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Big Health Day

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Big Health Day. Health and Transport: Initiatives in Greater Manchester. Facilitating this morning’s session. David Campbell – GMCVO’s Transport Resource Unit Steve Travis – Transport for Communities and also with us today Hadrian Collier – Programme Manager

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Big Health Day

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big health day

Big Health Day

Health and Transport:

Initiatives in Greater Manchester

facilitating this morning s session
Facilitating this morning’s session
  • David Campbell – GMCVO’s Transport Resource Unit
  • Steve Travis – Transport for Communities

and also with us today

  • Hadrian Collier – Programme Manager

NHS Commissioning Business Service

our background
Our Background
  • David & Steve work with GM Community Transport Forum
  • Umbrella body for the ‘CT’ sector in GM
  • Building a professional, accountable, vibrant CT sector
  • CTs offer local transport, not for profit, for social needs
  • Hadrian Collier - NHS Commissioning Business Service
  • Change / Initiative delivery
  • Trial and roll-out of new Patient Transport Service (PTS) eligibility criteria
health transport in gm
Health & Transport in GM
  • Growing demand and expectation for transport to and from where health services are delivered
  • Related to increasing pressures on NHS
  • Pressure of deficit reduction measures / cuts
  • Changes to how services are delivered leading to changing travel requirements and patterns:
    • Consolidation of a range of services e.g. LIFT centres
    • Centralisation of services e.g maternity, paediatric services
    • Personalisation
    • Future – White Paper / GP-led commissioning
health and transport in gm
Health and Transport in GM
  • Transport (or its absence) can be a barrier to accessing health services for some residents & communities
  • Negative implications for patients and service providers, disproportionately affecting deprived & vulnerable groups
  • We have an understanding of this from the experience of
    • PCTs & Patient Transport Service
    • Transport Authorities
    • POPPs projects
    • Voluntary sector and community organisations
  • Specifics of scale of problem and how it affects specific groups unclear though.
health and transport in gm1
Health and Transport in GM
  • Demand for PTS and inconsistent application of rules
  • Led to incidents where patients whose condition meant PTS vehicle and support from staff was essential
    • Could not access the service.
  • PTS focus on prioritising and making sure those patients get the support they need.
  • Other patients will be guided to alternatives e.g. friends / family cars, taxi, public transport – Community Transport?
  • Existing / conventional transport services may be unable or unwilling to respond
health and transport in gm2
Health and Transport in GM
  • Economic situation and deficit reduction measures placing unprecedented pressure on support and subsidy for transport
  • Especially where it helps provide services for social needs, keeping residents and communities connected to services
  • Alternative approaches including ‘Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) applied and explored as options
  • Range of partners already working together & collaborating to develop ‘integrated social needs transport’ solutions
patient transport service
Patient Transport Service
  • New Eligibility Criteria
  • Are these issues familiar to you?
  • Are you aware of situations where transport (or its absence) acts as a barrier to services for patients?
  • Is this a challenge for your organisation and its services?
  • Can you see how the proposals for new models of health service provision might affect patients’ access to services?
  • Can you see how the new eligibility criteria for PTS might affect patients access to services?
  • Or are these issues not familiar or a priority for you?
  • Are your issues around patients access to services different?
new and alternative approaches
New and Alternative Approaches
  • Community Transport & the GM CT Forum
    • Local operators responsive & flexible
    • Can offer transport for those who don’t need support of PTS vehicle and staff, but is appropriate for them
    • Forum offers structure to facilitate GM-wide working
    • ‘Hospital to Home’, Rochdale
    • Volunteer Car & Driver Schemes
      • Transport for Sick Children (longstanding)
      • Rochdale (generated by POPPs)
new and alternative approaches1
New and Alternative Approaches
  • Integrated Social Needs Transport
    • Collaborative Model
    • Bring together public, voluntary and private sector transport providers
    • IT provides single point of contact across GM and structure for ‘Booking, Scheduling & Dispatch’
    • Needs of user met using the most appropriate transport provider available at the time
    • Passenger is important, not the vehicle or provider
  • ‘Community Cabs’
  • Are you familiar with these initiatives?
  • Are / could these approaches be of value and benefit to the people you support and your organisation?
  • What could be done to promote these schemes?
  • Or should other things be done / are there other priorities to support access to services?
  • Do you have ideas about how these approaches should be refined or modified to provide most benefits to users?
  • Do you have any other ideas of your own?
  • Conclusions
  • What might happen next?
    • (does anyone know - !)
  • Community Transport in GM
    • Next steps.
Thank you

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