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Jeopardy. Choose a category. You will be given the answer. You must give the correct question. Click to begin. Choose a point value. Choose a point value. Click here for Final Jeopardy. Make a inference. Characters. Cause/Effect. Problem/ Solution. Vocabulary/ Quotations.

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Choose a category.

You will be given the answer.

You must give the correct question.

Click to begin.


Choose a point value.

Choose a point value.

Click here for Final Jeopardy


Make a








10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

10 Point

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points


How do you think Gus’s actions make Tito feel?

  • Lonely and sad
  • Scared and surprised
  • Sleepy and sick
  • Hurt and betrayed

Why did Tito think Zev knew nothing about sneaking out at night?

  • He is from Russia
  • He was wearing his pajamas.
  • He plays chess.
  • He goes to a different school.

What inference can we make about Tito’s mom and Sonny?

  • Tito likes both of them.
  • They live in California.
  • They both like children.
  • Tito thinks they would make a good couple.

Why did Jimmy leave a note for Tito?

  • He knew he might be killed.
  • He wanted him to give the money to Lamar.
  • He wanted him to give the money to the police.
  • He was giving Tito directions.

How does Tito show that he is determined?

  • He throws away his textbooks.
  • He cleans the restroom.
  • He shows Lisa how to play chess.
  • He figures out how to protect his family.

Why did Zev knock Tito over?

  • He thought he was a gangbanger.
  • He tripped into him.
  • He was mad at Tito for ignoring him.
  • He was a member of Lamar’s gang and wanted revenge.

How did Zev know Tito was in the crawl space?

  • It was midnight, and he thought Tito would be sleeping.
  • He was part of Lamar’s gang.
  • He didn’t—it was an accident.
  • He was watching with binoculars.

Why do you think Tito’s attitude toward Zev changed?  

a. Tito felt sorry for him because he didn’t speak English.

        b. Tito realized he was a true friend, unlike Gus.

        c. Tito realized that Zev was the leader of the gang.

d. Tito was impressed by Zev’s chess skills.


16. Which is NOT an example of Tito being a caring older brother?

        a. He gets a job so that Mina can have French fries.

        b. He gives her a paper crown.

        c. He helps her wash her hands in the bathroom.

        d. He helps her do her homework.


Why did Jimmy’s attitude towards gang life change?

  • He sees too many people getting killed.
  • He finds out that his homies want to kill him.
  • He was afraid to go to jail for murder.
  •   He becomes addicted to drugs.

What does Tito do in the morning that makes his mom mad?

  • Forget to walk Mina to school.
  • Wear Jimmy’s shoes.
  • Forget to eat breakfast.
  • Both “a” and “c”

Why does Tito think Jimmy joined a gang?

  • He felt pressured to make money to take care of his family.
  • His father left him and he needed a male role model.
  • He had a problem with drugs and loved the excitement of shooting guns.
  • He was bullied at school and needed the gang for protection.

Why did Tito tell Lamar and IBJ about the crawl space?

  • He wanted the gangbangers to leave his family alone.
  • He knew they were afraid of spiders.
  • He was setting a trap to get them caught.
  • He wanted them to think he was cool.

What caused the loud noise that Tito heard when he was hiding in the crawl space?

  • loud, thumping music
  • Gangbangers shouting
  • Gunshots
  • Walls being broken down

Why was Jimmy stealing money from Lamar and Ice Breaker Joe?

  • He was a drug addict.
  • He wanted to take his family to a safe place.
  • He was working undercover for the police.
  • He wanted to start his own gang.

Why did Tito lie to Sonny about not having any money?

  • He wanted to save his money for drugs.
  • He didn’t lie—he forgot his money at home.
  • He didn’t like his food.
  • He needed a place to hide.

How did Tito get rid of the gun?

  • He put it in the suitcase under the crawlspace.
  • He gave it back to Gus.
  • He threw it into the garbage truck.
  • He gave it to his principal.

Why did Lamar and ICB take Spider?

  • They wanted to bring him to Jimmy.
  • They wanted to put pressure on Tito.
  • They needed a guard dog for security.
  • They thought Spider had their money.

Tito didn’t have his science or LA textbooks. What solution did Mrs. Bilky have for this problem?

  • She sent Tito to ISS.
  • She made him pay $49.99 for each book.
  • She told him to use Gus’s books.
  • She told him to study with Lisa.

What is a crawl space?

  • The area under a house
  • A loud noise
  • A wall with graffiti
  • A suspenseful part of a story

What is a squealer?

  • A person who deals drugs
  • A person who plays chess
  • A person who is very messy
  • A person who informs the police

What advice does Zev have for Tito?

  a. “Don’t play chess; play checkers”

       b. “Don’t do drugs”

       c. “Don’t get caught with me.”

        d. “Don’t wear your pajamas outside”


What does Tito remember that his mom always says?

  a. “Make your life sing”

        b. “Walk your sister to school”

        c. “Don’t be such a worry toad”

        d. “Those who laugh last, laugh best”


What is a cliff hanger?

  • a. The area under a house
  • b. A loud noise
  • c. A wall with graffiti
  • d. A suspenseful part of a story

Final Jeopardy

Make your wager


Which of these is a correct bibliography?

  • Keller, John. 1996. Cornerstone Publishing: Atlanta GA. True Love.
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  • John Keller. True Love. Atlanta, GA: Cornerstone Publishing, 1996.
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