments duty does not require schools to:

    • provide auxiliary aids or services
    • remove or alter physical features
rap reasonable adjustment project
RAP- Reasonable Adjustment Project?
  • Received nearly 400 nominations
  • Visited 41 schools for filming
  • Gained many examples of reasonable adjustments
  • Currently writing training manual
  • 3x1.5 Hour DVDs and Manual and CD Rom
  • Part of Implementing Disability Discrimination Act in Schools , DfES
  • Published Free to Schools April 2006
what is on dvd 1
What is on DVD 1?
  • DVD 1: Essential viewing and other topics
  • Essential Viewing, an introduction to the materials (25)
  • Breaks, Lunchtimes and Clubs (10:30)
  • Educational Visits (16)
  • Behaviour for Learning (26)
  • Meeting Personal Care and Medical Needs (22)
what is on dvd 2
What is on DVD 2?
  • DVD 2: Foundation stage and primary education
  • Foundation Stage in maintained schools (19)
  • Primary School Stories:
  • Primary School Stories Introduction (1:30)
  • Goostrey Community Primary School (8:30)
  • Billesley Primary School (7:30)
  • Batheaston Primary School (8)
  • Primary Education:
  • Primary Education Introduction (4)
  • Curriculum and Planning (22)
  • Teaching and Learning (17:30)
  • Deployment of Staff and Resources (22)
  • Ethos and Whole School Development (23)
what is on dvd 3
What is on DVD 3?
  • DVD 3: Secondary education
  • Secondary school stories:
  • Secondary School Stories Introduction (1)
  • Langdon School (11)
  • North Leamington Community School and Arts College (16)
  • Secondary Education:
  • Secondary Education Introduction (4)
  • Curriculum and Planning (22)
  • Teaching and Learning (21)
  • Deployment of Staff and Resources (22:30)
  • Ethos and Whole School Development (21:30)

Key factors

  • vision and values based on an inclusive ethos
  • a ‘can do’ attitude from all staff
  • a pro-active approach to identifying barriers and finding practical solutions
  • strong collaborative relationships with pupils and parents
  • a meaningful voice for pupils
  • a positive approach to managing behaviour
  • … continued

Key factors … continued

  • strong leadership by senior management and governors
  • effective staff training and development
  • the use of expertise from outside the school
  • building disability into resourcing arrangements
  • a sensitive approach to meeting the impairment specific needs of pupils
  • regular critical review and evaluation
  • the availability of role models and positive images of disability
activity essential viewing
Activity Essential Viewing

Jake Sports Day

  • On the pro-forma provided identify the reasonable adjustments and the barriers.
  • Each clip in essential viewing there are a number of barriers being addressed such as in the first clip.
reasonable adjustments in the classroom checklist
Reasonable adjustments in the classroom-checklist
  • Pre Planning Information
  • What preparations have you made?
  • Are lesson planned to support all learners?
  • Are you using different teaching styles?
  • Are prepared materials accessible?
  • Have you thought about self presentation?
  • How will you use support staff?
  • How have you organised the classroom?
  • How will you group pupils in the lesson?
  • How will you deal with unexpected incidents?
  • How will you ensure all pupils feel equally valued?
  • How will you assess outcomes for all learners?
making reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils
Making Reasonable Adjustments for disabled pupils
  • Sent out 9000 schools. Received nearly 400 nominations
  • 54 LEA’s nominated schools
  • Chose a mix of schools
  • Visited 41 schools for filming-3DVDs & CD Rom
  • Gained many examples of reasonable adjustments
  • Now available 1 free copy per school. You have to send & for it. Implementing the Disability Discrimination Act in Schools and Early Years
  • Ref 0160-2006DOC-EN Tel. 084560 222 60
  • Online