As built drawings and commissioning status
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As-Built Drawings and Commissioning Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As-Built Drawings and Commissioning Status. Steve Sawch Assistant Director for Construction Management NSLS-II Conventional Facilities Advisory Committee Review October 5 & 6, 2010. As-Builts & Cx Status Outline. As-Built Drawings Contract Requirements Status of As-Built Drawings

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As built drawings and commissioning status

As-Built Drawings and Commissioning Status

Steve Sawch

Assistant Director for Construction Management

NSLS-II Conventional Facilities Advisory Committee Review

October 5 & 6, 2010

As builts cx status outline
As-Builts & Cx Status Outline

  • As-Built Drawings Contract Requirements

  • Status of As-Built Drawings

  • Commissioning Contract Requirements

  • Status of Commissioning

  • Issues and Challenges

  • Path Forward

  • Conclusions

As built drawings contract requirements
As-Built Drawings Contract Requirements




    • A. Maintain a clean, undamaged set of blue or black line white-prints of Contract Drawings and Shop Drawings at the job trailer. Mark up these drawings to show the actual installation on an on-going basis. Mark whichever drawing is most capable of showing conditions accurately. Give particular attention to concealed elements that would be difficult to measure and record at a later date.

As built drawings contract requirements1
As-Built Drawings Contract Requirements


    • 1. Organize Record Drawing sheets into manageable sets, bind with durable paper cover sheets, and print suitable titles, dates and other identification on the cover.

    • 2. LT will review and approve the record drawing set on a monthly basis.

    • 3. The monthly updates will be part of the detailed breakdown and the value approved by LT.

    • 4. The Record Drawing updates and payment will only be made after the review and approval of the Record Drawings by LT.

    • 5. Upon completion of the Work, submit Record Drawings to LT for their records.

Status of as built drawings
Status of As-Built Drawings

  • Contractor and subs have maintained as-built drawings

  • Inspectors review as-built drawings as part of the monthly requisition process

  • As-builts for work outside of fence have already been turned over to BNL F&O

  • As-builts will be turned over for each milestone/phase

  • Site as-builts are being turned over to LOB contractor

Commissioning contract requirements
Commissioning Contract Requirements




    • A. This Section includes:

      • 1. Scope of commissioning work.

      • 2. Contractor’s commissioning responsibilities.

    • B. Commissioning is a systematic process of ensuring that all building systems perform interactively according to the design intent, basis of design, construction documents, and BNL’s system operational needs. The commissioning process coordinates system documentation, equipment startup, control system calibration, testing and balancing, performance testing, and operator training.

Commissioning contract requirements1
Commissioning Contract Requirements


    • A. BNL will provide overall coordination and management of the commissioning program as specified herein.

    • B. The commissioning team shall be comprised of the following:

      • 1. Contractor: Project Manager and MEP Coordinator.

      • 2. Subcontractors: As required by the prime contractor.

      • 3. Manufacturers’ factory engineers: As specified elsewhere.

      • 4. Test Engineer, contracted by BNL

Commissioning agent
Commissioning Agent

  • BVH Integrated Services

    • Contract Awarded October 2008

    • Commissioning Agent for CFN

  • Scope of Services – Ring Building and LOBs

    • Design Phase

      • Develop Commissioning Plan

      • Review Design

    • Construction Phase

      • Submittal Review

      • Witness Start Up

      • Functional Testing

Commissioning agent continued
Commissioning Agent (continued)

  • Scope of Services Continued

    • Construction Phase

      • Develop Training Manual and Train Staff

      • Review O&M Manuals and Warranties

    • Warranty Period

      • Facilitate Warranty Compliance

      • Near Warranty End Review

Commissioning status
Commissioning Status

  • Commissioning Status

    • Commissioning Plan In place

    • Reviewing Ring Building Submittals and RFIs

    • Monthly Meetings With Torcon

      • Introduction to Torcon and their Subcontractors

      • Reviewed Commissioning Flow Chart

      • Reviewed Commissioning Plan

      • Reviewed Schedule (Identified Inspection and Start-up Dates)

      • Identified Roles and Responsibilities (Support BVH Cx)

      • Discussed BVH Commissioning Portal

      • Building Turn-over

Issues and challenges
Issues and Challenges

  • Focus on as-built drawings for Phase 1

  • Commissioning for Phase 1 includes all utilities

  • Permanent power is 2 weeks behind schedule

  • Operation and Maintenance manuals

  • Develop Training Program (Contractor)

  • Properly schedule startup and commissioning

    • Often compressed as construction nears completion

Path forward
Path Forward

  • Continue monthly reviews of as-built drawings

  • Identify as-builts required for phase 1

  • Contractor needs to get permanent power back on schedule

  • Ramp up commissioning process

  • Identify all commissioning required for Phase 1

  • Start to involve BNL’s F&O for Phase 1

  • Finalize and track Contractor’s startup and commissioning checklist

  • Coordinate commissioning and BORE


  • Project team and contractor recognize importance of quality and timely As-built drawings

  • Implementation of As-built requirements going well

  • Commissioning process entering implementation phase

  • O&M staff will be engaged throughout the process