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Role of MTS at Administrative offices

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Role of MTS at Administrative offices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Role of MTS at Administrative offices. Tell me what are all branches in CO/RO/DO/PTC Who are the Incharge of these branches / departments / sections Who receives the Dak & mark the daily dak What is your first duty on reaching office & after signing the attendance register?

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Role of MTS at Administrative offices

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role of mts at administrative offices
Role of MTS at Administrative offices
  • Tell me what are all branches in CO/RO/DO/PTC
  • Who are the Incharge of these branches / departments / sections
  • Who receives the Dak & mark the daily dak
  • What is your first duty on reaching office & after signing the attendance register?
  • Do you feel that you do your this duty?
role of mts at administrative offices1
Role of MTS at Administrative offices
  • Opening of ordinary Dak
  • Stamping of all Dak
  • Put up the all Dak to ASPO/SSPO
  • Transfer the Dak to inward clerk
  • Distribution of Dak to all office assistants
  • Transfer the files from concern clerk to ASPOS / SSPOs
  • Return the files to concern clerk
role of mts attached to the at divisional offices
Role of MTS attached to the at divisional offices
  • Help to dispatch clerks in dispatch
  • Dusting of office and furtinaturs
  • Operation of Zerox machine/Duplicating machine
  • Attend the SSPOs/ASPOs as and when called
  • Sealing of mails
  • Divisional office is the administrative office of the Superintendent/Sr. Superintendent of Post Offices
  • Controls the Postal operations of the Postal Division
  • The head of the division is assisted by supervising officers and office assistants in administering the division
list of branches in d o
List of branches in D.O
  • Establishment – A branch
  • Staff branch – B1 and B2
  • Buildings – D
  • Accounts – E
  • Investigation – F
  • Complaints
  • Mails – G
  • Inspection
  • Stock – J
  • Miscellaneous – L
  • Despatch
  • PMU
supervising officers
Supervising officers
  • ASP(HQ) –
    • supervises all branches except G, L, IR, F
    • General office management
  • ASP(R) or DO
    • Supervises Mails, Miscellaneous, IR and Investigation branches
    • Passes bills to the extent delegated
    • Conducts inspections and visits as planned
  • IPO(Complaints)
    • In charge of the complaints branch
    • First level supervision of investigation branch
  • Maintenance of establishment register for all posts
  • Periodical review of establishment
  • Review of temporary posts
  • MDW approval
  • Abolition and creation processing
  • Processing of relocation, retention, upgradation and down-gradation cases
  • Change of account jurisdiction
  • Review of the allowances of GraminDakSevaks
  • Licensing of franchisee POs
  • Grant of Cycle allowance, treasury allowance and cash handling allowance
  • Change of jurisdiction of subdivisions
staff branches
Staff branches
  • We have two branches
    • Staff 1 or B1 – Handles all staff matters up to the level of PA
    • Staff 2 or B2 – Handles all staff matters pertaining to the following cadre
      • Postmen and Multi skilled employees
      • GrameenDakSevaks
staff 1 or b1
Staff 1 or B1
  • Maintains the personal files of
    • SSP/SP, ASPs, Inspectors and other supervisory and clerical staff
    • Processes leave application of these cadres and issues leave memo
  • Maintenance of rosters
  • Maintains Gradation list of the division for the divisional cadre up to PA
  • Processes the recruitment of PAs and calculates vacancies thereof
  • Processes the transfers of divisional cadre staff
  • Processes the retirement cases – voluntary and superannuation
  • Processing Rule 38 cases
  • Processes resignation
  • Processes promotion and co-ordinates DPC
  • Processes treasurer appointments and follows up securing FG bond
  • Processes small family norm cases
  • Processes review of service of officials completing 50 years of age and 30 years of service
staff 2 or b2
Staff 2 or B2
  • Maintains gradation list of Postmen & MTS
  • Maintains seniority list of GDS
  • Maintains roster
  • Processes the leave applications of Grameendaksevaks beyond the sanctioning limits of sub appointing authorities
  • Processes the recruitment of Grameendaksevak BPMs
  • Processes the retirement of GDS and payment of severance benefits
