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HOLE In The Sky By: Pete Hautman

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HOLE In The Sky By: Pete Hautman - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HOLE In The Sky By: Pete Hautman. Rewritten By: Nadia D. & Koreh C. CHAPTER 1 *Setting*. Pg.1. CHAPTER 1 *Setting *. S. Pg.2. S. etting.

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In The Sky

By: Pete Hautman

Rewritten By: Nadia D. & Koreh C.












Takes place on the north rim of the canyon made of 20 miles of space and billion year old rocks. Other places the setting is taken place, is at an abandoned hotel and at the Kinkas hotel. Year 2028 to 2038.







Pg. 3





Pg. 4

Ceej, is a major character in the Book Hole in the sky, by Pete Hautman. Ceej lives next to the Grand Canyon with his uncle and sister, Harryette. His real name is Charles Jacob Kane but C.j. for short. He is 17 years old, Ceej is a tall, slim kid who loves to roam the canyon. So far, C.j. is a static protagonist. He is not a bad guy and he’s actually a good kid!


Ceej~ Hero/Protagonist



Pg. 5

Tim, is another static major character in the book. He’s a tall slim outgoing 16 year old. Tim is such a daredevil and gets into tons of trouble. He’s Ceej’s best friend, and is always by his side. They’re like peanut butter and jelly. He’s also another protagonist.Ceej and Tim set out on their mules to find their uncle and dad. Along the way, Tim is bit by a snake and saved by the Phantom, who turns out to be a Native American girl, the last Hopi on Earth. Her name is Isabella and she saves his life with traditional medicine. She explains she's on her way to her people's most holy place, Sipapuni (a real place, by the way), where she believes she'll be transported to a different world, safe from the Flu. In the meantime, she believes her deceased grandfather is guiding her to help them.

Tim & Ceej Best Friends






Pg. 6

There's another person who lives in the Canyon whom they call the Phantom. They've seen her briefly on several occasions and once she found Ceej's mule after it got lost. Isabella. She is from a tribe called the Hopi. All of her Hopi people died off, and she was the only one left before her grandfather died. She believes that her grandfather wants her to do a mission, and no one knows what it is besides her. Tim and Ceej thinks she’s beyond crazy. When Tim and Ceej were in the canyon, they met Isabella. Isabella forever stayed with them, until something bad happened.




Hopi Tribe Leader


Pg. 7

Mother K

Mother K, is the woman who is in charge of all the Kinkas in the tribe. She’s such a mean, vicious ringleader, she’s like a vicious dog. She is the one who was kind and caring to Harryette when they kidnapped her, but deep down inside, she was just pretending. She never had a good conversation with her, because Harryette is deaf. A few of the sick survive and are used for various things until the resist and band together too. One group of Survivors is called the Kinka and they've developed their own religion, believing themselves to be divinely chosen to ensure survival of the species. They recruit new members by infecting healthy people on purpose. If these people survive, they're forced to join the Kinka. The Survivors lose all their hair, most of their senses (such as hearing,) and sometimes part or all of their sanity.

Mama K





Pg. 8


The sister is a Survivor. She has no hair and can't speak or hear, because of the flu. She's lost part of her sanity, but has developed another clarity of thinking. She loves and is loyal to her brother. Tim is Ceej's best friend and he thinks Harryette is beautiful. When they catch up with the Kinka, they discover Harryette has also been taken. Tim is frantic to get her back. He sees Harryette in a window and uses sign language to communicate with her. Harryette tells him to go away because she's afraid the Kinka will kill him with the Flu or by other means. Of course, Ceej and Tim won't abandon her or the hope that their uncle and father are also being held. After observing the Kinka's movements, they also realize that Kinka children are born healthy, having inherited complete immunity from their Survivor parents. These children are the future of humanity.

Major C.



















Pg. 9




Plot: Is a literary term defined as the events that make up a story, particularly as they relate to one another in a pattern, in a sequence, through cause and effect, or by coincidence.

One of the climax’s in the story is Man vs. Society. So the first climax is Harryette vs. the flu because she survived the flu as we said on her character page, and she losing her hair & voice. She is one of the few survivors like the healthy people in the Kinka Tribe.



Pg. 10


The rising action of the story Hole in the Sky, would have to be when they find Harryette on the 23rd floor of the Kinka’s hotel. C.J. knew what floor his sister was on, so he grabbed his rifle and decided to break into her room, by the window. He climbed the ladder at the side of the hotel and finally reached her window. When he broke the window, he couldn’t find the ground because it was so dark in there and a little low, but Harryette was not in there. He heard something coming, so he found the ground, and he ran into the closet. A couple minutes later, Mother K and Harryette entered the room and sat on the bed. So C.J. took action a minute later, and he came out the closet and held the pistol at mother K’s chest and head, and demanded her orders. He told mother K that he was not afraid to shoot her, but Harryette was signing No!!! Because they will come after you and kill you. He said I don’t care, I just want to get you out of here. So he ordered Mother K to lay on her stomach and she did so, and C.J. rolled her up with this heavy cover that was on the bed and tied her with this kind of Raccoon wire he brought with him. He tied her up, and Harryette and C.J. took off. They got out the hotel and when they got out, Uncle and Tim was waiting at the jeep that was outside the hotel. They cut the range rover cord so the Kinkas could not come after them and started up the jeep and took off.

