structural geology n.
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Structural Geology

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Structural Geology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Structural Geology. TECTONICS The Mechanics of the Earth Revealed by the Geology - Frédéric Flerit. Our aim. we study the DEFORMATION of the Earth . before After. and we study the E V O L U T I O N of the deformation. how long ? rates.

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Structural Geology

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structural geology

Structural Geology


The Mechanics of the Earth

Revealed by the Geology


Frédéric Flerit

1 the earth
1) The Earth

Gravity + Rotation => Ellipsoid

2 the mantle
2) The Mantle

Convection => Plate Motion

3 the lithosphere
3) The Lithosphere



Intra-plate deformation => Orogenic belts

4 the crust
4) The Crust

Deformation produced by similar events…

the deformation processes several objects and scales

The Deformation Processes several objects and scales

Rocks 1 m

Crust 10 km

Lithosphere 100 km

Mantle 1000 km

Earth 40.000 km

after thousand earthquakes
After thousand earthquakes…

Holocene scarp, west side of Mankhan Valley

and several time scales

And Several TIME scales

Earthquakes 1 s

Two successive Earthquakes (Inter-seismic) 100-1kyr

Landscape evolution 10 kyr

Geology 1-1k Ma

1 we observe the structures geology geomorphology
1 ) We Observe the structures(geology geomorphology)

Field : rocks

Field : morphology



1 we observe active deformation
1) We observe active deformation





2 we map
2) We Map




Mathematics : Geometry

2 and we measure
2) And we Measure

Holocene offsets of river beds

3 to explain the observations

- 10k yrs

(3) To Explainthe observations


Physics :

Block motion




Modele pour la deformation du Tibet


At several scales

Carte tectonique Himalaya-Tibet



  • Observe < Earth Sciences
  • Measure < Mathematics
  • Explain < Physics
the math recquired to attend the course i ii
The Math. recquired to attend the Course (I II) :

- Geometry 3D (dot and scalar product)

  • Matrixes, Tensors, vectors
  • Projections,
  • Motion and combinaison of motion (translation rotation)
  • Integration, derivation
  • Trigonometry

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Observe the Surfaces of the Earth


Geomorphology (river bed, moraines…)

Seismic (reflexion, refraction)

Measure its Evolution

Geodesy (GPS, Leveling, triangulation…)

Seismology (tomography, focal mechanism, magnitude and locations)