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  1. Directions for Jeopardy:Students pick a category, read the questions, and respond with the answers. Click anywhere on the slide to reveal the answer. To go back to the Jeopardy board, click on the home icon. The browser pointer must be visible in order to return to the game board. Divide the class and keep score in anyway that suits classroom management style.

  2. Jeopardy Created by : Eleanor Joyce Andrew Lewis Middle School Salem, VA

  3. Physical Features Agriculture Religion Final Vocabulary Resources Trivia Culture J Final Jeopardy

  4. Religion 100 The major religions in the region believe in one God. This is known as ____ Monotheism

  5. Religion 200 The city in the region that is sacred to all three religions. Jerusalem

  6. Religion 300 The great prophet of the Islamic faith Muhammad

  7. Religion 400 The holiest city for the Muslims Mecca

  8. Religion 500 The Islam house of worship is called a Mosque

  9. Religion 600 The two religions that are fighting in the region Jews and Muslims Israelis and Palestinians

  10. Physical Features 100 The longest river in the world. The Nile

  11. Physical Features 200 This desert dominates North Africa The Sahara

  12. Physical Features 300 The canal that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Red Sea Suez Canal

  13. Physical Features 400 The mountain range in northwest Africa Atlas

  14. Physical Features 500 The gulf that borders the major oil-exporting countries. Persian

  15. Physical Features 600 The two rivers in Iraq The Tigris and Euphrates

  16. Vocabulary 100 Area of lush vegetation in the desert oasis

  17. Vocabulary 200 A dry river bed that only contains water after a rain wadi

  18. Vocabulary 300 The holy book of the Jews The Torah

  19. Vocabulary 400 Process in which productive land is turned into desert desertification

  20. Vocabulary 500 The process of removing salt from sea water desalination

  21. Vocabulary 600 Fan-shaped fertile area at the mouth of the Nile River Delta

  22. Resources 100 The most plentiful and valuable resource in the region oil

  23. Resources 200 Daily Double

  24. Resources 200 The scarcest valuable resource in the region water

  25. Resources 300 Hydroelectric power is generated by this dam on the Nile River Aswan High Dam

  26. Resources 400 What is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries? An organization of petroleum exporting countries that control the price and production of oil

  27. Resources 500 A main crop grown in Egypt Cotton

  28. Resources 600 Occupation of the desert nomads? herders

  29. Culture 100 Ships of the desert Camels

  30. Culture 200 Arabesque Symmetrical Arabic Art

  31. Culture 300 The mosque in Jerusalem that is sacred to all three monotheistic religions. Dome of the Rock or Temple Mount

  32. Culture 400 The language most of the people in the region. Arabic

  33. Culture 500 Open-air markets along the streets in the region bazaars

  34. Culture 600 Ancient Tombs in Egypt Pyramids

  35. Final Jeopardy

  36. Name the three countries that are not Arabic and the language spoken in each country.

  37. Iran- Farsi Turkey- Turkish Israel- Hebrew Final, Final Jeopardy Click the ?

  38. Draw a mental map of the region that shows the outline of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula north to Turkey. Best drawing wins.

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