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MedLiHer. Contractual modalities and other administrative aspects. Tuesday, 26 May 2009. Contribution Agreement Partnership Statements Implementing Partnership Agreements (IPA) Roles and Obligations Transfer of Funds & Payments Requests Reporting Amendments Important aspects

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Contractual modalities and other administrative aspects

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Contribution Agreement

Partnership Statements

Implementing Partnership Agreements (IPA)

Roles and Obligations

Transfer of Funds & Payments Requests



Important aspects

Visibility & Communication


contribution agreement
Contribution Agreement

Between the EC (Contracting Authority) and UNESCO (lead Applicant, now Coordinator)

Composed by the Special Conditions: duration, total EC contribution, UNESCO co-funding, etc.

... and Annexes:

Annex I - Description of the Action/Project

Annex II - General Conditions: EC standard administrative & financial provisions

Annex III - Budget breakdown in Euros




  • already signed by each partner
  • involving shared responsibilities
  • including agreed principles of good partnership practices
  • helping understanding its role

In addition, the EC strongly recommends the signature of a separateagreement between the Coordinator & each partner


implementing partnership agreement ipa
Implementing Partnership Agreement (IPA)
  • UNESCO shall have sole responsibility vis-à-vis the EC for complying with the legal obligations
  • However, UNESCO, through the signature of the IPA, delegates the implementation of activities and responsibility to each Partner
  • The expenditures incurred by the Partners are eligible under the same conditions as those incurred by UNESCO


role and obligations unesco
Role and Obligations: UNESCO

as Coordinator of the project…

Ensures overall management and coordination

Represents the partners in all dealings with the EC

Transfers part of the funds to the Partners

Consults with the partners regularly

Consolidates narrative and financial reports for further transmission to the EC


role and obligations the partners
Role and Obligations: the Partners

Agree to the Project description

Actively contribute and participate in the Project implementing concrete activities

Keep separate books of its own expenses on the financial resources transferred by UNESCO

Be accountable to UNESCO

Submit to UNESCO every six month a Narrative and Financial Report and theFinal Report

Effectively participate in the review and evaluation of the Project


transfer of funds
Transfer of funds
  • UNESCO will transfer the funds received from the EC to each partner by instalments
  • Each following instalment will be transferred by UNESCO only if the relevant contribution from the EC has been received and the partner has succeed an evaluation on

- activities implemented

- results achieved

- quality of narrative report

- certified financial reports


payment requests
Payment requests

First instalment received

Each further request for payment is transmitted by UNESCO to the Commission when 70% of the immediately preceding payment(and 100% of previous payments if any) has been incurred as proven by the relevant report

For the last payment, the EC will pay the remaining balance within 45 days of approving the Final report



Narrative and Financial Progress Reportsubmitted by each partner to UNESCO every six month

UNESCO will consolidate themfor further transmission to the EC (on a yearly basis)

The reports shall be in the same language as the Agreement (MedLiHer: FR)


narrative reports
Narrative Reports

Focused on progress achieved in the implementation of activities & including:


Activities carried out during the reporting period

Achievements and results

Eventual difficulties encountered and remedial actions proposed or taken

Work plan for the following period

Eventual changes to be introduced in the Agreement and/or the Project


financial reports
Financial Reports

Duly certified by the Partner’s own financial authority

Expenditures as per the approved work plan

Respect the EC principle of eligible costs

use the model financial report included in the IPA


final report
Final Report

Each partner shall submit to UNESCO a Final Narrative and Financial Reportat the end of the implementation period (MedLiHer: 3-years)

The Final Financial Report shall be audited by the external auditor of the Partner

The name and address of the external auditor shall be communicated to UNESCO



Changes to the Project (e.g. activities) shall be agreed by all Partners before submission to the Commission

All requests for modification shall be transmitted by UNESCO to the EC for eventual approval one month before the amendment is intended to enter into force

Changes shall not be made without having the prior written authorisation from UNESCO / EC


important 1 2

UNESCO and the Partners shall ensure that the Project is carried out in accordance with Contribution Agreement signed with the EC

Expenditures incurred by each partner will be under the direct responsibility of the partner

UNESCO shall have the right to undertake evaluations and audits


important 2 2

At least once a year, UNESCO will carry out an assessmentof the Partner’s performance

If non-satisfactory, UNESCO will consult the Partner and propose rectifying measures

UNESCO shall have the right to require reimbursement of funds

Unspent funds at the termination of the Project shall be reimbursed to UNESCO and will be declared as such to the Commission


visibility communication
Visibility / Communication

Announce that the Project is implemented “with funding by the European Union”in all documents, publications and other communication tools and display in an appropriate way the European logo

Do not use UNESCO’s name and logo without the prior written authorization from UNESCO’s Secretariat




Margarida Tor

Focal Point for the Cooperation with the EC Division of Cooperation with Extrabudgetary Funding Sources

Sector for External Relations and Cooperation