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Wizard of Oz/Populism PowerPoint Presentation
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Wizard of Oz/Populism

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Wizard of Oz/Populism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wizard of Oz/Populism
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  1. Wizard of Oz/Populism Bryson Dearden, Makayla Nielsen, Madison Samuels

  2. Populism 101 • Definition: the political idea that supports the right and privileges of the regular people. • Populists wanted gold and silver to be the standard, so they could print more money. This would help the farmers and regular workers but hurt the large industry owners and the world trade. It would increase inflation but, the inflation wouldn’t affect the regular people. + x16 =

  3. Populism continued • Along with bimetallism populists also wanted: • 8 hour work days • A Federal Loan program • Senators voted in by popular vote • Single terms for Presidents • And restrictions on Immigration.

  4. Silverites and Gold bugs • Silverites wanted silver and gold to be used for representation of paper money. Using gold and silver would enable you to print more money, however it would decrease the value of the dollar. • Gold bugs wanted the gold to stay the standard, most of these people were wealthy and large business owners.

  5. William Jennings Bryan • Bryan was put into the election by all the people who wanted populism and wanted both silver and gold. • Bryan gives the cross of gold speech, where he says “you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.” • The character of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. Mocked for being a coward and indecisive.

  6. William McKinley • McKinley was wanted by all of the wealthy people, and he wanted to keep the gold standard. • When beginning the election McKinley would have people talk for him, he was much wealthier than Bryan which made McKinley more popular. • McKinley wins in 1897 and populism ends.

  7. Wizard of Oz Propaganda • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book was published by a populist named Frank Baum in 1900. • Originally had Silver slippers but was changed in the early 1900 when the movie the Wizard of Oz came out.

  8. Symbolism in Characters • Wizard of Oz: President/Congress. Cant help you. • Dorothy: Naïve, young American. All the people following the road that leads to Oz. • Galinda: Southern electric • Wicked witch, represents the drought. • Tin man: American working class man. • Lion: William Jennings Bryan (mocked for being indecisive and a coward) • Scarecrow: Farmers

  9. Symbolism • Yellow Brick road: Gold Standard • Silver slippers: Silverites created this, believed silver should also be the standard. 16 oz. silver to 1 oz. of gold. • Emerald City: Fraudulent greenback and paper money has no value. • Monkeys: American west, danger or native Americans. “once were free people” • Toto: farmers property • No brain: stuck farmers • Poppies: depression • Surrender: cant pay loans. • Cyclone: political upheaval.

  10. Sources • http://www.helium.com/items/638294-mckinley-vs-bryan-in-the-1896-us-presidential-election • http://www.ithaca.edu/rhp/programs/cmd/blogs/posters_and_election_propaganda/the_wizard_of_oz_and_the_1896_mckinley-bryan_campa/