Pg. 11

Jeep Uncle, C.J. and Harryette took off in

Land Rover

Plot: Is a literary term defined as the events that make up a story, particularly as they relate to one another in a pattern, in a sequence, through cause and effect, or by coincidence.



Other World

The man vs. nature climax in this story, would be when Ceej and Harryette set out to find Tim and Bella, but never could. Bella has always talked about going to another world her deceased grandfather was telling her in her dreams. So one day Tim and Bella came up missing and C.J. and Harryette figured where they were going, because Bella has always talked about it. So they set out too, to find them. They caught up with there footprints but than every time they thought they were getting closer to finding Bella and Tim, there footsteps disappeared. A few hours later they found out that Bella and Tim had crossed the lake because there footsteps was leading into the water. When they crossed the lake, they finally reached the other side and when they did they discovered a mysterious looking hole. Outside that huge hole was sitting Bella’s extra belongings along with Tim's. So C.J. knew they had to be inside of that. C.J. told Harryette hold his arms because he’s going in. Harryette told him no because she was not about to let him go alone nor she didn’t want to be left alone. So they both went into the hole and they appeared in another world, like Bella had said it. The air smelt different and the sand color was different. So the whole time Bella was right about there being a better world!


Plot: Is a literary term defined as the events that make up a story, particularly as they relate to one another in a pattern, in a sequence, through cause and effect, or by coincidence.

Man vs. NATURE


Man vs. Self

Pg. 13

Its Ceej vs.. himself because from his point of view he is trying to decide weather Ceej is crazy for liking her and believing there is a another world. Also to decide if he should go to the other world with Bella to get rid of the flu or to stay with Tim and Harryette. And he decides to go and leave with Bella!! 


Ceej vs. himself

Plot: Is a literary term defined as the events that make up a story, particularly as they relate to one another in a pattern, in a sequence, through cause and effect, or by coincidence.


Pg. 14

Falling action

The falling action in the story is when Ceej catches the flu from Bella. Causing hurt and hatred from Tim and Harryette towards Bella. Harryette blames Bella for everything that has happened.

Plot: Is a literary term defined as the events that make up a story, particularly as they relate to one another in a pattern, in a sequence, through cause and effect, or by coincidence.






Pg. 16

The mood in the story is sad. It's sad because there are these children/teenagers, who has lost their parents to the flu, that has swept the town away. Harreyette's point of view.~ "I found my mother curled up on a paisley print sofa. I did not need to touch her to know she was dead." (Hautman 183-184) "My father was behind the wheel. I ran up to him and put my hand on the door handle and pulled, but the door was locked. I put my face to the glass and saw his protruding tongue and his dry eyes. He had joined my mother." (Hautman 184)



Mood: A state of mind or emotion.



Pg. 17

Another mood in the story from Tim’s part of the story, is Depressing. This is depressing, because Tim has found his dad from being gone, but when he found him he was hearing from his own dad, Go Away, or you will die. Which is heartbreaking.

“The coughing stopped. I heard the sound of the air being sucked in and out of ravaged lungs, than a familiar voice, hoarse and twisted with pain.” “Boy, you come one step closer you die.”


“ You ever listen to me, boy, you—” More coughing. “ – you listen now. Go Away!!


Mood: A state of mind or emotion.


Pg. 18

Mood: A state of mind or emotion.



From Harryette’s point of view, the mood she was telling, was pain; she was hurt, heartbroken, felt sorrow, felt lost. “My mother’s cool hand on my fevered forehead, tears shining on her cheeks, blue eyes fierce. I cough, spraying her with virus, both of us knowing that it was the end. And it was, for her and for dad, but for some reason I survived and became a hairless mute.” (Hautman 181)

Harryette’s Heart


Pg. 19




Pg. 20

In the book, Hole In the Sky, there really is no theme to carry out. 1 little theme would be, Don’t always believe what you hear, and don’t judge a person because you think he/she is crazy. Ex. Bella said that she was on a mission to another world. No one believed her, because no one has heard such a thing of there being another world. If they heard of it, they would have left the canyon a long time ago. They also thought she was beyond crazy. But Isabella was not crazy, she was actually right about a 2nd world.



No Resolution!!


Letter R~

  • Flu germs~
  • Girl You Are Crazy~
  • Crazy Face~ Clip Art
  • Hatred Picture

Pg. 21

  • Pb and J~
  • Piggy~
  • Bald woman~
  • Major the word~
  • Pink and Black background~
  • Title Page~
  • Dog~
  • Metal Chain~
  • Germs~
  • Major~
  • P~
  • Second P~
  • Gold M~
  • Ceej/kid~
  • Isabella ~
  • Tim~
  • M w/monster~
  • Other M~
  • Casket~
  • Sad Face~ Clip Art
  • Depressed Girl~
  • Coughing Dog~
  • Letter
  • Heart
  • Girl’s eye~
  • Black and colored
  • Pink and Black
  • Burning
  • Fancy
  • Jeep~
  • Land
  • Letter T~