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How to plan a Playing Card Themed Wedding PowerPoint Presentation
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How to plan a Playing Card Themed Wedding

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How to plan a Playing Card Themed Wedding
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How to plan a Playing Card Themed Wedding

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  1. How to plan a Playing Card Themed Wedding?

  2. If you are fond of playing cards and feel that they can somehow add zing to your wedding, then this idea should be on your mind. • A deck of playing cards can make for an exciting theme for a wedding given the characterization of different cards by use of numbers, symbols, and people of the royal hierarchy. • The king, the queen, the jack, and the others can provide you an immense opportunity to play with the themes. • So, if you want this enthusiastic theme to be the attraction point of your wedding, gear up for preparations and start thinking. • To make things easy for you, we have a list of ideas and suggestions that are shared below.

  3. How to implement? Thinking up an idea is one thing and implementing it is another matter. So, it’s important to decide beforehand how things will go along. First thing up is to decide who will pose as the Jack, the Ace, and the Joker. Persuade you close friends and family members to take up the theme and choose the various characters from the deck of cards. Make them understand that you want your wedding to be unique and fun. Obviously, the King and Queen will be taken up by the couple itself. The numbers from 2 to 10 can be given to kids depending on their age. This will make them extremely happy and being kids they will embrace the idea quickly.

  4. Wedding Invitation Card: A nicely designed box scroll invitations can go a long way in communicating the theme to the invitees. You can use the different shapes like clubs and diamonds for designing the card and also inform of the dress code for the wedding.

  5. Hire a Wedding Planner: • A wedding in itself is a heavy affair and when you are planning something unique the pressure on everyone is sky high. • So, to make life easier for you the best option is to hire a good wedding planner. • Wedding planners will professionally take care of things along with implementing your theme and managing the whole event. • You can even hire an event manager to further ease off the strain of the occasion. • Whomsoever you hire, make sure that you communicate your concept well to the person or agency so that they can convert your idea beautifully into the event.

  6. Wedding Dress: You and your fiancé should dress up as a king and a queen to give the authentic feel to your wedding. This will also give you a very royal feel on your special day. Get a small broach designed with the letters ‘K’ and ‘Q’ embossed and pin them to your attire to make a classy statement. Follow a similar theme for others in the family and friend circle who opt for dressing up like that. Wedding Decor: You can place large sized replicas of playing cards around the venue to immediately communicate the theme to your guests. Make creative use of shapes from cards like spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts in the form of carpets, lamps, balloons to render a picture-perfect venue.

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