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Always needed, always there. PowerPoint Presentation
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Always needed, always there.

Always needed, always there.

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Always needed, always there.

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  1. Always needed, always there. SOUTH AFRICAN RED CROSS SOCIETY

  2. Always needed, always there. Background • The principles are SARCS sole purpose is to reduce vulnerability to infectious diseases. SARCS implements HIV and TB programmes since 2002 and MDR TB programmes since 2005. SARCS is an auxiliary to the Health Ministry and provides a supporting role towards gaps in the public medical system. • The South African Red Cross (SARCS), has been involved in the Community Home Based Care Environment . SARCS is providing support and care to clients affected and suffering from TB and AIDS as a part of community health activities. • The control of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis through care and treatment adherence support to most vulnerable patients living with MDR - XDR TB. • Enhance patient support via community outreach

  3. Auxiliary Status: What is it? Resolution 2 of the 30th International Conference: “States and National Societies, the latter as auxiliaries to their public authorities in the humanitarian field, enjoy a specific and distinctive partnership at all levels, entailing mutual responsibilities and benefits, and based on international and national laws, in which the State and the National Society agree on the areas in which the latter supplements or substitutes for public humanitarian services;”

  4. What does that mean? • National Societies support and supplement the public authorities in their humanitarian tasks, including through close coordination, and seriously consider any official requests by the authorities to carry out humanitarian activities within their mandate. • Public authorities ensure that National Societies may operate autonomously and in compliance with the Movement’s Fundamental Principles.

  5. Fundamental Principles • Goals • Humanity • Impartiality • Means • Neutrality • Independence • Methods • Voluntary Service • Unity • Universality

  6. Always needed, always there. Implementation Adopt and integrated approach : Refer Patients to medical facilities for medication. • Reduce default rate and increase adherence • Educate communities on HIV,TB, Drug Resistance TB and adherence to treatment. • Prevent further spread. • Support MDR clinic : data collection, filing, pharmacy support in terms of medication . • Link clinics/Hospitals with community • Decentralisation Model

  7. CCG’s Always needed, always there.

  8. Always needed, always there. PURPOSE • To support a treatment adherence. CD 4 Count • To provide a psychological support. • To raise Hiv,TB and MDR-TB awareness. • To improve a nutritional status of HIV,TB and MDR patients. • To reduce stigma and discrimination. • HIV, TB and MDR TB advocacy and mobilisation of communities

  9. Always needed, always there. The Project targets • Identified High Risk areas and Project operates in areas of high default rate and patient numbers • Patients classified as defaulters • People Living with HIV and AIDS • Drug and alcohol abusers • Problem patients – bed ridden, single mothers, multi children families. • Child Headed Households • Communities affected. • Other stakeholders in community. Tribal Authorities

  10. Always needed, always there. Specific outcomes…. • Increased awareness and knowledge on MDR - XDR TB of patients, family members and community members in targeted areas. • Provided care and treatment adherence support to patients with MDR – XDR TB that are classified as defaulters or patients at a high risk to interrupt the treatment. • Decreased stigma and discrimination against people affected with HIV, MDR - XDR TB. • Enhanced capacity of staff to provide quality care and support at branch level.

  11. Always needed, always there. Networking and Partnership List of stakeholders in partnership with: • EThekwini municipality. • Department of Health(Local clinics, Ethekwini District Health ) • MRC (Medical Research Council). • Operation Sukuma sakhe (war rooms). • Department of agriculture • Department of Social department • Association of the Aged • The Aids and Tuberculosis Association. • IFRC • Eli Lilly/ UWW

  12. Always needed, always there. Increased awareness and knowledge on MDR - XDR TB Ongoing educational awareness campaigns conducted in all project areas includes: • Door to door includes tracing of defaulters • Presentations • Medication. Care, storage. • One on one talks • Education and referral HCT • Alcohol abuse Distributes IEC materials i:e • Pamphlets, • Charts • Flyers Promotion and distribution of condoms

  13. Always needed, always there. Cont.….. Areas targeted includes: • Taxi ranks • Schools • Households • Construction sites • Companies • Faith based Organisations • Informal settlements • Long Distance drivers

  14. Always needed, always there. Provision of care and treatment adherence support to patients • Successful tracing all defaulters • Provision of client transport fund • Accompany patients to health facilities • Support patients during ARV literacy classes • Prepare patients to disclose to families • Teach primary care givers • Distribution of food parcels to beneficiaries

  15. Always needed, always there. Cont.…. • Provision of households chores • Home nursing and DOT support • Psychologist visit to some clients • Ongoing Counselling given to all patients • Referrals for legal documents • Promotion of vegetable gardens to all patients • Some clients received hygiene pack

  16. Key outcomes with Health Centre

  17. Always needed, always there. Reduction of Stigma and discrimination against people affected with MDR - XDR TB. Embarked on various anti stigma campaigns covers • Community awareness campaign • Tackling of misconceptions and myths around TB • Tackling of stigma among family Members • Educating traditional healers on TB • Ongoing education on community Leaders • Distribution of pamphlets Ongoing interventions on Gender based violence among families encompass: • Domestic violence • Women and children rights • Empowerment of Young women

  18. Always needed, always there. Enhanced capacity of staff to provide qualitycare and support Community care givers and facilitators received the following trainings • Home Based care • HIV and AIDs • TB and MDR TB • First Aid level • Direct observed treatment (DOT) • Basic counselling • PSS • Gender based violence • TB/MDR /XDR and HIV and AIDS ( Co infection )

  19. Always needed, always there. Caring of the carers Psychosocial support for Community care Givers and staff includes • Wellness programme • Monthly debriefing sessions with Psychologist • Monthly support meetings with branch manager • Quarterly support meetings with project manager • Support and PSS services to volunteers and staff.

  20. Always needed, always there. Thank you!!!!!