  • Assists the divisional head in conducting various examinations
buildings d branch
Buildings (D) branch
  • Takes care of the premises occupied by Departmental Post Offices as well as quarters in the division
  • Periodical maintenance of departmental buildings and quarters through civil & electrical wing
  • Processes allotment of staff quarters
  • Maintaining register of rented and departmental buildings
  • Periodical follow up of expiry of lease of rented buildings
  • Processes FRAC cases
  • Follows up the security of departmental sites
  • Submits the relevant report and statements to RO/CO
  • Verifies the NPC bills relating to buildings
  • Follows up court cases relating to lease, encroachment etc.,
accountant e
Accountant - E
  • Control over expenditure
  • Maintains budget statements
  • Processing of claims – TA, LTC (permission also), ROMC, OTA, honoraria and incentives
  • Attends to audit inspections and submits compliance to AIR
  • Processes pension cases
  • Countersignature of NPC bills
  • Conducting Pension Adalat and follow up of issues
fraud f
Fraud (F)
  • Maintenance of fraud and loss register
  • Maintenance of Punishment register
  • Maintenance of suspension and POD register and periodical review of the cases
  • Monitoring of Investigation and past work verification in fraud cases
  • Settlement of claims of defrauded customers
  • Follow up of fraud and loss cases till all aspects are closed
  • Processing major and minor penalty proceedings and inquiries
  • Processing appeals and petitions
  • Follow up of criminal cases
  • Submission of statements to RO/CO on all the activities
  • Assists in preparing DLI in major fraud cases where Divisional level investigation is taken up
  • Assisting CLI in major fraud cases and submission of compliance report
  • Review of monthly statement of money orders verified by sub divisional heads and mail overseers
mails g
  • Maintenance and updating of Register of Lines and stages
  • Issue of DMSL and NHB
  • Maintenance of updated village sorting list
  • Maintenance of MMS vehicles
  • Follow up of contractual MMS mail contracts
  • Payment of mail subsidies
  • Monitoring mail lines and mail flow
  • Mail arrangements
ir branch
IR Branch
  • Approval of inspection programs
  • Maintenance of inspection register and follow up of the programs
  • Review of IRs and follow up of compliance
  • Follow up of diaries of inspecting officers
  • Issue of MABs and CMAB
  • Follow up of ECB and SMR
  • Official language implementation
stock j
  • Maintenance of stock and stock register
  • Local purchase and supply of sundry items
  • Asset register updation
  • Inspection vehicle – maintenance, consumables
  • Disposal of old records and scraps
  • Welfare activities – Recreation club
miscellaneous l
  • Attending to issues relating to SB/SC transactions
  • All miscellaneous references
  • Franking machine licensing and renewal
  • Maintenance of register of claims and settlement
  • Monitoring settlement of claims by sanctioning authorities
  • Monitoring CBS preparation
business development
Business development
  • Monitoring implementation of guidelines
  • Follow up of achievement of targets on BD products
  • Submission of periodic statements
technology branch
Technology branch
  • Maintenance of technology infrastructure
  • Follow up of AMC
  • Supply of consumables
  • Follow up of technology implementation
  • Follow up of continuity of operations
complaints branch
Complaints branch
  • Registering and settlement of complaints
  • Preparing defence and follow up of cases before consumer fora
  • Processing RTI cases
  • Submission of statements and reports
  • Processing Dakadalat cases
  • Processing applications for acceptance of proposals
  • Processing loans
  • Processing revival of lapsed policies
  • Acceptance of proposals
  • Sanctioning of loans and revivals
  • Processing maturity cases
  • Processing claims
pmu branch
PMU branch
  • Interface with PMU at the RO
  • Monitoring MIS of e-enabled services
    • R-Net, e-Payment, e-MO, Speednet, Accounts MIS, UIDAI performance
  • Monitoring project arrow MIS and submission of files
  • Monitoring CBS preparation
  • Monitoring speed post MIS and MNOP KPIs
role of mts attached to the at divisional offices1
Role of MTS attached to the at divisional offices
  • Helping the clerks in preparing & submission of following periodical statements
  • See the various periodical statements viz. routine statements such as absentee statement – in the reading material given
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