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Florida Tech Club and Organizations. Presented by the Office of Student Life. Introductions. Rodney Bowers Associate Provost for Student Affairs; Dean of Students [email protected] Cat McGuire Carnley Assistant Dean of Student Activities, Fraternities and Sororities

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Florida tech club and organizations

Florida Tech Club and Organizations

Presented by the

Office of Student Life


General regulations for student organizations
General Regulations for Student Organizations

  • Have a membership of at least 10 full-time students in good academic standing

  • Function in accordance with a written constitution and bylaws approved by the Office of Student Life

  • Comply with all university policies and regulations; all federal state and local laws; and all regulations of a parent organization, as applicable

  • Accept responsibility for all financial obligations incurred and decisions made as an organization

  • Have an active organization advisor who has been approved by the Office of Student Life (full-time FIT faculty or staff)

Registering a new student organization
Registering a New Student Organization

  • Log-in to OrgSync and fill out the New Organization Registration Form.

  • Once you have submitted the form you will wait to receive an email stating that your organization has been approved by a staff member in the Office of Student Life.

  • After the form has been approved you will need to complete the following to be listed as an official student organization:

    • Have ten (10) members join the organization and each must fill out the Liability Form. *All members must be found under ‘People’ in the OrgSync group.

    • Write a Constitution for the Organization that explains when meetings will be held, who is a part of the executive board and any other requirements your organization’s members see fit.

      • To assist you in the writing process, samples of constitutions can be found under the ‘Files’ tab of the Organization.

    • Find an Advisor and have him/her fill out the Advisor Agreement Form located under ‘Forms’. *Please make your Advisor an administrator for the organization once he/she has joined.

    • Click on ‘Settings’ and complete the Organization Basic Information.

  • Once all of the above items have been completed the organization’s President/Founder will need to set-up an appointment with Cat McGuire Carnley to be confirmed and approved. During this meeting Cat will verify that you have completed everything listed above and go over the steps required to stay an active organization at Florida Tech.

Maintaining recognition
Maintaining Recognition

  • Update your group’s officer information in Orgsync following elections or at the beginning of the fall semester.

  • Maintain at least 10 active members and have them sign off on the liability form in Orgsync.

  • Have a full-time faculty or staff member sign off on the Advisor Agreement Form to serve as your advisor in Orgsync at https://orgsync.com/cas/florida-institute-of-technology.

  • Operate in compliance with university policies and regulations; all federal, state and local laws; and the regulations of parent organizations, where applicable.

  • Keep a constitution and bylaws up-to-date (which implies that these documents should be updated at least every two years) in Orgsync and should be uploaded under ‘Media’ tab, then ‘Files’, then clicking on the ‘New File Folder’ tab.

  • Continue to accept responsibility for all financial obligations incurred and decisions made as an organization.

  • Be represented at all leadership retreats, workshops and meetings deemed mandatory by the Office of Student Life.

  • Hold a meeting once a month and upload minutes of meetings to OrgSync under ‘Files’.

  • Keep OrgSync Profile (under Settings) up-to-date.

  • Attend the semesterly Organization Procedures Meeting.

  • Have a meeting with Cat McGuire Carnley, Assistant Dean for Student Activities once a semester.

  • Read through the 2011-2012 Organization Manual.

  • Attend two (2) Student Government meetings a month.

    • Student Government Meetings are held in P133 every Wednesday at 8pm.

Registration benefits
Registration Benefits

  • Use of the university name in conjunction with authorized programs and activities

  • Listing of the organization’s name in university publications

  • Use of SUB space and other university facilities

  • Opportunity to request funding from SAFC

  • Access to advertising areas and resources (bulletin boards, TV98, etc)

  • Insurance coverage for club/organization for university approved events

Student organization advisors
Student Organization Advisors

  • Support the group

  • Intervene in conflicts between group members and/or officers

  • Be knowledgeable of policies that may impact the organization’s decisions, programs, etc

  • Give honest feedback to group members

  • Attend special events of the organization

  • An Advisor must accompany students on any out of state travel

Requirements for organization president
Requirements for Organization President

  • Students may not concurrently hold more than one of the following positions and must be a full-time student in good academic and disciplinary standing:

