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Types of Leads. Summary Lead. Provides a summary of what the article Is about 1-2 concise sentences. Conveys information quickly. Does not go into much detail Answers the 5 W ’ s and How. Summary Example.

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Summary lead
Summary Lead

  • Provides a summary of what the article

  • Is about 1-2 concise sentences.

  • Conveys information quickly.

  • Does not go into much detail

  • Answers the 5 W’s and How.

Summary example
Summary Example

  • Chicago students will soon be able to study math and physics by playing video games - - that’s the idea behind an online education project coming to classrooms this fall.

Another example
Another Example

  • Goshen High School is undergoing major changes for the 2012-2013 school year due to vast employment changes amongst high ranking administrative officials including the superintendent, principal, and assistant principal.

  • Can you find a summary lead in your papers?

Anecdotal lead
Anecdotal Lead

  • A lot like a story

  • Engages the reader emotionally

  • Illustrates a story or small portion of the larger article

  • Impacts the reader

  • Uses humor or an interesting incident about a person.

Anecdotal example
Anecdotal Example

  • 32 year old Math teacher, Ms. Sharpee walked into an empty classroom. It was 9am on Saturday morning and Ms. Sharpee was preparing to meet a select group of math students to compete at a mathlete competition.

  • Can you find an anecdotal lead in your papers?

Contrast lead
Contrast Lead

  • Typically written in 2 parallel paragraphs

  • One paragraph states the “before,” and the other the “after.”

  • Could also contrast size, age, intensity etc…

Contrast example
Contrast Example

  • Last summer, students aged 7-13 spent an average of seven hours a week playing video games in shopping arcades or on home computers.

  • But this fall, those same students may spend twice that much time playing video games that teach English and Physics.

Another example1
Another Example

  • Yesterday, the trees in Wilderness Park were green and luscious, today they’re black and crispy.

  • Can you find contrast examples in your papers?


  • A series of rapid words

  • Create a visual of a scene or incident

  • The words create a context but do not create the meaning of the article.

Staccato examples
Staccato Examples

  • Hawaiian T-shirts, flip-flops, tank tops, tie?

  • Square roots. Common denominators. Quotients and remainders.

  • Yellow tape. Flashing Lights. Concerned Eyes.

  • Can you find any examples of Staccato in your papers?

Quote lead
Quote Lead

  • Not from a famous person, but from someone involved with the case or an expert on the topic.

  • Someone said something AWESOME!

  • Note – the quote HAS to be GREAT to draw in a reader, a sub par quote will not keep your audience.

Quote examples
Quote Examples

  • “Dying is beautiful,” Lyn Helton confided to her tape recorder.

  • “It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen!” proclaimed Mike Chasley as he watched the lights fade from the sky.

  • Can you find quote examples in your papers?

Question lead
Question Lead?

  • Be careful you don’t sound like an advertisement!

  • “Have you ever wondered why the last dentist never recommends Trident?” sounds a lot like you are about to write a commercial.

Question examples
Question Examples

  • Chew Gum? Dentists are currently in conversation about Trident gum and how it affects your teeth.

  • Are iPads taking over? A new report indicates iPads are selling faster than computers and at a higher value.

  • Can you find a question example in your papers?