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The Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre
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The Boston Massacre

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  1. The Boston Massacre

  2. Start Strong • Please pull out your Intolerable Acts key terms worksheet. • Take a few minutes to review your key term/act • Remember…. • you are the expert on this key term /act. You will be responsible for making sure your group understands your key term/ act. • Tonight’s Homework: • Finish the Boston Massacre Primary source worksheet

  3. Key Terms Jigsaw Part 1 Continued • In your groups, each person is an expert on their key term / act • Each expert will take a turn teaching to their group members their key term / act • Each expert is responsible for making sure their group members are knowledgeable and informed about their key term / act

  4. Who is the aggressor? Why?

  5. Who is the aggressor here? Why?

  6. The Undisputed Facts… March 5, 1770. British Private Hugh White stands sentry duty in the snowy, moonlit street before the Custom House. Moments before, he had sent a local boy running off, bruised and crying, after an exchange of words. Now, facing an angry crowd of civilians, White calls for help. Captain Thomas Preston and seven soldiers respond. Bells ring out nearby from the Old Brick Church, normally the town's fire alarm. On the dark street, people are shouting "Where's the fire?" adding to the confusion and tension. At the Custom House the crowd presses in, began to throw ice and rocks, taunting the soldiers, damning them to fire their muskets, knowing that soldiers are forbidden to shoot without orders from a civil magistrate. Private Hugh Montgomery is knocked down, and someone yells "Fire!" The soldiers shoot into the crowd, killing five and wounding six. Source: The Boston HistoricalSociety.

  7. Start Strong • ATT: Thinking about what you have learned so far about the Boston Massacre, in your opinion, what do you think could have really happened? Why? • Tonight’s Homework: • Have a safe Halloween!!!! • Finish Primary Source worksheet

  8. Boston Massacre Primary Source 1 • Read Primary Source #1 • While reading…. • Analyze the document • Circle unknown words • Underline key concepts • With your elbow buddy, answer the questions for Primary Source #1

  9. Boston Massacre Primary Source 2 • Read Primary Source #2 • While reading…. • Analyze the document • Circle unknown words • Underline key concepts • Highlight ideas that are present in both sources • With your elbow buddy, answer the questions for Primary Source #2

  10. Boston Tea Party • Parliament repealed almost all of the Townshend Acts to reduce tensions in the colonies. • Kept tax on Tea • Tea Act: allowed British East India Co. to sell directly to colonists, cheaper than colonial tea • This hurt colonial tea merchants • Sons of Liberty respond by dumping 340 chests of tea into Boston Harbor

  11. Intolerable Acts • Parliament wanted to punish Boston for tea party • Passed a series of laws: Coercive Acts (colonists dubbed Intolerable Acts) • Included: • Boston Harbor closed until tea paid for • Massachusetts charter cancelled • Royal officials accused of crimes sent to Britain for trial • Gen. Thomas Gage  new governor of Mass. • Increased anger @ Britain

  12. Propaganda Project • Propaganda : Message spread widely to help or harm a person, group, nation, or movement

  13. Propaganda Project • Directions: • With your elbow buddy you will create a propaganda poster on one of these Acts/ key term • Sugar Act • Stamp Act • Townshend Acts • Tea Act • Intolerable Acts • Taxation w/o Representation • You can make your propaganda poster from either the Colonist or British point of view • Discuss with your elbow buddy and choose your top three choices (number your choices)