it s great to work in public power n.
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It’s Great to Work in Public Power! PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s Great to Work in Public Power!

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It’s Great to Work in Public Power! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It’s Great to Work in Public Power!. Insert Utility Logo Here. Long Tradition of Public Power. When you work for a publically-owned electric utility like ours, you become: Part of a long tradition of public power cities and towns in the United States

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long tradition of public power
Long Tradition of Public Power

When you work for a publically-owned electric utility like ours, you become:

  • Part of a long tradition of public power cities and towns in the United States
  • Delivering a vital service to the American economy for more than 130 years.
an american tradition that works
An American Tradition That Works

Public power is a collection of more than 2,000 community-owned electric utilities

  • Serving more than 46 million people
  • Or about 15 percent of the nation’s electricity consumers.
an american tradition that works1
An American Tradition That Works

Some of the largest U.S. cities—Los Angeles, San Antonio, Seattle and Orlando—operate publically-owned electric utilities.

  • But many serve 3,000 or fewer customers.
  • Most owned by cities and towns
  • Some by counties, public utility districts, states.
public service at its finest
Public Service at its Finest

“Public Power” is an expression of the American ideal of local people working together to meet local needs.

When you are a member of the public power family, you join with friends and neighbors

  • to deliver electricity to every home and business 24/7
    • in a safe and responsive manner
    • on a not-for-profit basis
    • while protecting the environment
reporting to citizens not shareholders
Reporting to Citizens, Not Shareholders

Our utility is directly accountable to the people we serve.

  • Managed by local officials who are elected or appointed by citizens of the community.
  • Decisions about pricing, facilities, technology and staffing are made locally
    • By officials holding public meetings and subject to open records laws
    • Not by distant shareholders concerned about earnings projections and profits.

Our priority is enhancing community value.

investing in the future
Investing in The Future

Our public power utility is at the forefront of deploying new:

  • Power supply strategies
  • Electric metering and grid technologies
  • Cyber security systems
  • Renewable energy resources
  • Energy savings programs

We invest in keeping costs low and the power on!

promoting economic development
Promoting Economic Development

Public power is good for business. Utilities like ours:

  • Work tirelessly to keep power on and restore it quickly when outages occur
  • Develop economic incentives and electric service infrastructure to attract employers delivering high-value products and services
  • Support improvements in local facilities, which make it desirable to live and work here.
commitment to excellence
Commitment to Excellence

Through value provided by local control and a commitment to excellence:

  • Public power sets a competitive standard for the entire electric utility industry
  • Focuses on delivering an essential service to meet the changing needs of the community
    • Technologies advance. Economic conditions alter.
    • Through all, public power stands up for the local citizenry.
a rewarding career
A Rewarding Career

It’s exciting to work in public power.

  • We enjoy our role in ensuring the success of this community.
  • You will too.

Public power means:

Community Control

Community Value

Community Spirit


Take pride in being

a public power community.

We take pride in

serving you.