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SuperGroups. Getting more from Consumer Groups. © BWC Ltd Quantum Steps. QS - Bespoke Consumer Groups. 1) Breakthrough SuperGroups Genuinely new insight Genuinely new learning Client participation at all levels Maximum internal ‘buy in’ Cultural enrolment strategy.

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Getting more from Consumer Groups

© BWC Ltd Quantum Steps

qs bespoke consumer groups
QS - Bespoke Consumer Groups

1) Breakthrough SuperGroups

  • Genuinely new insight
  • Genuinely new learning
  • Client participation at all levels
  • Maximum internal ‘buy in’
  • Cultural enrolment strategy
three breakthrough supergroups bupa ba and visa
Three Breakthrough SuperGroups BUPA, BA and Visa

Bespoke events like these generate new learning as people discover together and then share their new learning about themselves. This provides rich and insightful material to put into depth analysis.

generating insight
Generating Insight.

At QS we define insight as “High impact new learning.” It begins with an impact that is usually beyond our ability to put into words what it means. The first step is to run a group that is designed to expose insightful moments.

We do this in an encounter called a Breakthrough SuperGroup. In the group we use a variety of techniques that give people the opportunity to learn about themselves and then share that learning without shame.

This requires a high level of safety that is usually only found in therapeutic groups - this is what we achieve.

Humans generally try to explain insightful impact away as quickly as possible. They do this by hurriedly fitting it into what they already know. We at QS resist this - we leave high impact alone for its meaning to emerge.

The question “why” is an insight killer.

generating insight5

The question “why” is an insight killer!

Generating Insight.

Notice how you are probably already asking “why” in response to that last statement.

We will ask you to leave “why” out completely and just notice and make mental note of anything that has impact on you without “why-ing” them.

The team will reconvene for a half day to pool these insightful moments a few days after the Breakthrough SuperGroup to pool and examine what happened.

what insight will do
What Insight will do….

True insight changes the way we see everything. This is a problem to brands because it all too often highlights limitations in Brand perception from the inside - i.e. we see our brands from the inside in a significantly different way to our consumers. In the same way that we as consumers (we are all consumers by the way) become habituated to a relationship with status quo, brands do too.

Real Insights are almost always inconvenient - they call for something significantly new to happen as a response.They take time to incubate into useable learning - and this is rarely available in other more traditional research methodologies.

The team (as many as can make it) will reconvene for a half day to pool these insightful moments a few days after the SuperGroup in an ‘Insight Session’.

After that we will take all the outputs into Depth Analysis - the results of which we will debrief about three to four weeks later.

our guests will be the most educated experts in the world
Our guests will be the most educated experts in the world.

Having invested time, energy and money in our consumers on the Breakthrough SuperGroup day it is advisable to capitalise on the investment- by this time they will be amongst the most expert in the world.

After a period of creative response to the Insights from the work, in all likelihood there will be a number of strands of development that we will want to check out with them for integrity, relevance, appeal etc

We reconvene all or a selection of our guests from the original Breakthrough SuperGroup to encounter whatever concepts have emerged and to work creatively with them to strengthen them in an Evaluative SuperGroup.

qs bespoke consumer groups8
QS - Bespoke Consumer Groups

2) Evaluative SuperGroups

  • Deeper and more detailed consumer engagement
  • Depth psychology in process and analysis
  • High consumer and client participation
  • Maximum internal ‘buy in’
  • Enduring results
evaluative supergroups
Evaluative SuperGroups

This methodology allows respondents to create a high level of safety with each other, fully immerse themselves in the category and its life relevance to them before encountering concepts / products / communication in a prepared state (achieved through Experiential Visualisation).

They get to score and respond individually to what they encounter without the influence of others’ opinions and reactions before working in groups to pool their responses, identifying themes and hierarchies for us.

From here they can work on the concepts they have encountered in any way we require - cross fertilising, strengthening, reinventing.

The outputs from this work are then taken away and cross-referred with the analysis from the original Breakthrough SuperGroup.

why change the industry standard
Why change the Industry Standard?
  • Standard research brings people to concepts and products cold.
    • High on relevant content
    • Low on relevant context
  • Group psychodynamics create the most powerful context
    • being with strangers,
    • no privacy
    • the need to answer,
    • the shortness of time,
    • their familiarity/unfamiliarity with the format,
    • the environment (mirror, proximity to each other with no gradients of intimacy, moderator etc).
conflicting contexts
Conflicting contexts
  • Out of context questions rely on Sense Memory
    • Memory is creative and happens now
    • Requires skill
    • Accuracy requires comfort with answers
    • Requires ability to self-reveal with honesty
    • Needs sense catalysts
nothing at stake
Nothing at stake.
  • Two hour tolerance
  • Incentive driven attendance
  • Alcohol
  • Back to life with no follow up
the solution a re weighted process
The solution – a re-weighted process
  • A re-weighted process to achieve significantly more reliable results.
  • Blending the ‘cold’ encounter with concepts with an experientially relevant context.
  • Careful immersion of respondents prior to their encounter into the life-category of the material we want to evaluate.
  • Privacy while the encounter their responses and record them - lack of peer influence.
  • Concept, brand and or product strengthening by educated consumers
  • Group activities that lead to respondent presentations and fully harness consumer creativity.
why have the respondents present their findings
Why have the respondents present their findings?
  • Professor Bruce Tuckman of Ohio State University


    • increases motivation in groups
    • Increases involvement
    • Increases productivity
    • Increases commitment to required quality
the benefits
The benefits

Everything you expect and rely on from the standard Focus Group


  • Respondent engagement increased
  • Sensitised to the subject for research
  • Committed to accuracy of their responses
  • Room to be different even for the shy and less confident
as well as
As well as
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Bank of Ireland Lifetime Assurance
  • AMP Australia
  • Granada Group
  • Box Clever
  • Carphone Warehouse
  • FutureBrand
  • Crowne Plaza


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