complete shoe sole solution l.
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Complete Shoe Sole Solution

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Complete Shoe Sole Solution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Complete Shoe Sole Solution. Speed. Intellect. Accuracy. Approaches in Shoe Sole Development. Fashion and Personalization Functional and Comfortable Various materials Specialization enhancement. Fashion and Personalization. Freeform style and design

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complete shoe sole solution

Complete Shoe Sole Solution




approaches in shoe sole development
Approaches in Shoe Sole Development
  • Fashion and Personalization
  • Functional and Comfortable
  • Various materials
  • Specialization enhancement
fashion and personalization
Fashion and Personalization
  • Freeform style and design
  • Various materials and color match
  • Rapid fashion changes
  • Period of popularity of a product shortened
functional and comfortable
Functional and Comfortable
  • Foot structure is complicated, shoe sole design would require to satisfy ergonomics.
  • During exercise, shoe sole is important to protect our foot from absorbing huge force.

-- Outsole design~increases its hardwearing and abrasion

-- Midsole design~light、shock absorption

various materials
Various materials
  • Because the improvement of technology, various of materials are used,for example:TPR、PU、EVA Scale、PVC、Rubber…..。
  • For the requirements of functions of shoe sole,various materials are used at the same time.
specialization enhancement
Specialization Enhancement
  • Due to the continual development of athletic sports,the development of different sports shoes is approaching and focusing on its various functions。For example:jogging shoes 、basketball shoes、badminton shoes、tennis shoes、golf shoes、…etc。
challenges in shoe mold making
Challenges in Shoe Mold Making
  • Increase profession design
  • Complicated mold procedure
  • Period of popularity shortened
  • Increase quality of products
cad cam shoe mold making procedures
CAD/CAM Shoe Mold Making Procedures



Engineering Drawing

3D CADModel

3D CADGrading


CNC Renshape Machining

Trimming Renshape Manually

Renshape Check

No Good

limitation of general cad cam
Limitation of General CAD/CAM
  • CAD surface construction and operation complicity
  • Incongruous quality of models after grading
  • Complicated CAM work setup
  • Long processing time
  • Require long-term professional CAD/CAM worker
complete shoe sole solution10

Increase Productivity & Quality

Complete Shoe Sole Solution


Quick Training Professional Worker

Simple & Easy Interface

Automatic Procedures

Shorten Machining Time

Complete Functions for Shoe Mold

Satisfy Complicated Shoe Mold Design

Integrate Mold Making Procedures and Professional Technology

Advanced 3D Computer-aid Design and Making Technology

CAD/CAMTotal Solution for Shoe Mold

complete solution
Complete Solution

Quick & High Quality Shoe Mold


Intelligent CAM System


Quick Grading System

EVA Magician

Precise Scaling System

2D Engineering Drawing


3D CAD System

automatic work procedures
Automatic Work Procedures
  • Integrate the professional procedures and high technology in making shoe sole mold
  • With world class advanced 3D computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing technology in building automatic process and reducing shoe sole mold manufacturing
shorten time in learning and operating
Shorten time in Learning and Operating
  • Friendly operating interface
  • Simple setup and operating procedures
  • Shortens employee training time --No need to worry about employee resign and technic miss transferring
efficiency of shoe solution
Efficiency of Shoe Solution
  • Easy to use

With 2 weeks training period will be able to operate the system

  • High in efficiency

Within 2 weeks will complete developing and mass production

  • Complete functions

Fully satisfy the requirements of various shoe style

  • High in quality

Standard setup and precisely operation