photogrammetric remote sensing n.
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Photogrammetric Remotesensing PowerPoint Presentation
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Photogrammetric Remotesensing

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Photogrammetric Remotesensing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs.The output of photogrammetry is typically a map, drawing or a 3d model of some real-world object or scene. SBLGEOMATICS assures solutions for all standard tasks in a digital photogrammetry and remote sensing services that range from aerial triangulation, DEM/DTM generation and stereo compilation to classification and change detection studies.

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Photogrammetric Remotesensing

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photogrammetric remote sensing
Photogrammetric Remote Sensing

Orthophoto generation

aerial triangulation in photogrammetry
Aerial Triangulation in Photogrammetry

Aerial photogrammetryis a technique for creating two dimensional (2D) or three dimensional (3D) models from high points. The images used in aerial photogrammetry are usually taken by using cameras which are placed on the underside of aircrafts. In this techniques tow or more photos of same areas with different angles are used. Aerial triangulation is the technique used here. It is mostly used in topographical mapping

orthophoto generation
Orthophoto Generation

Orthorectification transforms the central projection of the photograph into an orthogonal view of the ground, thereby removing the distorting effects of tilt and terrain relief. The by-product of orthorectification process is orthoimage or orthophotos.

color infrared orthophoto
Color Infrared Orthophoto

The photographs obtained from color infrared aerial photography film is called Color Infrared orthophoto ( CIR ). It is commonly used used to study vegetation coverage, crop coverage, forest plantation studies, forest landuse etc mainly recording the chlorophyl content and in some of the GIS applications.


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