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Viking Raids

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Viking Raids
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Viking Raids

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  1. Viking Raids By: Sebastian Arteaga

  2. I. Introduction The Vikings were people that lived in communities in Norway; they Vikings earned a reputation of raiders and stealers and didn`t earned the reputation they deserved for sailing to America first then Colon and discovering Greenland, and have written the first parliament. were self-sufficient. Almost everything they had was made by themselves: their weapons, clothes and armory. The Vikings were somehow similar to the Saxons. The Vikings they began raiding all over places close to Norway such as England, France and Germany. The Vikings use raids to get resources they didn’t have, buy bacause of their excellent abilities Viking raids were successful at getting resorces they needed.

  3. The Discovery of Greenland A Viking named Eric (Erik) the Red, named after his redish-brownyish beard discovered a place named Greenland. He was an excellent sailor born in 950 AD and died in 1000 AD. According to Encyclopedia Britannica “Erikhimself was banished from Iceland for three years because he had killed a neighbor in a quarrel. During his exile, Erik decided to explore the land to the west. About 100 years before, a mariner named Gunnbjörn Ulfsson had been blown off his course from Norway to Iceland. Sailing back, he had sighted a bleak, snow-covered land. People told tales of his discovery, but no one ventured to explore the unknown territory.”

  4. Major Difficulties The Vikings had a lot of difficulties in there life. they needed to made all there armory when they were going to fight and almost all the time the Viking that fought made his own armory, like the peasants. but they were so good crafting that they could made all their things pretty well done. At first the Vikings were in little communities were it was difficult to survive but they always look to fight because they thought that if they died in a war that was the only way to go to vallhala that was the place were all their gods lived and were Odin ruled.

  5. II. The Begining of Raids The vikings were people that survieved by their own lots of people in that times thought that they were theifs and raiders, and only that. But that people were complealy rong the vikings worked all together in their towns, the viking cities were like the manors, it had a lord and a lot of little houses or places around it. Because the vikings were saw as pirates and raiders in that moments the other contries or cities had them fear; so as a result they needed to be constantly getting food armory and resorce because of this the vikings desided to raid people and get all their belongings. They used their abilities to do it. No one knows who had the idea but it work good and badly.

  6. III Different Types of Raids The Vikings made raids in water and in land. They had lots of advantages in water raiding because they were excelent sailors so it was like a captian of a boat with a crew that knew how to fight vs a not so good captian that had a crew that didn`t know haow to fight really well in water. The Vikings also raid people at land there raids were completly devastating, almost all the time everithing was destroyd and everyone was killedthe vikings. They some like did like a combiend raid using the baot to get to their destiny and did the raid in land.

  7. IV Worthy Uses and Inappropriate Uses of Viking Abilities The Vikings were people that had lots of abilities such as being excellent crafts men and sailors. The Vikings were feared by their enemies because they sacked a lot, in those times sacking was pretty cruel because in that times everything scare a lot. Killing can Also be a bad use, because if a knight or lord was killed or slaved the family now had nothing to do. no one could inherit the lands so the family needed to go to the town to work a lot. It was practically damaging their lives. A worthy use could be farming, or hunting because that produced food and gained necessary things to live with out killing and damaging people life's.

  8. Trading before Raiding The Vikings trade even before they started to raid, the Norse men always looked for goods such as silk, glass, sword quality steel, silver that wasn't used any more so it could be melt down and reused. the Vikings tried to get this spicies in diferent places they search a lot that they got to this places: Britain Caspian Sea, Rusian Rivers, Rome, Baghdad, and probably Africa. Until they realized it was much easier and fun to just go and raid in diferentplaces like england and scandivia, or closer places to Viking territory.

  9. Why Enemies Fear Vikings The enemies of the Vikings fear them a lot because they were raiders and if they went to a raid most of the times all was destroyed and almost everyone killed and if not the survivors were slaved. so the enemies did not wanted to be raided by Vikings. Get all their belongings robbed and lose their life. Some kings paid the Vikings so that the Vikings didn`t raid them. Some French Kings paid the Vikings to prevent the sacking of Paris. In England the kings paid the Vikings silvers that they didn`t raid them this was called Dane tax. This proved that enemy's feared the Vikings.

  10. Weapons Used The Vikings used weapons for all their raids. Usually when They were going to do a raid in the water the Vikings used two boats of about 40-50 people, When they got close enough they pull out there swords, crossbows and spikes and stabbed what they could of the enemy boat. when t hey were raiding at land they used the same weapons. Instead that they also used the axe. some of there weapons were robbed from enemy's either dead or alive. Their weapons were were pretty effective specially the axe in land raiding because it was perfect to destroy things.

  11. Legacy The Vikings were people that liked to tell a lot of stories of adventure while they were sailing. This stories were then called sagas. the Vikings Let a legacy of adventuring to far lands because they put colonies in green land, ice land. They got to America before Colon but they couldn`t set colonies there. the raids let a legacy of death and stealing and bought the Vikings that horrible reputation of killers.

  12. Time Line • 793 Vikings sack the monastery at England • 794 Vikings attack sites in northern Britain • 866 York is captured by a Viking army. • 870 Iceland is colonized by Vikings. • 871 King Ethelred, the West Saxon king, and his brother Alfred, defeat the Viking army at the Battle of Ashdown (in Berkshire). • 876 Vikings from Denmark, Norway and Sweden settle permanently in England. • 886 King Alfred formally agrees a boundary between his kingdom and land ruled by the Viking King Guthrum (an area later called “the Danelaw”).

  13. Time Line • 950 Vikings from Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Hebrides raid Wales, particularly the coastal monasteries. • 980 Vikings settle in Greenland, gided by Erik the red • 982 Erik the Red's father was exiled from Norway for the crime of manslaughter. He sailed West from Norway with his family and settled in Iceland.[3] The Icelanders later sentenced Erik to exile for three years due to "some killings" he committed around the year. • 991 Ethelred try to buy Vikings by giving them large sum of money called Dane Tax • 994 Olaf of Norway and Sven ‘Forkbeard’, son of the Danish king, lead an invading Danish army in an unsuccessful siege of London, and subsequently ravage the south-east. • 1000 The Vikings reach Newfoundland, but they did not go beyond the coastal area and their settlement was short-lived. • 1013 King Sven of Denmark sail up the rivers Humber and Trent to be accepted as king in the Danelaw.

  14. Time Line • 1014 Cnut becomes the leader of the Danes on his father’s death and king of England after the death of Ethelred and his son Edmund Ironside. • 1042 Ethelred’s other son, Edward the Confessor, is invited to return from Normandy as king. • 1066 Harold Godwinson becomes the last Anglo-Saxon king after the death of King Edward. King Harald of Norway invades England and captures York, but is then defeated and killed in the battle of Stamford Bridge. King Harold is defeated by Duke William at the battle of Hastings.

  15. Conclusion The Vikings were not only raiders and stealers, they made other things and well done, and did amazing things such as sailing to America. But they also did horrible things when doing raiding. the Vikings used their abilitys in many diferent ways like raiding, sailing, farming, crafting, building, fishing, fighting, killing, etc. but the Vikings did many diferent things some for bad and some for good. But we will always now that Vikings were very skillful people.

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