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podcast transcription

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podcast transcription

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  1. Podcasting: The latest craze “Check out my latest podcast”, or “That was an awesome podcast” is how most conversations begin nowadays! If you don’t have a web presence then chances are you are going to stand as a mute spectator as everybody else is engaged in animated conversation about the number of hits their latest podcast has managed to get and how many comments were posted on it. Stand Out From the Crowd As there are millions of podcasts being uploaded every other day, there is a mad scramble amongst pod casters to gain an extra edge over the others. Because after all to stand out from the crowd and being noticed is the hope and dream of everybody! The easiest way of getting noticed is to get your podcast transcribed. Yes, and like all simple things in life video transcription is also grossly overlooked. Transcribing pod casts is not just an advantage BUT essential. How you may want to ask. The simple answer is people react to visuals but more often than not relate to text. It is imbibed in our mental process, to read about something gives added emphasis and also a touch of credibility to the visuals. A text transcript can help in capturing fleeting images into the more concrete text format. Professionals and amateurs across all fields and industries have started uploading a sample of their work on the net to increase visibility and attract potential employers or clients. Photographers, web designers, aspiring film makers and musicians have turned pod casting from a mere entertainment platform to a potential tool for furthering business or professional interests. A text transcript can help your work look more professional and help convey to your employers or customers that you take your work seriously.

  2. And finally Google, the reigning lord of the net kingdom loves text. Google indexes and ranks pages based on keywords and a text transcript can earn you brownie points with Google. It cannot get easier than this right! The only trade off being that you cannot find the time to sit and to transcribe and type out your pod cast and even worse don’t even know how to go about it. Transcriptions services: The way to go! Relax and take a chill pill there are several transcription firms that offer audio to text transcription services of pod casts. Yes, you read that right. But now comes the next big hurdle, how much can you afford to shell out? Thankfully there are transcription firms that work from off shore locations such as India and as the value of the Indian rupee is quite low the transcribing costs are pretty low as well. Most of my friends being avid pod casters recommend Transcriptions services, a well established transcribing concern that specializes in podcast transcription services. To know more about Transcriptions services contact 1-877-323-4707.

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