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  1. Kira-Kira Class:112 Group:1 member :李昕、張沛寧、陳冠雅、 黃卓晴、陳永瀚、劉冠廷

  2. Summarizer • The book,kira-kira is about the affection of elder and younger sister. Katie,her sister,Lynn,and her parents move to Chesterfield from Iowa with Uncle Kutsuhisa help.Katie parents close their Asian foods grocery store in Iowa after moving into a small apartment in Chesterfield. In the small apartment live other Japanese families,and they try to save money to purchase a house of their own.Because Katie family not American but Japanese,they to be humbled in the dust.And the small community of Japanese families band together and support one another in their daily lives. Ultimately,when Lynn is fourteen and Katie ten,Lynn dies from lymphoma. But Katie remembers Lynn’s special way of looking at life,at this point the takeshima family almost falls apart. Katie tries to show her parents it is a lot of hope and dazzling-kira-kira-in future.

  3. Organizational Trees • Auntie Fumiko–Uncle←brothers→Mr. Takeshima–Mrs. Takeshima (round (foods grocery→chicken hatchery) women) Katsuhisa (like to talk to anyone) silly Sammy Katie Lynn friend Amber (born in Iowa) (born in 1947) 1951 Love friend Silly Kilgore Joe–Johe A bondondalarama David Daniel (twin) Mrs. Kanagawa (neighbor in Chesterfield, takes care of Sammy ,Katie and Lynn.) Hank Garvin (nice Person and handsome)

  4. Word Watcher • obstinate:unreasonably refusing to change your ideas of behaviour,even though people try to persuade you. • contagious:a disease that is contagious can be passed from person to person by touch. • whisper:a very quiet voice,when you are whispering. • exhilarate:to make some one feel very excited and happy. • alcove:a place in the wall of a room that is built further back than the rest of the wall.

  5. After Reading • 張沛寧:Nothing is more important than your family.Anytime,Anywhere,Anyway,your family is always be with you.They share their happiness and sadness to you,and so do you.Nobody can live without family. • 黃卓晴:I very envy that the attection of older and younger sister.We have to treasure the time when family are together because an addition happens at anytime like Lynn,the character,of the story. • 劉冠廷:I‘m touched by the love between Lynn and her family.This story makes me know the importance of family.I will value my family and the love of family.

  6. After reading • 陳永瀚:I think that the love between the sisters is so impressive.And the difficulties they deal with make me think of my younger sister,she is like Katie.Always help me when I meet trouble,always think of me,always give me advices.I will be more thankful with her. • 李昕:After I read this book.I realized that we can choose our style of life after our family left.They left memory,and their wisdom,revelation to us,that’s the most precious. • 陳冠雅:Although the end is let me sad,I think a lot about it.The affection of elder and younger sisters is let me envy.

  7. Adapted ending • It is said that the ending is Lynn is died because of the cancer. • But I don't think so. • This is the ending which I think is perfect.

  8. Content • I think Lynn wasn't died, she just fainted and when she was sent to the hospital, the silly doctor mistake she for the other girl who had cancer. • When Katie get the body-inspected report, she is so sad and sent her to the coffin without check her breathing.

  9. Image of my story • Lynn was scared when she revived and found that she was penned in a coffin, she try to yell. • Outside the coffin was Katie who prayed for her, she was scared by Lynn's scream and be sent to hospital.

  10. Miserable ending • Though the silly do his best to treat but he is a silly doctor. • So Katie was died from too much scare and Lynn was alive.

  11. Work Assign • Summarizer:陳冠雅 • Organizational Trees:李昕 • Word Watcher:黃卓晴 • After Reading:全組成員 • Adapted ending:陳永瀚 • Content:陳永瀚 • Image of my story:陳永瀚 • Miserable ending:陳永瀚 • Report:張沛寧 • PPT:劉冠廷、陳永瀚

  12. Thank ForWatching