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AODA Prevention Partnership. November 22, 2013 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Agenda. Welcome! Alcohol-Wise completion rates Online Program Options, many choices Sanction Grid, alcohol, implementation, updates Sanction Grid, other substances, draft

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Aoda prevention partnership

AODAPrevention Partnership

November 22, 2013

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point



Alcohol-Wise completion rates

Online Program Options, many choices

Sanction Grid, alcohol, implementation, updates

Sanction Grid, other substances, draft

Strategic Planning Process, goals

Next full Prevention Partnership meeting

Alcohol wise completion
Alcohol-Wise Completion

Universal prevention delivers a common message to an entire population.

Fall administration, Sept 1 – Sept 30

  • New students 1608/1624 = 99%

  • Transfer students 651/688 = 95%

  • Graduate students (added)56/56 = 100%

Online program options
Online Program Options

Universal prevention programs will be discussed by the management team this year

  • AlcoholEdu, 2 hrs

  • Think About It, 90 minutes

  • CollegeAlc, 2 hours

  • Alcohol-Wise, 90 minutes

    Interactive, research-supported, with reports provided by the vendor

Growth in student affairs
Growth in Student Affairs

  • Addition of Dean of Student’s Office and personnel

  • Dean of Students, Interim

  • Assistant Dean of Students

Sanction grid alcohol2
Sanction Grid, Alcohol

Violation of disciplinary probation results in additional sanctions including holds on registration

Draft sanction grid drugs
Draft Sanction Grid, Drugs

First Drug Violation

  • 6-9 months University Disciplinary Probation

  • Judicial Educator Module 5 Personal Decision Making

  • M. E. Session (Marijuana Education with SHPO) $75; provide alternative education for other substances

  • Written Parental Notification Home  

    Second Drug Violation

  • 12-15 months University Disciplinary Probation

  • CASICS--Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students ($125) completed with Dr. Anne Hoffmann

  • Residential Relocation-

  • Parental Notification by Phone with Student  

Draft sanction grid drugs1
Draft Sanction Grid, Drugs

Third Drug Violation

  • 18-24 months University Disciplinary Probation

  • Drug Check Up @ Counseling Center

  • Residence Hall contract termination

  • Parental Notification by Phone with Student

  • Suspension- if necessary

    Fourth Drug Violation

  • Suspension 12-24 months

    • Readmission Requirements

      • 12 months probation upon readmission

      • Must complete assessment with outside agency and submitted to DOS before accepted

        Possession with intent to deliver/ dealing:

        Suspension, minimum of 12 months.

Early intervention is key
Early Intervention is Key

Important Study Findings:

  • Substance abuse doubles between the first and third years of college.

  • Few students recognize their substance use as problematic. Of those that do, less than 5% seek help.

  • Substance abuse strongly linked to poor academic performance and discontinuous enrollment.

    The Center on Young Adult Health and Development (CYAHD) at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

Early intervention is key1
Early Intervention is Key

Fall 2013 PACE Classes

  • Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT)--Self-report, anonymous

Strategic planning
Strategic Planning

  • Summer project of management team

  • 5 year plan, continued development

  • Problem statement

  • Goals

  • Objectives

  • Outcomes(short, intermediate and long-term)

Strategic planning1
Strategic Planning

Overarching problem statement:

“Too many UW-Stevens Point students use substances to excess which results in significant academic, emotional, physical, social, and financial consequences to the self and the greater community.”

Strategic planning goals
Strategic Planning Goals

Goal #1: Develop a model for AODA prevention and intervention that will engage a diverse group of stakeholders and various departments in its implementation

Goal #2: Develop guidelines, data collection processes, and training components to support enforcement and sanctioning consistency

Strategic planning2
Strategic Planning

Goal #3: Establish and implement a system for AODA-related policy development, review, revision and dissemination (Review at alternating biennial reviews-every 4 years)

Goal #4: Establish minimum standards, enforcement protocols, and consequences for conduct related to AOD use as related to official and unofficial university and academic activities

Strategic planning goals1
Strategic Planning Goals

Goal #5: Improve evaluation practices within programs and services including expectations for knowledge, skill, and behavioral changes

Goal #6: Establish a communications plan and curriculum to share AODA-related data, prevention strategies, resources, and alcohol-free options for faculty, staff, and student employees

Strategic planning3
Strategic Planning

Goal #7: Provide quality education through programs and services—increase knowledge of the effort/knowledge of the issue by using best practices

Goal #8: Develop, implement, evaluate and sustain initiatives to reduce negative consequences from student drinking in the immediate surrounding communities

Strategic planning4
Strategic Planning

Future steps will include identifying priorities and establishing work groups.

In closing
In closing. . .

  • Next meeting—February 20, 2013, 1 PM Legacy Room

  • Online Program Choices—management team meeting agenda

  • Alcohol-Wise, spring administration

  • Comments to [email protected]

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