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In the name of Allah

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In the name of Allah. The first woman to win the pritzker prize for architecture in its 26 year history. she defines a radically new approach to architecture by creating buildings. She is. Zaha hadid. Zaha Hadid was single-minded from an early age. Born in 1950 in Baghdad.

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She is



The opening words of the citation when ZahaHadid was named as the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize for architecture in 2004 were: “Her architectural career has not been traditional or easy.


The installation is designed as a series of spaces wrapped by a ribbon of fabric which spirals and twists upon itself to create multiple perspectives


The pavilion’s facade is highlighted at the main entrance by elements of the ribbon which welcome visitors into the space and guide them throughout the exhibition


The ribbon connects the different zones of the pavilion – giving each space a distinct identity, yet bringing a unifying formal character to the overall exhibition. It combines ceiling, floor and walls in a spatial continuum to showcase the artefacts


the neutral colors give a sense of purity , cleanliness and neutralityBecause that used neutrality colors background on a large scale because the design of the museumrequires a focus on key elements of the effects of bright colors because most of the statues or imagery in the museum between dark brown to golden color or colors of precious stones orgemstone


Addition, note also the use of some of the darker colors such as color black is the color of a strong and rigid is luxurious and makes us feel heavy and character Royal. So designed and managed the balance between calm and relaxation and balance and stability and a sense of power and dominion


For the lines used, one of the elements of task design used curved lines became all characterized by unity and the use of lines with large curves in the design raises a sense of calm in the soul and the reverse of the use of lines with sharp angles that give a sense of power. is characterized by design with curved lines Balodap and tenderness, forgiveness


The use of designer features and characteristics of the lines during the previous creations raise a lot of meanings, which extends from the sense of stability and balance to the sense of movement and the rush

PROGRAM:Contemporary art and architecture centre, temporary exhibition spacesCLIENT:Italian Ministry of Culture

It is the first Italian public museum devoted to contemporary creativity, arts and architecture.


The idea of building a centre for contemporary arts and architecture dates back to early 1998 with the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage desire to ensure the great cultural traditions of Italy’s past should not be denied a prospect for continuity in the future


the design mix of the concrete, and the critical aspects of laying the concrete.

  • And the walls of the MAXXI were cast on-site in self-compacting concrete, representing one of the most challenging aspects of the construction process – with casts up to 50m long.

The building is consists of highly specialized sports facilities and public spaces, including a café and a viewing terrace.


These different programs are combined into a single new shape, which extends the topography of the slope into the sky


At a length of about 90m and a height of almost 50 m the building is a combination of a tower and a bridge.


Structurally it is divided into the vertical concrete tower and a spatial steel structure, which integrates the ramp and the café. Two elevators bring visitors to the café, 40 m over the peak of the Bergisel Mountain


From here they can enjoy the surrounding alpine landscape as well as watch the athletes below fly above the Innsbruck skyline.


At the end we want to thank our teacher : - Noura we are glad to be your student, a million thanks to you,As you gave us the strength, to make our dreams come true