Occupational safety ergonomics center spring 2005
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Occupational Safety & Ergonomics Center (Spring 2005) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Occupational Safety & Ergonomics Center (Spring 2005). Industrial & Systems Engineering Department. Occupational Safety & Health. NIOSH / CDC ERC (Education & Research Center) founded in 1981 Joint between AU INSY Engr / UAB Medicine, Nursing, Public Health

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Occupational safety ergonomics center spring 2005

Occupational Safety & Ergonomics Center (Spring 2005)

Industrial &

Systems Engineering


Occupational safety health
Occupational Safety & Health

  • NIOSH / CDC ERC (Education & Research Center) founded in 1981

  • Joint between AU INSY Engr / UAB Medicine, Nursing, Public Health

  • Current annual funding for AU: $232K

Dr. Rob Thomas

Director,Professorof INSY

Dr. Jerry DavisAssistant Professor

Occupational safety health1
Occupational Safety & Health

  • Extended Faculty

    • Robert (Bob) Rummer, PhD, CPE (USFS)

    • David (Dave) Pascoe, PhD (HLHP)

    • Wendi H. Weimer, PhD (HLHP)

    • Troy Blackburn, PhD (HLHP)

    • Bill L. Hopkins, PhD (PSYC)

    • Dick T. Herrick, MD (Private Practice Physician)

    • Lewis Payton, PhD (INSY)

Deep south center
Deep South Center

  • One of 16 national centers supported by CDC/NIOSH

  • Responsible for Occupational Safety and Health training (and research) in the Southeast (AL, MS, TN, GA, KY, SC)

  • Programs

    • Occupational Medicine, Nursing, and Industrial Hygiene (UAB)

    • Occupational Safety & Ergonomics (AU)

  • Benefits

    • National connections and recognition

    • Interdisciplinary training and resources

    • Enhancement of undergraduate instruction

Mission and structure

Mission: high quality graduate education and research in ergonomics, safety and human factors with funding earmarked for US citizens / permanent residents

Structure: graduate students take regular ISE curriculum with electives, site visits, projects and seminars focused on occupational safety and ergonomics. Can get ISE MS, MISE or PhD degrees.

Mission and Structure


Graduated 10 PhD and 40 MS students working for Honda, NASA, Delta Airlines, Penn State, General Motors, UPS, Intel, etc. over past 5 years

Current students:5 PhD & 18 MS (14 on-campus: 9 receiving NIOSH support)


Check out this web site
Check Out this Web Site

  • http://new.blackvoices.com/classified/jobs/bv-career-gmcareers.story

  • Rashawnda Williams, BISE 1999,MISE, 2000, works for General Motors near Detroit and was sponsored for her MISE by the Deep South Center. She was selected as one of five GM interviewees for Black Voices and gives a digital video interview about her educational background and her current position


  • AU Base Budget ($200,000): OS&E, MS & PhD

  • Supplemental Funding ($130,000): PhD only

  • Program changes:

    • Year round funding for doctoral students (on-campus)

    • Summer term “Research Methods” course

    • Closer interdisciplinary ties with UAB

Os e laboratory status
OS&E Laboratory Status

New Equipment

  • Peak Performance Motion Measurement System

  • Electromyography Data Acquisition System

Os e laboratory status1
OS&E Laboratory Status

New Equipment

  • Foot Ground Reaction Force Plate

  • Human Balance Assessment System

Os e laboratory status2
OS&E Laboratory Status

New Equipment

  • Lumbar Motion Monitor

  • Elemental Driving Simulator

Os e laboratory status3
OS&E Laboratory Status

  • Spinal Curvature Measurement Device

Os e research current
OS&E Research (Current)

  • Relevant Factors in Pharmacy Dispensing Errors

  • Egress: Human performance in fire evacuations

  • Manpower/Staffing in Municipal Environments

  • Non-Verbal Communications for Hispanic’s

  • Vibration issues associated with LHF truck drivers

  • Workplace layout and design

  • Balance & Postural issues

  • Sensitivity of Ergonomic Assessment Tools

Os e research current1
OS&E Research (Current)

  • Job Demands and Recuperation Time Required for Nursing Home Personnel

  • Evaluation of Back Postures Experienced by Skidder Operators

  • System Safety Techniques applicable to Forest Harvesting Equipment

  • Factors associated with Patient Handling in Restricted Spaces.

Os e research initiatives
OS&E Research (Initiatives)

  • Inverse Kinematics

  • Relationship Between Task Demands and Spinal Morphology

  • Pattern Recognition of Human Biological Signals

  • Occupational Warning Signs and Displays: Comprehension and Compliance

  • Usability of Static Displays Required by the Physically Challenged