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Citizenship Photo Journal. By Stephany Grant. HOCKEY!.

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by stephany grant

Citizenship Photo Journal

By Stephany Grant



I played on the Lacombe Ice Female Hockey Team. We had a rough year, only winning about half of our games, but I played on a great team with excellent team-mates. I worked very hard at improving my skills and spent a lot of extra time outside of the arena practicing my shot and stick handling. I am continually recognized by my coaches and team mates for my positive attitude and dazzling team spirit, even if I am not the most skilled on the team. I can’t wait until the next season!

This is the blanket I received for my great efforts and hard work in a tournament.


Volunteer Work

Each Thursday, I head on down to the hospital, put on my little apron and start my 2 hour shift. At the hospital I do many different tasks. My most frequent job is to talk with the patients. I talk about their current as well as their past lives, about their families, hobbies or just anything I come up with. Also, I help nurses with whatever they need assistance with such as feeding patients, transporting patients or delivering messages to other nurses. I started in

September, and finished in May, and

I hope to continue next year.


Work experience at Terrace Ridge School

During fourth block, I go to terrace ridge school and do work experience. I take half of the students to a classroom and either do silent reading with them, or lead a novel study of the book Holes. Currently I tutor after school three times a week to some of the students who have trouble in math as well as English. I was also a badminton coach, holding practice once or twice a week. I planned out drills, provided guidelines to success on the badminton court, and worked with specific students to improve on their skills.

lacombe fly in breakfast
Lacombe Fly-in Breakfast

On Sunday, June 7, Emma and I volunteered at the fly-in breakfast at the Lacombe airport. We set up a booth and worked from 6:30 am until 12:00 pm informing people about the airpark going in behind the airport, in the freezing cold weather. We also helped set the event up, so the community could enjoy it. On Sunday, June 14, we got to do it again but this time at the Red Deer airport.


This was my 7th and final year of playing hockey. I had a blast and wish it would have never ended. This picture was taken at a tournament that we attended in Invermere B.C where we spent 3 days there and had some good old team bonding. I will miss the trying events that happened and everything I have learned over the years I will take on with me as I embark my new journeys that lie ahead.

turn of the tide summit
Turn of the Tide summit

This is Lacey, Bree and I doing our part in the bake sale for the Turn of the Tide summit that we never ended up going to. However, we did raise money for a great cause.

terrace ridge musical
Terrace Ridge Musical!

Hannah, Lacey and I volunteered at Terrace Ridge School to be makeup/costume technicians for their show The Big Bad Musical. The three of us spent time before each of the 4 shows putting makeup on the kids and helping them get ready for the big show.