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Academic Writing Conventions

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Academic Writing Conventions. FV11A8900 AWE. What makes academic writing Academic writing?. Compare. The scale of the 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was almost unprecedented. In areas with the maximum

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The scale of the 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was almost unprecedented. In areas with the maximum

tsunami intensity, little could have prevented catastrophic coastal destruction. Further away, however, areas with

coastal tree vegetation were markedly less damaged than areas without. Mangrove forests are the most important

coastal tree vegetation in the area and are one of the world’s most threatened tropical ecosystems.(1).

Measurement of wave forces and modelling of fluid dynamics suggest that tree vegetation may shield coastlines from

tsunami damage by reducing wave amplitude and energy (2). Analytical models show that 30 trees per 100 m2 in a

100-m wide belt may reduce the maximum tsunami flow pressure by more than 90% (3). Empirical and fieldbased

evidence is limited, however.

The Asian Tsunami: A Protective Role for Coastal Vegetation

The village was badly damaged by the Indian Ocean tsunamiIt is a slow process, fixing the damage on the boats.

Here in Hambantota, they are lined up at a makeshift yard where houses once stood.

This is a Muslim community, and for generations has relied on fishing to earn a living. But with the government banning

any rebuilding close to the shore and plans to relocate the town inland, they say their way of life is under threat.

Idris Zaid watches as the men mend their boats - his has been washed away. He clutches a plastic bag. He has just

bought some nylon string as tackle. He refuses to move from the shore, saying it is the only place he can rebuild his

life. He says the government wants to shift Muslims. "The government should have asked the people 'where you want

to go and live?'. Rather than asking, they have made up plans and are going to start building houses [inland].”

Disquiet over Sri Lanka town plan By Dumeetha Luthra BBC News, Hambantota, Sri Lanka

top 10 academic writing tips 1 2
Top 10 ’academic’ writing tips 1/2
  • Avoid contractions
  • Use more formal negative forms.
  • Limit the use of and so forth and etc.
  • Avoid addressing the reader as you (unless it is a textbook or instructional material).
  • Avoid using direct (rhetoriccal) questions.
top 10 continued 2 2
Top 10 continued 2/2
  • Place adverbs within the verb.
  • Aim for an efficient use of words.
  • The use of I or we
  • Active and passive voice
  • Avoid jargon unless the text is ONLY for experts in your field.
vocabulary shift
Vocabulary shift
  • Verbs:
    • phrasal verbs (verb + preposition) latinate (single verb)

Come up with proof  offer proof

    • Weak vs. strong
      • This has a tendancy to  this tends to …
vocab shift con t
Vocab shift con’t
  • Nouns/adjectives (adverbs)
    • Moreformalvarients

Crash test dummies are really important for automotive crash tests.

Vs.Crash test dummies are an integral part ofautomotive crash tests.

want more info
Want more info?
  • AWE website: style section
  • Purdue University’s online writing lab (OWL)
  • UniSA Unit on Teaching and Learning
  • Academic Word List