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ADOC 2.0 WEEK 2009. ICT Policy and ADOC Center In Peru. VIETNAM. PAPUA NEW GUINEA. INDONESIA. CHILE. PHILIPPINES. PERU. THAILAND. MEXICO. PERÚ OCTOBER 2009. Content. 1.Government Policy On ICT 2.ADOC Center in Peru 3.Successful Stories 4.Future Perspectives of ADOC Center

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ADOC 2.0 WEEK 2009

ICT Policy and ADOC Center In Peru









    • PERÚ
  • OCTOBER 2009

1.Government Policy On ICT

2.ADOC Center in Peru

3.Successful Stories

4.Future Perspectives of ADOC Center

5.ADOC Projects

1 government policy on ict

1.Government Policy On ICT

The Peruvian state has set standards to encourage the development of ICT through the "National Office of Electronic Government and Information Technology" and has projects in information technology, developing the Information Society in Peru, Informatic norms, research on application and use of ICT’s. Among the most outstanding actions in public institutions are:

Facilities to citizens for doing paperwork, access to state entities into a single portal

Legislation of telecommunications and ICT’s, use of digital signatures and online payments

National Register of the citizen - National Registry of Identification and Civil Status – RENIEC

Government Policy On ICT

Provision of software and Lap tops to teachers and school students - Education Ministry

ElectronicBilling - National Tax Administration Office - SUNAT

EXPORTA FACIL site processed for exports online - The Post Services of Peru, National Tax Administration Office, Commission on the Promotion of Peru for Export And Tourism – PROMPERU, Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry, Economy and Finance Ministry, External Affair Ministry

Government Policy On ICT


Government Policy On ICT

Foreign Trade Single Window - VUCE - Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry, Ministry of Production, National Tax Administration Office, National Agrarian Health Service of Peru, National Institute of Natural Resources, Transport and Communications Ministry

Integrated Information System for Foreign Trade; SIICEX - PROMPERU


2. ADOC Center in PERÚ

  • The purpose of the ADOC - PROMPERU is to increase the capacity of entrepreneurs, exporters and potential exporters through the (E-COMERCE CENTER – Arequipa; and DIGITAL OPPORTUNITY CENTER – Lima)
according to the ADOC project purpose, transform the digital divide into a digital opportunity, offering services through the Web with sites such asPLANEX, EXPORTA FACIL, SIICEX

ADOC Center in PERÚ


ADOC Center in PERÚ

  • Goals under the National Development Plan related to government priorities based on the use of ADOC.
    • Promoting access, knowledge and confidence in E - Commerce improving the access for the public media with diffusion and training. ADOC trainings.
    • Facilities for the export and productive chains sector, trough E – Commerce

ADOC Center in PERÚ

The trainings are designed to provide tools that allow entrepreneurs to improve their business management skills, knowledge and use of ICT. For this purpose we used different topics that enable to accomplish sustainable business. 725 Managers, 143 Institutions and 206 another participants)


ADOC Center in PERÚ

  • The office located in Arequipa, has 4 years working time that let us identify strengths and areas with potential in the region, enterprises of our priority sectors (Agro and Textile) as well as their management and production ability , this has determined the type of training given in the ADOC, trying basic issues related to foreign trade, E - Business, E - marketing, etc.
We had difficulties finding trainers for E – Business, then we had the support of the ADOC Secretariat, who supported us twice with expert trainers from Taiwan.

ADOC Center in PERÚ

In the next stage we will support companies with the development and improvement of their websites, not only as showcases, but as a possibility to generate business and provide services to their customers, in addition to monitor tools for managing the company in the future as management tools with the objective to get the Balanced Score Card and CMR.

ADOC Center in PERÚ

As successful stories of trainees cases, we can mention the ADOC AWARD 2008; 02 Winning companies of the region :

First award: Trip to Taipei


Third award: LCD, POPEX

3.Successful Stories


4.Future Perspectives of ADOC Center

  • The future plan of the ADOC Center
    • Growth of ADOC (PC) and demand of entrepreneurs and exporters.
    • Support services from PROMPERU ADOC server to achieve BSC.
  • Future digital opportunities for the trainees
    • Development tools such as web site, virtual catalogs and tools to apply B2B, B2C,B2G, CMR. BSC.
Possible difficulties that ADOC center might have in the future

Lack of support and specialized trainers, which can be filled with training conducted by Videoconferencing System ADOC Secretariat.

Future Perspectives of ADOC Center


Trainer’s Training Program (60 Peruvian Companies)

Workshop time: 30 hours

ADOC Award: 40 participants

Workshops: 166

Attendants: 2,000

ADOC Chiclayo


ADOC Arequipa

5. ADOC Projects


Ignacio Rivera Castillo

Centro de Promoción Empresarial

Macro Región Sur Oeste


Arequipa Perú