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How to organize a Beautiful Moon & Star Themed wedding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to organize a beautiful moon star themed wedding

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How to organize a Beautiful Moon & Star Themed wedding?

The Moon and Star themed wedding will let you live that dream of yours in panache. The great thing is that it won’t require much of a decoration as the colour’s used are minimal giving the whole concept a minimalistic look and feel. To make things easier for you follow these tips.

How to organize a beautiful moon star themed wedding

Pre Wedding photo shoot:

Get some nice props and backgrounds designed by a creative agency or ask the photo studio to arrange that. Convey your theme to them so that they can make arrangements accordingly. Creative captions such as “Written in the stars” or ”Moonstruck by love” can enthrall the audience and add conviction to the wedding theme.

How to organize a beautiful moon star themed wedding

Decorations and lighting:

  • You don’t need any fancy decorations for this one. Just black drapes all around with shiny and glittery stars strewn across the hall will do fine. Just make sure that the ambience exudes the aura of the starry night lit with the moon.

  • You can place candles in jars beneath the stars to create a glow effect all around the chosen venue. The stage and other areas should be decorated with white flowers to accent the theme.

  • Lastly, a seat in the shape of the crescent moon would be the cherry on the cake for you and your other half can bask in the limelight on this special day. Have a professional lighting technician to arrange a swiveling spotlight which follows you two as you enter and take your positions on the stage.

How to organize a beautiful moon star themed wedding

Wedding invitation card:

You laser cut wedding invitations can have gradients of black and blue or white and blue as the background to represent the twilight sky. The center can have a large crescent moon on which the bride and the groom can be shown to be seated.

Rest of the back ground should be adorned with stars of different hues giving the card a very rich feel while staying true to your concept. You can get such unique wedding invitations in online card sores, the best part is that you can order sample wedding invites too.

How to organize a beautiful moon star themed wedding

Wedding cake:

The wedding cake can be multi tiered and in the shape of either the moon or the star. You can ask one of the good bakery shops to make little stars and moon using fondant to make it look delightful and delicious at the same time. The top of the cake should have miniature figurines of the couple.

How to organize a beautiful moon star themed wedding


Since this theme is very light hearted, the music should be rightfully so. Orchestra music will suit this theme the best as the symphonies are exalting and elegant. Hire a good orchestra group to perform on this special occasion. Apart from the orchestra, a little jazz or lounge music can set the bodies moving to the groove.

Wedding Favours:

Star shaped photo frames or pendants with moon and stars embossed on them can turn out to be the ideal return gifts for your guests. These will act as souvenirs that will remind them of the unique and eclectic wedding they were part of for many a years.

How to organize a beautiful moon star themed wedding

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