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Radiology Package 24

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Radiology Package 24
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  1. Radiology Package 24 Developmental

  2. 4-month old Labrador Retriever

  3. 4-month old Labrador Retriever • RF • There is a mild degree of soft tissue swelling. • In the distal radial and ulnar metaphyseal regions of both forelimbs is an irregular radiolucent line just proximal to the distal physis. • A region of sclerosis is noted proximal and distal to the radiolucent zone. • Slight flaring of the distal metaphyseal region of both radii is present. • There is a faint radiolucent zone or line present in the proximal metaphyseal region of the right radius with a mild degree of sclerosis and perhaps the left radius. • A similar radiolucent zone is also present in the distal metaphyseal region of the 2nd and 5th metacarpals of the right metacarpus. • RD • Hypertrophic osteodystrophy

  4. 9-month old F Pomeranian • Hx: Left rear limb lameness for several months duration. Painful with manipulation of hip joint.

  5. 9-month old F Pomeranian • RF • Soft tissue atrophy, left thigh muscles • Increased joint space width, left coxofemoral joint. • Misshapen left femoral head with multiple radiolucent areas. • Sclerosis and thickening of the left femoral head. • Remodeling of the cranial and caudal aspects of the left dorsal acetabulum. • RD • Legg Calve Perthes’ disease • Next • Femoral head and neck excision

  6. 5-month old Saint Bernard“Zeke” • Hx: Presented for evaluation of a right fore lameness. There is crepitus of the right elbow joint. Radiographs of the right elbow show deformity of the joint and secondary DJD. It is suspected that a fracture occurred in the elbow and healed in mal-alignment.

  7. 5-month old Saint Bernard“Zeke” • RF • The distal radii are normal in appearance. • The increase in metaphyseal opacity of the distal radii and distal ulnas is normal for the age of the patient. • In both distal ulnas there is a flame-shaped area of lucency extending from the distal physis into the metaphyseal region of the bone. • RD • Retained cartilage core

  8. 6-month Cairn Terrier“Chloe” • Hx: Presented for evaluation of thickening of the mandibular area. She is reluctant to eat and lethargic. The left antebrachium is markedly thickened and painful to palpation. Films are provided from August and November. November August

  9. November August

  10. 6-month Cairn Terrier“Chloe” • RF • In the initial radiographs there is marked periosteal response on the margins of the mandible. The periosteal response is irregular and has a frothy appearance. • Mild thickening of both tympanic bulla is noted. • The temporomandibular joint are distinctly seen and bony reaction is present in this area as well. • Similar periosteal response is seen surrounding the diaphysis of the left radius and ulna. • RD • Craniomandibular osteopathy (CMO) • Next • Supportive care, CMO will resolve as the animal matures. • Follow-up RF • In the follow up radiographs the mandible is relatively normal in appearance. There is mild thickening of the ventral cortex of the bone and increased height of the horizontal ramus. • Proliferative response is present in both tympanic bulla in the follow-up radiographs. • The lesion in the left forelimb has regressed significantly in the follow-up radiographs. The distal ulna is thickened but the periosteal response has almost disappeared.

  11. 6-month DLH “Sassy” • RF • There is diffuse decrease in skeletal opacity. • The lumbar vertebrae are very lucent and there is marked lordosis of the lumbar spine. • There is a fracture of the right ilial wing. • The cortices of the femurs are thin. • The colon is full of formed granular material. • RD • Diffuse femoral, pelvic, and lumbar vertebra bone loss • Lordosis of the lumbar spine • R/O • Nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism

  12. 12-year old Labrador Retriever • Hx: Presented at your clinic for evaluation of swelling of the distal limbs and shifting leg lameness. PE confirms the presence of firm swelling of the soft tissues of all 4 lower limbs. Pain is noted on palpation of the limbs.

  13. 12-year old Labrador Retriever • RF • Significant thickening of the soft tissues is present in the forelimbs. • There is an irregular periosteal proliferative response involving the cortices of most of the long bones of the forelimb – this involves the radii, ulnas, metacarpal bones and phalanges. • The proliferative response is spiculated and is oriented perpendicular to the cortices. • RD • Hypertrophic osteopathy (HO) • Next • Thoracic radiographs • Abdominal radiographs and ultrasound

  14. 3-month old Akbash puppies • Hx: “Balihisar” is presented for radiographic evaluation. He is much smaller than his littermates and his limbs are shorted and thicker. “Kizil” is his normal littermate who is used for comparison. Balihisar Kizil

  15. Kizil Balihisar

  16. 3-month old Akbash puppies • RF • In the abnormal puppy the radius and ulna are short and abnormally curved. • The radius is ~5cm shorter and the ulna 6cm shorter. • The metaphyses of the radius and ulna are flared when compared to the normal limb. • The distal tip of the ulna lacks mineralization. • RD • Chondrodystrophic forelimb

  17. 7-month old M German Shepherd“Camanche” • Hx: Presented for lameness of the right forelimb. Pain is noted when the right elbow is manipulated.

  18. 7-month old M German Shepherd“Camanche” • RF • The right elbow is within normal limits. • A large area of medullary opacity is present in the mid-diaphysis of the ulna. • A similar area of medullary opacity is present in the proximal radial diaphysis. • Distal to the area of increased opacity in the radial diaphysis is a lucent area. • Mild increase in medullary opacity in the distal humeral diaphysis. • The left elbow is normal. • RD • Panosteitis of the right humerus, radius and ulna

  19. 8-year old DSH“Velvet” • Hx: Presented for evaluation of neck stiffness and an abnormal gait. The cat is fed a home-cooked diet of liver.

  20. 8-year old DSH“Velvet” • RF • There is bony proliferation along the dorsal aspect of the cervical spine resulting in fusion of the spine. • The bony proliferation extends to the caudal aspect of T2 – not the widening of the base of the dorsal spinous processes of T1 and T2. • RD • Extensive bony exostosis with fusion of cervical spine • R/O • Hypervitaminosis A • Next • Diet change