    • President of the Campus Activities Board

    • President of the Student Government

    • President of the Interfraternity Council

    • President of the Panhellenic Council

    • General Manager of FITV

    • Editor in Chief of the Crimson

Good academic and disciplinary standing
Good Academic and Disciplinary Standing

  • In order to hold an executive council office or chair a committee a student must maintain a GPA of 2.5, or the minimum of the organization, whichever is higher

  • Not currently on disciplinary probation, suspension

  • See the student handbook or the 2011-2012 University Catalog for further information

Use of campus facilities
Use of Campus Facilities

  • Erica Spencer, Director of Conference Services

  • Kimberly Fulks, Assistant Director of Conference Services

  • [email protected] or [email protected]

  • Your group must be a registered student organization and have approval from the Office of Student Life before reserving any space on campus

  • Event/Facility request forms should be submitted online at least one week prior to an event. The system will not allow you to book an event within 3 days in advance

  • Do not advertise an event or meeting until you have confirmation that the facility is available

Posting policy
Posting Policy

  • All fliers, mailings, and posters must be approved by the Office of Student Life and have the OFFICE OF STUDENT LIFE stamp before being distributed or posted

  • The date on the poster indicates when the poster must be removed

  • No reference to alcohol or drugs on the posters

  • No advertising of events in which alcohol will be present

  • Events funded by SAFC must say that on the flyer

  • Failure to abide by the posting policy may result in a fine and/or loss of posting privileges

  • Be sure to bring in one copy to be approved before making your copies (make your copies after the Student Life stamp is on it)

Posting policy continued
Posting Policy (continued)

  • No duct tape may be used

  • Only RA’s may post in the Residence Halls

    • If you would like to have your fliers posted in the Residence Halls then you will need to drop off a stack of approved fliers to Campus Services. They will distribute from there.

  • Posters may only be hung on bulletin boards or other approved locations

  • No tape on painted walls

  • You may place fliers in the Organizations mailboxes.

Contract policy
Contract Policy

  • Only designated staff (Assistant Dean of Student Activities) may sign a contract on behalf of Florida Tech

  • Neither the Advisor or any member of the organization may sign a contract

Financial information
Financial Information

  • Funding and Reimbursement

    • Make sure that the funds are available before you make a purchase (Tax Exempt forms are available in the Student Life Office)

  • Copy Center

    • Must get form from Joanne Green in Student Life before making copies

  • Student Organization Copier (Black & White Only)

    • Limited to 50 copies per day; must supply own paper; must use your organization code

  • Vehicle Use

    • Two 12 passenger vans may be used, but the driver must be on the current approved driver list.

  • Cash Accounts

    • These can be set up by talking to Joanne Green and should be used for organization expenses that are not funded.

  • Any questions pertaining to $$$, talk to Joanne Green


  • Funding is now available for the Fall Semester. Requests are submitted through OrgSync. Please submit your requests at least 2 weeks prior the event. This will give the committee time to review it and make a decision. Forms must be submitted by 12:00 pm on Wednesdays.

  • Operating Budgets will be dispensed for the year based on the SGA Meeting requirements from last semester and attendance at this Procedures meeting.

  • An organization representative must be present at 50% of Student Government meetings in order to receive funding.

  • Student Government Meetings are every Wednesday in P133

Alcohol and party policy
Alcohol and Party Policy

  • You must be 21 to legally consume alcohol

  • All parties where alcohol is present must be closed

  • A written guest list and an Alcohol Event registration form to be submitted to Student Life at least 48 hours before the event

  • Must be BYOB or be served by a license 3rd party

  • Keep a copy of the guest list at the door throughout the party

  • Guest list with the signature of the guest next to their name must be submitted to Student Life the next business day

  • Cannot charge for the event

  • The entire Alcohol and Party policy can be found in the Student Handbook or contact Cat Carnley in the Student Life Office

Important dates
Important Dates

  • September 30 – Organization Registration Deadline in Orgsync

  • Wednesdays – Funding requests due by 12:00 p.m. Submit requests two weeks in advance

  • Wednesdays – Student Government Meetings (P133)