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By: Alexa McCoy w1. Radiology. What is Radiology?. Radiology is the study of human body images. Jobs.

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what is radiology
What is Radiology?
  • Radiology is the study of human body images.
  • You can choose to work in the specialized fields of cardiovascular radiology, chest radiology, breast radiology, or gastrointestinal radiology. Doctors will refer patients to these specialized doctors when focused care is needed.
average income
Average Income

Radiologist Salary Ranges from

$43,269 - $196,104

  • Medical degree and license in order to practice. Radiologists are also required to complete several years of in the field education, usually by hospital or clinic residency. The amount of time varies depending on the specific radiology job. A radiologist must pass an exam and become board certified by a radiology board. These institutions vary based on the country in which the radiologist wishes to practice.
  • Almost all technology schools will offer the degree in Radiology. Also, any college with a medical program should offer the degree in Radiology.
a day in life for a radiologist
A day in life for a Radiologist
  • When you reach your assigned area you will be involved in ensuring that the machine is calibrated properly for the scans that day, and you will also have to complete some paperwork for all tests that are performed. Sometimes a patient may be bumped if a more urgent patient needs a scan, in which case you need to be prepared.
  • Other radiologist are also trained in interventional procedures, this means, they work directly with surgeons to map out arteries or other parts of the body that require a surgery.