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How to plan a Marvelous Medieval Themed Wedding PowerPoint Presentation
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How to plan a Marvelous Medieval Themed Wedding

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How to plan a Marvelous Medieval Themed Wedding
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How to plan a Marvelous Medieval Themed Wedding

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  1. How to plan a Marvelous Medieval Themed Wedding? If you are a fan of all things medieval, then why not have your wedding arranged on theme based around it. With modernization taking over and lifestyle becoming fast paced, often people feel and wish that they were transported back in time when things were more elegant. If you feel that you want to exchange vows with your partner in an old-world style, then the medieval wedding theme is calling for you. So, to make such a wedding possible, we have some pointers for you

  2. Venue: Having an old building surrounded by lush greenery would prove to be the best venue for a medieval wedding as most of them were conducted outside closer to nature. You can find many old buildings in your city and they give a very natural old world feel to the whole environment. If that is not an option, a park with lots of trees and open space can act as a good venue. You can set up a large castle like structure made from artificial items and wood to fill in for the absence of an old building.

  3. Wedding Dress: The wedding attire should be such that it makes the bride and the groom look like a duchess and a duke. The bride can have a brilliant white or supple pink long gown that trails her as she walks. For the groom, tight fitted pants, a pair of knee high boots in shade of brown or black and a white or similarly coloured shirt should look great. Wedding decorations: You can place barrels around the venue on which medieval candles can be placed. This will make the whole ambience authentic and very regal. Old clocks can be hung on the stage that shows the same time. A large bell can be placed nearby which should be then rung at the same time as the all the clocks strike to announce the moment for exchanging vows. This would add a pinch of awe and wonder to the whole wedding.

  4. Wedding invitation card: The exclusive wedding invitation cards should also reek of a medieval era gone by. Have your unique wedding invite decorated with a flower bouquet in the middle with the name of the couple on either side. The backdrop can have images of a stone walled castle with flags billowing. Visit online card store to get huge variety of such card, the best part is that you can also order sample wedding invites.

  5. Wedding Cake: The wedding cake can be heart shaped with one half blue and other half red or white. It can be three tiered and the boundaries can be decorated with flowers and creepers made of fondant. The center should have the name of the bride and the groom in each half. Wedding Menu: Food in a medieval wedding is supposed to be sumptuous and rich. To give a hearty treat to your guests and get their taste buds rolling, prepare a menu that includes a lot of varieties right from appetizers to a rich main course paired with mocktails.

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